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2 Visions from the Lord

2 Visions from the Lord

2 Visions from the Lord is brought to us by Jann Evans. Have a read and if it checks with your spirit, please let us all know in the comments section below. Also, please see the Supernatural page for details about how YOU can share your dreams, visions, words of knowledge, or prophecies that the Lord may have blessed you with.

vision-of-smoke-2-visions-from-the-lordFirst Vision

I have had two Visions. Both of these were in the first ten days of August 2016.

My first vision was visual, it was incredibly intense and it was real, very, very real. What I was witness to, I wish on no man. My senses were on high alert. I could see with extreme clarity, however, it didn’t last more than a few minutes which I put down to my refusal to “go with it”. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that this was a vision and it was given to me by God.

There was smoke everywhere; black and grey smoke was rolling from the ground up into huge voluminous clouds. It reminded me of the old coal trains and the black smoke that billowed out of the train, covering the station platform and then once the train was moving, that smoke was simply ‘falling’ up to the sky. If you can picture that, multiply it by 100 and you’re close to the amount of smoke I was seeing.

There wasn’t just smoke from the ground; I saw light grey and ash-black smoke in the sky which was also rolling over and over again, gathering more smoke as it went until it looked like enormous sheets of smoke tumbling downward to earth. The smoke in the sky wasn’t as thick as that on the ground. There were still glimpses of sky but those glimpses were not any shade of blue; rather it was a light-grey to a white-grey sky.

It felt like there was chaos, a very dark chaos engulfed everywhere I was looking. I was shocked and very unsettled with what I had seen. I didn’t know what to do with it. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was from God but why was He showing me? Why, what was to be gained? I clearly recall saying to God “No Lord! Please no, please not now, I can’t do this, I just can’t do this now Father, not now, please Lord, I’m sorry, not now another time but not now, please, it’s too much to take in and ‘just like that’ Father”! In a strange way I felt I should have been given a warning, like a preview before the movie starts. At that point I stood up from where I was sitting & busied myself with doing housework.

So now I was trying to work out what the sydney-austrailia-2-visions-from-the-lordheck was going on. There was a part of me that didn’t understand the “why me” but I prayed to accept it for what it was. I knew what I was being shown and that’s why, I believe, I was so shocked. I wondered “for what purpose am I being shown this when there are so many people with much greater credibility in God things than me”. I thought of my local Pastor, a terrific man, a very personable, caring and true Christian with a pure love of Jesus, my community’s Reverend Ken.

I live in the inner city of Sydney and with that comes all types of people. In Ken’s work there is a high emphasis on the most vulnerable in our society, especially those dear souls who are drug and/or alcohol dependent, in fact all types of addictions, the homeless and the marginalized. And Ken has street cred! So why me when Rev Ken is a far better pick for this type of thing? I understand that God has His reasons and His ways and it is not for me to question our Lord, our Father, our God, but I still did. For a little while anyway.

Second Vision

My second vision was on the 10th August 2016. At around 9:15 am as I was standing on my balcony looking at the sky and that’s when I saw the enormity of what is to come. I was shown the destruction that is going to come. At the time I believed it was happening to my country, and this is a copy of the notes I wrote immediately after having that vision.

Australia is going to ‘fall’ to mankind’s wars but Jesus WILL come for those who love Him & follow Him. I’ve a terrible feeling those that are going to be saved will have to live in amongst these man made wars for a little while. The sky was grey and black and bright red, probably from something on fire. The red continued to bother me. I didn’t know why but it wouldn’t leave my mind.smoke-of-a-great-furnace-2-visions-from-the-lord

So there I was still thinking about the red but there was no fire, no flames, just a bright red upon and
over the ground. There are planes of many nations flying wildly through the skies; buildings were literally crashing down around us, people were running in all directions and screaming, families were being torn apart from the enormous number of people running, children were standing on their own crying, many others were calling out names and everyone seemed to be trying to take shelter yet there was none to be had.

As I was standing on my balcony and looking at the sky I saw a bright golden yellow sun, a pure shiny gold and it was so bright I couldn’t look directly at it for more than a split second without having to turn away. I shaded my eyes with my hand but that didn’t do a thing. The light was simply far too bright. And yet on this day the sky was overcast. I turned away – I knew it was God.

I’m ashamed to admit that I was scared knowing He wanted to tell and/or show me something. That ‘something’ is what scared me, not God. I was pulled back, almost physically, until I looked up again. God wanted my attention & He wasn’t taking no for an answer! Our Lord is very persuasive and as I came to discover, somewhat stubborn at times!

