Snake Handling Christians

Snake handling Christians

Some people still wonder if snake handling Christians are being biblical. Now I’ve never been to a snake handling church, so I’ll not pretend to know all there is to know about them. But the elephant in the room (or … Read more

How to Combat Depression

Concerning how to combat depression, there’s no better way for a Christian deal with this than knowing what God has to say about you! There are tons of drugs available along with all natural ways to combat depression, but God’s … Read more

One God – One Truth

One God - One Truth

There is only one God, one truth, one Gospel, and one way to God the Father. He isn’t interested in a debate and doesn’t have to be. He has one Son that he gave to bear the punishment for every … Read more

How to grow your faith in Christ

Thinking of how to grow your faith in Christ, I came upon a question. Is it possible to have unyielding faith outside of our comfort zones? Sharing your faith without fear is becoming harder and harder to do in this fallen place … Read more

Does the Bible Explain Dinosaurs?

Does the Bible explain dinosaurs? If so where? If not, why? Hows that list of questions grab you? Well, as I was trying to answer this question from a previous post, I found myself creating an answer big enough for … Read more

Answers to Biblical Questions

Would you like some answers to biblical questions that you may have? Anything stuck in your craw concerning Jesus the Messiah, Father God, The Holy Spirit, Salvation, Old Testament, New Testament, Heaven, Hell, or anything else that’s in there? This … Read more