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A New Direction and Thank You

A New Direction and Thank You – Site Update to be Excited About!

Yeah it’s a new direction alright. So new the wrapper isn’t pulled all the way off yet!

Some of you may remember a site update I did quite a while ago, that touched on some ideas for the site. Among those ideas was a goal to make this place more of an area where like minded men and women of the Lord can congregate and enjoy fellowship with one another, and engage.

Well it took me quite awhile getting around to making a move forward, but by the grace of God it’s finally happened!

Social Media Platform here at S.T.I.C.


That’s right! Are you tired of tweets getting removed, posts being censored because of being too Christian for the politically correct admins to handle, and accounts being deleted or marginalized because of your Christian beliefs? Been there and done that, and looking forward, it will only get worse.

Because of things going on of that nature, the Supernatural Truth in Christ site has incorporated a social media platform!

Here at the Supernatural Truth in Christ website, you can now:

  • register for an account
  • create your own profile
  • make friends with other members
  • join groups
  • share whatever the Lord places on your heart, whenever you want to do so.

As there have been hundreds of you who have opted in to signing up to receive new posts directly into your inbox, please don’t confuse that with becoming a member. Signing up to receive posts and becoming a member are two very different things. One is to receive posts, the other is to take part in the community.

You may have noticed that there are a few new buttons in the menu above. Once you register and log into your account, you’ll be able to see all of the different things available under the Members tab.

Registration is simple. Just your name, email, and a password, then a confirmation email to make sure everything is kosher. Then you can start poking around and reaching out to others. Register Here

Please Take Part!

I am nearly as new to this as you’d be. I need your participation by way of registering for an account and to generate some activity in there, so I can locate and work out bugs (should any pop up), and see how well this will flow along.

Communities are built one person at a time, and I hope and pray that you’ll decide to join in! So please register for a new account, and jump in, the water’s fine!

I’ll be adding new groups to the “groups” section as time goes on. However, I did already add a suggestions section, so after you have an account set up, you can fill me in on any ideas you may have ranging from a group topic, to any suggestions for the website.

Thank You

Thanks in advance for all of you who will choose to set up an account here, and take part in fellowship with other like minded folks of the Lord. I’m looking forward to some action in there.

But I also want to thank all of you who have been so supportive of what is going on here at the site, and those of you who have participated in helping me get the gospel of Jesus Christ out to wherever there is an internet connection.

Thank you all so much, you are truly a blessing of the Lord and I thank him for each of you!

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