So I looked up again and saw that there was a bright golden yellow sun – but still the sky was clouded over & very, very overcast. However, there was this one round ball of light. Then I thought to myself “I’ll take a photo and then I’ll see that this ball of brilliance IS there, that the skies aren’t as overcast as I believe they are.” So I took the photo and guess what? There was no ball of light, no golden yellow anything, just grey, cloudy, overcast skies were showing in my photo. There was no sun either. Just wasn’t there. So again I looked up and God’s brilliance was still there, so I stood still. I asked Him what it was that He wants me to do.

Chaos in the Sky

chaos-in-the-sky-2-visions-from-the-lordIt was then that I saw the chaos, the destruction, the people panicking, the planes flying just like crazed dogs running wild. There were planes of every nation in the skies. It was chaos in the sky. It was madness and it was dangerous.

The planes were flying quickly toward the ground, faster and faster, flying down then flying back up into the sky, going to the right then to the left then up and then down again. It was as though the planes were running scared. And all the while the smoke grew darker and thicker and the ground was full of people of all ages, running, screaming, looking up while trying to make their way around those who were slower.

So many groups lost members to the screaming hundreds and hundreds of people that made up the crowds. I was witnessing what I can only describe as full on destruction of quite literally everything – buildings and cars, trees and power lines, they were all crashing to the ground. The earth was cracking, it was opening in a wave-like motion just as a river or creek winds.

After the destruction had left I saw colors, one color circling another. At first it was a red ball, then a red and black ball – this is exactly the same position that the brilliance of the golden yellow sun had been in. From red on the outside and black on the inside, the red circling the black ball, the colors changed. Black became blue and red became green, a tranquil green. Then the green ball enlarged to be the only color and then it had the color blue back in it as a ball in the center. These balls were large. Then the green went and another ball was entirely blue only to finish with the green ball wrapping itself around a blue ball in the center.

I know the color green represents the connection between man & God, but as for the blue I’ve no real understanding at all. I know GOD is real. GOD is alive. GOD loves us. GOD wants me to reach as many people as I can in the hope they will turn to JESUS. And I know GOD was showing me End Days and End Days are very near.

Since this vision I’ve been shown what the color red on the ground was. It was metal, very hot metal and that’s why there were no flames. The metal wasn’t burning although it was burning a bright red. I can only imagine the temperature that metal measured.

The other thing I’ve been shown is that I was in fact there, in amongst the chaos that I was watching and as I understand it, I was having something of an out of body experience. Where I was standing was on a balcony. The balcony belonged to a wooden building, a pub, a hotel, a place that looked like something out of a 1950’s John Wayne Wild West Movie. I don’t believe the carnage I witnessed was in Australia but rather, I “feel”, or perhaps I would be more accurate to write that I’ve been told this carnage, this vision was happening in America. I suppose that’s why there were so many planes of a great number of nations. To gather that much air power to Australia would, I imagine, be one gigantic and logistical nightmare due to the distance Australia is from America and Europe.

god-qualifies-the-called-2-visions-from-the-lordAs for why God chose to show me End Days, I now have, I think, a small understanding. It led me to
Brian Reynolds and his website. Brian is in America. I am in Australia. I’m not sure how many people look at Brian’s website but if it’s only one, then that’s one more person God has touched. Please understand, I’m really just a very average woman trying to get through life as best as I can with what I have.

I don’t have any great achievements whatsoever although I successfully raised two beautiful daughters (they’re near middle aged women these days!) My girls really are my proudest ‘achievement’ and I’m blessed and honored to be their mother. They are as chalk is to cheese but they enjoy a very close relationship with one another, and for that I know I did something right in their upbringing!

Footnote – The following day I went and stood in the same spot I was standing in on the 10th of August, the day I had my vision.
I was there at the same time and you know what? The sun is much further to the east today. I believe that what I thought was the sun was not the sun at all. What I witnessed was God being amazing. He created those colored balls and if the golden yellow that I saw is in Heaven I can only imagine the beauty that awaits all of us, we that love our Lord and consciously build a relationship with his Son, Jesus.

God loves you, He loves me and He loves all His children. If you haven’t already done so, please I urge you to ask Jesus to come into your life and guide you on a journey of a full and loving relationship with Him. As I’m typing this I’ve had the words “Faith, Hope, Love” come into my mind and I’ve been told to put them here.
Jesus taught us those three little words that are packed with enormous greatness. Jesus went on to teach us that “the greatest of these is Love”. That is what God our Father in Heaven is, He is pure Love.

May God bless you and keep you in His care.

A Few Words

Thank you for reading this account of a couple eye opening yet unsettling visions that Jann has decided to share with us. Weigh it all out, and see if the Lord draws your attention to any details or parts of the vision that speak to you in a certain way. Perhaps the Lord may give some of us deeper insight into what is going on here.

