Online Help with Website Content for Ministries

Do you need Online Help with Website content for your Christian site or blog? I know how hard it is at times keeping fresh new content flowing on your site, particularly with a Christian website. If you’re a Pastor or otherwise involved with ministry, it can be difficult to continue posting fresh content for the sake of your website every couple of days, when you’re busy in ministry with others on a daily basis.

Online Help with Website Content

Articles for your blogThat’s why I’d like to extend this offer to Pastors, Ministries, or any other Christian websites or blogs. My ministry in particular consists of writing. To date, it’s been 95% of all that I do for the Lord here online, and what I’d like to do on your site as well.

I’ve been writing here on the Supernatural Truth in Christ website, writing back and forth to others on a daily basis via emails or other social outlets such as G+ and Twitter, and the Lord has blessed me with a measure of success in these areas.

Would you be interested in me writing posts for your blog or website? Here’s what I’ve got in mind…

 A Proposal as Cheap as you Want it to be!

What I’m offering is to be a freelance writer for you. I would send you a post of over 500 words for you to approve and include into your site for free.

All I ask for any additional posts, is a donation of the amount of your choice for any additional article. The amount is between you and the Father.

There are people out there that ask for allot of money for online help with website content, but I’d rather depend on the Lord as opposed to setting a price (we walk by faith not by sight). So whatever donation amount that sits well with you is fine by me, and will in no way impact the quality of an article.

And why wouldn’t the size of a donation impact an article’s quality? Because I’m a firm practitioner of “do as unto the Lord” as it relates to this kind of thing.

Proverbs 16: King James Bible

3 Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.

Each post would be new content that would be keyword rich. I have access to a great tool that you may not be familiar with, that I use all the time!

SEO Keyword Research ToolSEO friendly posts

Considering that you’re here and reading this page, you know I’m a blogger, and understand the importance of SEO trends and practices. Social media is great to get people familiar with our websites and blogs, but we all want to be found on Google!

Unless your site already has an outstanding following, I’m sure you understand that SEO is vital as it relates to the success of a post or page. I have access to the SEO Keyword research tool available for premium members of Wealthy Affiliate (see the WA testimony) that aids in this department, which I’ve used for many of the general posts here at Supernatural Truth in Christ, and would use for posts heading your way.

What I’d like to propose is…

  • The first post of 500+ words free, to see if you think it’d be a good fit for the site
  • Original content that you won’t find here at STIC or anywhere else
  • Completely Bible backed articles with scriptural references always included
  • Will spread the article around via Social Outlets, including tweets to over 20,000 followers
  • Will add a backlink to your site on this page which will aid your link building strategy

Should you think it’s a good idea to continue with more posts, the Benefits for your Site would eventually be:

  • Fresh new content
  • Better Alexa rankings (they count backlinks)
  • More diverse readership
  • More site traffic (more of a following by those you want to reach)
  • Better placement in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, search results

Your personal benefits would be:

  • Be more accessible to your ministry
  • More time to create content for your site
  • A weight off your shoulders
  • Save money (I’ve seen others asking anywhere from $30-$100 per post or $.25 per word!)
  • Exposure to your site where you may not have had it in the past
  • Added concentration to your Christian niche if applicable

Let’s Spread the Word!

send me an emailIf you’re interested in anything I’ve listed above, please contact me via email, with a topic that you’d like to see covered on your site, and I’ll send you your first free 500+ word post that you can incorporate into your site. I’ll attach a picture to include into the post, unless you’d feel better about taking care of that yourself.

Send your email to

I look forward to your request and will get back to you asap!

I appreciate you giving me the chance. God bless you and thank you!


3 thoughts on “Online Help with Website Content for Ministries”

  1. Thank you all for the good, pleasing and encouraging words, am much pleased with this, i need your help to grow up spiritually to the ways of GOD.

    • Hi there,
      It’s my pleasure and thanks for your kind words. That’s what this site’s here for Haningtone, and it’s folks like you that this site has been made for. Thank you for spending time here, and may the Lord bless you and help you in all things, in Jesus name.

  2. I need help on how to improve the content, Galway being nominated as the cultural capital of Europe in 2020, lot of activities are taking place. EU is giving more than 100 million to organisation involved with 2020 Vision for Galway. Lord put in my heart to put up a website, motivate people to pray 1 minute everyday for Galway, we have started to do that, but I would like to organise an event advertise in the Paper on radio and TV , to get the attention of the people of Galway from all walks of life, to pray 1 minute a day for the prosperity of the city in every area. Our hospitals are over crowded, marriages are breaking down because of iPhones, and internet, pray can change every thing, our God shows up when we seek Him deligently. I am not getting any EU funds to do this, I look God. I appreciate if you can help with the website content to make it interesting, more than that I pray God will anoint you for this work.


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