Are Demons Real – Introduction

Are_Demons_RealAre demons real? If you can answer a hands down flat out yes, then you’ve probably got your reasons to have that opinion. I know without a doubt that I’ve got my reasons to believe that they’re real. There’s no reason to try and squeeze this topic into one post here on the site, so I believe that this subject can easily span several different posts. This post is merely the introduction to what I think will wind up as a series. I’m going to try not to bite off more than I can chew with this post in particular, so let me start by making a few things clear.

I despise demons, and in no way enjoy talking about them. There’s no alterior motive behind this post, save only to open some eyes about the supernatural truth concerning these beings, and that they’re not some fairy tale. Demonic forces are very real and very effective in whatever they specialize in. In no way do I aim to glorify anything about them, but to shine a light on them so that moving forward, you can spot them from a mile away and respond accordingly.

*UPDATE* Because of the response to this Are Demons Real Series, I was encouraged to write a book on the topic called Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World. This book goes into better detail about the subject matter, and is geared to educate Christians about the tactical maneuvers going on in the spirit, and exposes the supernatural truth behind the origins and ruler of that dark kingdom, Satan himself. It is available at this time at or at Createspace eStore.

It won’t be a quick and easy process, but I guess it may help if I were to eventually share a few experiences with you, perhaps in an up and coming post. But to make a quick statement of it, I’ve seen real demons in the past, I’ve had to deal with demonic possession in my own personal life as a youth, and have had occasion to help others that have either been possessed or oppressed by demonic forces since. That’s the skinny of why I know there are real demons out there creating real problems for people. You’d have an easier time convincing me that the moon is made out of paper towels and jelly beans, than if you were to try and convince me that there’s no such thing as demons.

12-29-2016 UPDATE – Article from Gold Coast Bulletin

The world desperately needs more exorcists

Linda Massarella, New York Post
December 29, 2016 11:14am

A NEW York woman who levitated six inches off the ground, mysteriously spoke in foreign languages and demonstrated paranormal powers made medical history in 2008 because a panel of doctors agreed she was possessed by the devil.

In presenting the case of “Julia” in the New Oxford Review, board certified psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gallagher cautioned that religious practitioners should be on alert for what he called a “rapidly growing worldwide phenomenon.”

CLICK HERE for the rest of the article.

Spiritual Wickedness in High PlacesSpiritual Wickedness in High Places

So even if demons are real, who cares? As Christians, why should we be bothered to hear about or learn a bit about demons? Because we are in a spiritual battle at all times.

I would never suggest that you run down the rabbit hole and find out all kinds of meaningless particulars, or start getting into demonology or anything like that. But I’d like to remind you that Jesus, dealt with them all the time. The Apostles, dealt with them all of the time. We, hardly ever deal with them if at all.

Ephesians 6: 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Jesus has defeated all of these forces that cause us all kinds of affliction, so Stay in God’s Word, have faith in God through Christ Jesus, and fear not. There’s nothing wrong with any of that at all, in fact, it’s a must for those of us who take Christ seriously.

But at least safely gain enough knowledge to see what they’re up to so that we believers can do battle using that sword of the Spirit Paul mentions in Ephesians Chapter 6. For more about the weapons of our warfare, check out the Whole Armor of God section (link opens in a new tab so you don’t lose your place on this page). The more I think about it, the more It looks like there will be all kinds of topics that I’ll try to cover in this series of posts. Some among them may possibly be:

  • Origins-Where did they come from?
  • Are Demons Fallen Angels?
  • Biblical References
  • Recognizing their handiwork
  • What are Principalities?
  • Satan – The Father of Lies
  • Are Ghosts and Aliens demons?
  • Testimonials (If you have a testimony about being delivered or coming out of demonic run religions, please let me know)
  • The Whole Armor of God
  • Anything else that comes to mind.
  • 1/29/2016 UPDATE All links to following parts to this series have been included toward the end of this post.

Will definitely pray about exactly how the Lord wants me to tackle this subject. The list I just laid out for you is pretty much some ideas off the cuff.  Not exactly in that order and may change due to how things work out. I’m open to topic suggestions that may not fall under those categories, so if you have any, let me know. Ideally, I plan to release a new post every few days or so to tackle these topics and make them available for you to sink your figurative teeth into. I guess we’ll see.

In this intro, I would strongly suggest getting your hands on a Bible. If you don’t have one of your very own and would like to be particular as to what kind of Bible you wish to have, click the link below. There are going to be a ton of scriptures referenced in the posts ahead, but it’s best for you to check me by God’s Word for yourself. For example, how would you know whether or not I twisted several words in a verse to fit my own agenda? Without checking it out for yourself, you wouldn’t know. That is exactly how tons of presuppositions begin and needless religious practices are introduced, by people not getting in the Word to see what the Lord has to say for themselves.

Click on the link of you need to get yourself a Bible

Suffering from Demonic issues?