2-visions-from-the-lord-2-visions-from-the-lordOr perhaps these things have confirmed something that the Lord has shown you through a dream or vision. There seems to be some questions left unanswered concerning these, and as the Lord has done in and through his Word, it just may be that there are different people with different vantage points of the same instance. Separately they are unclear but together paints a complete picture.

Either way, what are your thoughts about the visions that Jann experienced? Please leave your comment down below and share this page! I would greatly appreciate it if you would via the share button below or by clicking the big plus sign to the right hand side of the screen.

Thank you, God bless you, and weigh in on these 2 Visions from the Lord!

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6 thoughts on “2 Visions from the Lord

  1. Hi. and thank you to everyone who has added their thoughts on my visions.
    I’m in agreement, that what I witnessed was End Days.

    I’ve been seeking God’s answer as to what He had shown me. Tonight I picked up the Bible and immediately I was taken to Revelation 8:6-12. This, I believe, is exactly what I was shown.

    I’m watching with great interest the political race for the American Presidency.
    A few days ago I was shown the names D TRUMP+M PENCE.
    I was so taken aback I gasped.
    It quite literally took my breathe away.

    As soon as I’d read, then reread a few more times, Revelation 8:6-12, I knew I had to share this with you.

    I know we truly are in End Days.

    God bless each and every one and may we all be filled with The Holy Spirit.

  2. The black smoke is consistent with Joel 2:30 and revelation. And the earth is right now heating up from the inside out, from electromagnetic waves from dense stars called “magnetars” (please look at wikipedia), and other exotic radiation and, the sun. Soon ash from volcanoes will be evident, the weather patterns will be more devastating also. But praise be to God, our Father is on His throne and always in control of everything! And He knows who will turn to Him. I pray that more repent and seek His Face for salvation, in Jesus’ precious Name, amen and God bless you all.

  3. Lord have mercy. Thank you Elohim for your mighty vessels. The first vision The erruption of volcanos. I remember on th Philippines a volcano had errupted on a nearby island in the 70’s I will never forget the sky. White a d grey with big blobs of dark smoke all around

    The Land Down Under has many residents suffering from unknown medical issues connected with the enviornment.

    Some are aware. Yesterday a man spoke of the food in the grocery store and the night sky. I said to him. “You mean like time is winding up?”

    Lord let us hear and see and change.

    Father, cover your people and prick our hearts to seek You!

    Here, where I am. People choose to do evil backstabbing things. Relentlessly going out of the way to cause harm and to stir up disorder and mess. Lord forgive us.

    In Jesus’s Mighty Name.

  4. I see Jann’s vision as the end of the world. I have had several similar to hers.. We are living in the end times. I lived in Australia and had two visions while there. One was a huge Muslim invasion there. The other was chaos in the sky with falling buildings. I had visions as a young child. At first my mother dismissed them until she began to realize they always happened as I saw. The turning point came when I was four years old and I can still recall pulling on her dress and telling her that grandma was going to fall down some moving stairs and sleep in the hospital. When she tried to assure me this would not happen I became angry and hysterical. “It will happen! Why don’t you know it?! I know it!” I screamed. Three days later she fell down an escalator and broke her hip. He was hospitalized. My family then decided I was psychic, which I didn’t understand.

    Years later, when I saw the Lord, (Testimony here) He told me my gifts were given me by God. After I received the Holy Spirit, I began to see things on a worldwide scale. Why me? I have not got a clue. But I may understand in the future. The gifts of the Spirit are real and still in operation today. The word says prophecy is for the edification of the body.

    Do not resist what you see, but pray for understanding and make sure it is aligned with the Word of God. When possible, test the spirits. If you have the gift from God, you will come to understand how it works.

  5. These visions are warnings of what is to come, this is to tell people about their destructive life styles of going after this world which will be destroyed. Look for the deeper meanings as God opens up the understanding. We as prophets must obey and give warnings to all people as the Lord Jesus instructs. Hear the Word of the Lord, He says He will be coming soon, time will no longer be as we know it. Seek His face and hear clearly His word so that we will not be caught up in this world of chaos but will be delivered from it by His hand. Stand in agreement for God’s Will to be done, look toward the heavens where our Redeemer shall appear. Know God is always near unto those who love Him.

    • Hi there Beverly,
      Thank you for your comment! I agree with you, and it is not uncommon for a vision, dream, word of knowledge; pretty much anything prophetic to have a few different layers. We’re given that example all over the Word of God. I think you’re touching the deepest and hardest hitting layer of these, and as I said, I am in agreement with you on that! And I also agree with the plan of action that you’ve given. Get right with God, call upon the name of the Lord Jesus to be saved, and become righteous unto the Father through his Son Christ Jesus.
      Thanks again and God bless you in Jesus name.

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