The Holy Ghost Difference

The Holy Ghost

I believe that the Holy Ghost comes in and stays in when we receive Christ into our lives. However, I see an enormous difference between the indwelling and being filled with the Holy Spirit. If you take a look, you’ll find … Read more

Rapture Ready – Shining a Light


Rapture ready is a nice catch phrase, but if you’re not too sure about the rapture, how would you know what you’re supposed to be ready for? Shining a Light on the Rapture is brought to us by CL Mareydt. … Read more

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Divine intervention happens in many ways and for many reasons. In this case, Victoria received both a warning through a dream, and divine intervention through a dream. And after reading this, and chewing on it a bit, I can see … Read more

Visions of the Lord – Personal and Prophetic

Visions of the Lord - Personal and Prophetic

We discuss Visions of the Lord, specifically Personal and Prophetic types in the header page of this section simply called Visions. If you’ve read that page, you’ll notice in this account given to us by Victoria Bennett, that the visions of the Lord … Read more

2 Visions from the Lord

2 Visions from the Lord

2 Visions from the Lord is brought to us by Jann Evans. Have a read and if it checks with your spirit, please let us all know in the comments section below. Also, please see the Supernatural page for details … Read more