Another Year Done & We’re still Here

Are we already entering into an entirely new decade? How did that happen? It doesn’t seem that long ago at all that the world was going crazy over Y2K. I recall throughout the 80’s, that the world was going to be obliterated by the year 2000, depending on who you asked. 

Some would predict by a nuclear world war, others predicted Biblical end times, then there was the crowd that either thought aliens were going to come by then and wipe us out, or the ozone layer was going to tear asunder and kill everyone. Here we are now, with a cool 20 year stretch away from the beginning of the century. That said, praise God that none of the aforementioned came to pass. 

Not that I’m not looking forward to the rapture, whichever flavor it’s going to happen (pre-tribulation/pre-wrath), But I’m certain that there have been countless souls brought to Christ Jesus in the past 20 years, that wouldn’t have had the chance if the Lord wrapped things up earlier. So for that I give him praise for his timing, as well as keeping the day & the hour from the minds and hearts of men.

Imagine if we Knew the Day or the Hourif we Knew the Day or the Hour

Spiritual Procrastination

I believe that if The Father disclosed the day or the hour of the return of Christ Jesus, few people at all would be saved. Much fewer than there are already. Too many people think that they’re going to live no less than one second more than they ever will. 

Doesn’t it sound just like mankind? Live it up in the flesh up until WE think it’s an acceptable time to be saved and come to Christ, probably when we think we’re near the end of our lives? 

The Father tells us that NOW is the time! Not later. Today is the day of salvation, not tomorrow. Many people never thought they’d live to see 2020, yet here they are. Others thought they’d see it tick by and never will, because their lives were cut short without their consent, expectations, or preparation. 

Us not having any true control over whether we live or die would be enemy #1, as it relates to the foreknowledge of “when” Jesus is scheduled to return.

No Earthly Good

No Earthly GoodEnemy#2 would be that Christians would be so heavenly minded, they’d be no earthly good- particularly toward the end. Note that I said earthly good, rather than worldly. 

We’d be so excited and focused, counting down the years, months, and eventually days, till our Lord either comes or takes us, rather than continuing on going about the Father’s business. At a time where we’d be needed the most to be effective ambassadors of Christ, we’d not be concerned with seeking and saving the lost.

After all, the world always knew when the Lord would return, right? In a way, wouldn’t it be on them to get themselves ready, rather than us to spread the gospel? We could say that the answer to that is clearly no. But we may answer that way because that’s not how things are, and nobody knows the day of the Lord’s return but the Father only. But if it were known & made to be common knowledge for the past 2,000 years, we may have answered that differently. 

Spiritual Reasoning

Spiritual ReasoningAs the other reasons that the return of Christ Jesus has remained dateless hinged on our own nature or imperfections, there’s a whole set of reasons as it relates to the spiritual side of things.

The Father has released enough information to keep the enemy confused and in constant anticipation. Never forget or underestimate the direct impact the spiritual war has on everything seen & unseen, known & unknown.

I believe that the Lord has released all we need to know, till it comes to pass. Satan on the other hand, has been given knowledge of the end results (none of which end well for him), through God’s own Word. How things wind up coming to pass, and the millions of little things that need to happen in order for anything that the Lord has declared to come to pass, has been left a mystery. 

This is why so often throughout the Bible, as well as current day, most prophetic happenings are realized retrospectively. After a prophecy comes to pass, that’s when it’s seen and understood (if at all). Most of the time we get too involved in our presuppositions, to see what’s going on. Just imagine what that’s like to the most prideful being on the planet who thinks he knows it all!

As far as the war that’s been raging since Adam’s fall, the Father has clearly used details to his advantage. Details that he either allows to be known or leaves to himself. The day and hour of Christ’s return is one of those details. And all praise and glory to him for it!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

So, seeing that we’re still here to do the Father’s bidding in accordance to his will, we can rejoice that we are one year closer to his return, yet remain every bit as diligent as he instructs us to be. It’s a new year, full of new possibilities and new horizons. 

Let’s all praise the Lord for his mercies, his longsuffering toward us, his timing, his blessings, his love, his gifts, his guardianship, his plan, and his presence in our lives! Let’s kick off a new year with the joy of the Lord- after all, it is our strength! May the Lord bless you all in Jesus precious name!

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3 thoughts on “Another Year Done & We’re still Here”

  1. Thanks Brian…oh yes, I do remember the 1980s as being the countdown to Armeggedon. A lot of us really thought that the year 2000 would be the culmination of the age, and our Lord’s return. But as you said, we’re still here. Spot on Brother, there are a lot more souls saved in the last 20 years, and that counts as something to celebrate. As the whole of creation growneth at the sin that sorrounds us, we still must labor for the Lord, reaching as many as we can. So Brian, a very Happy New Year to you and your family!! Stay strong Brother.

  2. Happy New Year bro. Brian! Always good to see you! May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied to you and your household for a refreshing year in Christ!
    God bless you and I know HE DOES!

    • Hi there CL,
      Thanks for the comment, and may you and yours enjoy daily blessings of the Lord throughout every day in Jesus precious name! It’s great to hear from you Sister! Have a great New Year as well!


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