Are You Thankful?

Are you thankful

It’s thanksgiving here in the US, and the question for this post is, are you thankful? With all of the distractions and the ever growing needs or wants list unrelenting, stuff and problems have the capacity to become completely all … Read more

No Private Interpretation Pal!

No Private Interpretation

No private interpretation about what? I hear that often in response to a revelation someone gets into God’s Word, or maybe if someone is fortunate enough to receive a word of knowledge from the Holy Ghost. There’s always that one … Read more

A Revelation from God

Revelation from God

Revelation from God is often misunderstood as a private interpretation of scripture. I have a post already done that is coming out in a few days concerning “private interpretation”, so keep your eyes peeled for that one! In this post … Read more

Spirit of Fear

Spirit of Fear

The spirit of fear is something that we as Christians should be looking at a bit differently (I believe) than many of us have been. In this 13th post of the Are Demons Real series (wow has there been that … Read more

Land of the Dead

Land of the Dead

Land of the dead in this post may not be covering what you might have originally thought when reading the title. I’ll bet you thought we were going to bring up the land of the dead from Egyptian lore didn’t you? Or … Read more

Post Flood Nephilim

Post flood Nephilim

Post flood Nephilim scattered across the world, and created all kinds of problems for the fresh new world that the Ark had rested on. Whatever view we have about how they got there (as we went over in the previous … Read more

The Great Controversy – New Incursion

The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy concerning the second wave of a new generation of Nephilim, falls into two different camps with differing opinions about how it came to pass. The ‘New Angelic Arrival’ verses what I call the ‘Stowaway’ theory. We’re going … Read more