9-11 Twin Tower Attack

9-11 Twin Tower Attack

Where were you during the 9-11 Twin Tower Attack? Today marks the 16th anniversary since the towers  came down, and I’ll bet we’ve heard that question asked at least once every year.

I thought I’d take a break in the devotionals, and talk about the Twin Tower attacks this go round. With all of the havoc the weather has been raising this year, remembering the horrors of that day, and the suddenness of it all, has taken a sort of back burner as far as most media goes.

The Lord has placed a message on my heart, and some answers to questions that he’s answered while dwelling on the content of this post, and what it’s going to be about. But for those of you who have been enjoying the devotionals, fear not! I’ll have another one out tomorrow!

Fading into the Past

What tells me I’m aging, is knowing that there are people coming of age, that have no memory of when the 911 attacks happened, and the towers went down. Do any of you know what I mean? It seems strange that there are people in their young 20’s that had other things on their mind at the time.

Sure, they’ve heard it spoken about, and have seen the footage, but it just isn’t the same in my opinion. The uncertainty, not knowing whether or not there will be another strike, and not knowing where it would be if there were another coming. The raw emotion isn’t something that can be experienced via recorded footage or documentaries. It truly was a day that changed the United States forever.

I suppose we who remember it as if it were yesterday, have something in common with those who were around in the days of Pearl Harbor, or the entirety of WWII for that matter. What that would be, is the passage of time, and generation after generation coming up after us, where these landmark events mean less and less to those who have no memory of it.

What is remembered even less, is the attack of the Pentagon, and the flight that went down over Pennsylvania. Lives were lost in each of those, but none have had the resonance as the twin tower attack.

This whole train of thought has lead me to realize a few things, that I believe the Lord has opened my eyes to.  Oddly enough, thinking of the W.TC. and the events of that day, and also the erosion of care that we can witness from generation to generation, kicked some scripture into gear and stirred up some answers to questions about the people of Israel.

9-11 Twin Tower Attack vs Israel

There are a ton of different things that we can take away from the experiences of that fateful day 16 years ago. But one of them, is a lesson on the how quickly the passage of time erodes things that at a time, were of most importance.

This leads me to the people of Israel, being lead through the desert for forty years, and also things that transpired throughout their future from that point. For years I had questions about how they could witness such blatant displays of power directly from the Lord, and still be so quick to turn against him and his ordinances.

While contemplating the erosion of experience, or of care for lack of a better word, thinking about generations that don’t remember 9-11, I realized that the same thing went on in Israel. Just think of it…

Consider the difference just in 16 years, now imagine what that will be when we hit 20 years, or (should the Lord tarry), 30 or 40 years. Imagine how quickly that erosion happens.

Pearl Harbor, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam, all have come and passed, and I know with certainty, I don’t care about any of them the way that others would, who were there, or who were alive to experience the goings on for each event.

Think of those who were several generations removed from the Exodus. Word of mouth or writing, were the means of keeping generations updated of the works of the Lord. In fact, the Father commanded them to remember all that he did for them, and to make sure all the up and coming generations know.

But knowing isn’t the same as experiencing, and just as we can see happen today, it doesn’t take long at all for things to lose importance, in the eyes of those who are that much farther removed from the event. And the rest is history.

People didn’t only forget the works of the Lord, the commandments of the Lord, and the blessings of the Lord, they eventually even discarded the book of the Law, which wasn’t found till many years later (coincidentally during times of distress). They fell away from the Lord, forgetting him and following after other gods and idols.

This resulted in eventual punishment, then forgiveness after repentance, then back into the Lord’s good graces. However, due to the passage of time, the same thing would happen all over again, and the process repeated throughout the years of the Judges, the Kings, all the way through the Bible.

Remember the Lord

Time is not friendly to things of significance or importance. Nor are we any better, when it comes to the Lord and remembering all that he’s done for us. Even inside the span of one’s lifetime, how many different times is it necessary, for the Lord to have to remind someone that he’s there?

I’m guilty of this, so I’m not throwing stones. One day I can feel the presence of the Lord mightily, and the next, not so much. The truth is, he’s just as much there as he was in the first place.

We are the ones who forget. We are the ones who fall and fail. We are the ones who don’t take notice of the Lord when we should. We are the ones who make promises to the Father, then go back on them. The problem is us, not the Father.

The Father is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is not a man that he should lie. He has promised to be with us through thick or thin, even until the end of the world. He delights in keeping his promises, and never forgets them.

Many of the problems I listed above can be taken care of, if we’d just remember the Lord. Study his Word and make it a part of us. Know that he’s with you to such an extent, that you look around to make sure you don’t step on his toes! Even when it seems the whole world is turned upside down, and is going to rain it’s contents upon your head; he’s just as much with you then, as he was during those tender moments, when you knew and felt his presence.

If you’re saved, and are called by the name of the Lord, please take care not to allow the passage of time, to erode the thoughts of your heart on the Father, and your walk with, and in him.

I’d bet you weren’t expecting a post about the 9-11 twin tower attacks to take this route, eh?

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