Be an OvercomerI want to take this chance right now to any who are reading this and already recognize without any help at all that they are being harassed by unseen forces. I want you to know that there is a way out. There is a way to get them to leave you alone. There is power in the name of Jesus! If you want them to be horrified of you, they need to no longer see you, but Christ Jesus in you instead.





Here’s a quick video of a testimony about someone that doesn’t need any help with the question,”Are Demons Real?” A testimony of being troubled by demonic forces, and how it was dealt with. This is only one example out of thousands that could be placed here.

This video is from the LoveisEverything YouTube Chanel.

Jesus loved you enough to die for you, and when he did that, Jesus established something that is very important in this day and age. He made us able through the Holy Spirit, to do the things that he did. Including casting out demons, and shows us how to be made safe from the wiles of the devil. All that he asks to be able to receive any of this, is that you just simply believe in him. Please continue to the Revelation of Salvation page for the next step in getting the upper hand on these things that have been messing with you.

Demonic forces certainly are as real as it gets. Day after day, you can find one testimony rolling over another, of demonic intervention in people’s lives, coupled with the one and only remedy to the situation, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please notice, you will find it difficult to get through the prayer if you are being harassed by demonic forces. Do it anyway, ask Jesus to help you get through it even if you can’t get the words out to ask, say them in your head until you can say them out of your mouth. It’s truly a fight. What that means is that they are trying to control you or probably scare you out of acknowledging that you need Jesus, or is otherwise trying to prevent you from ruining their work with you.

Don’t let them get away with it. Be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might! And if you do go over to the Revelation of Salvation page and manage to pray that prayer in truth and meaning every word, welcome to the family!

The Are Demons Real Series

I can’t believe that I am doing this now (01/29/16) instead of a long time ago, but the following links are to guide you into the subsequent parts of this series. I’ll put them in the proper sequence for you below, and have opted for these links to open in a new window, so you can just pop back here as a hub to move on to the next post.

  1. Demons in the Bible – Old Testament
  2. Demons in the Bible – New Testament
  3. The Familiar Spirit
  4. The Origin of Satan
  5. Why did God put Satan on Earth?
  6. Angels and Demons – The Fallen
  7. The Seed War Part 1
  8. The Seed War Part 2
  9. The Great Controversy – New Incursion
  10. Post Flood Nephilim
  11. Land of the Dead
  12. Spirit of Fear

Alright, that’s it for this introductory page into the deep topic of demonic interference into our lives. Please follow the links up above to move along to the next page of this series. Also, make sure to bookmark, share, and comment! If you enjoy this series, you’ll love the book mentioned at the top of this page! So head over to the book’s page when you’ve got the chance to check it out! Thank you for reading the “Are Demons Real” introduction and God bless you!

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26 thoughts on “Are Demons Real – Introduction”

  1. With all the respect, as a believer in Christ I would like to point something out. Yes, I understand that everyone has different type of preach, write, evangelize. However, if a non-believer reads this out of the blue, you are most likely to scare them off and never come back.

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your comment! 

      Respectfully, I disagree. This is the truth, and it’s the truth that sets free. Not coddling. My thoughts go out to Jesus while he walked the earth, or his disciples after the resurrection of Christ. Did any of them tell the demoniacs to hold back until only the believers were around, and the non believers are somewhere else? 

      There were believers and non believers alike mixed together to hear all that Jesus had to say, including speaking of devils, demons, and the like. Casting them out right in front of them. 

      Facing such evils, I have witnessed non believers come to Christ, because when they learn that demons are real, and that there is a very real Satan, then Jesus must be real as well, and they better get themselves right with the Lord. 

      Not everyone, but then again, does everyone get saved and come to the Lord with a more fluffy topic? Nope. Unfortunately not. I appreciate the comment Linda, and may the Lord bless you in Jesus name.

      In Christ,


  2. This is a spiritual warfare. Each day is a spiritual war and people need to learn that demons are everywhere. Demons exist and they come to steal, kill and destroy. Just like there is a bad, there is a good. People need to learn about spirituality. It is so important they do. Blessings~

    • Yes Linda, I agree.

      If people don’t know where they stand spiritually, they’ll be blindsided by just about anything that might happen. Demons are real, and they most often operate under the radar. Without being well versed in the Word of God, prayed up, and wearing the Whole Armor of God, how would anyone know if something is natural or demonic when the rubber meets the road? 

      Thanks for yur comment, and God bless!

      In Christ,


  3. I just read your post titled, “Are Demons real….” I enjoyed your topic about demons and I for one am a believer. If a person believes in God and the Bible, it is almost by default that he should believe that Satan and 1/3 of the host of heaven exist after being kicked out of heaven because Satan tried to exalt his throne above God’s. When he was extricated, a third of the angels who followed Lucifer were also kicked out. Anyway, Lord bless! Keep up the good work. I too have a Christian based site, but I mainly deal with End Time Prophecy.
    Edward Mijarez

    • Hi there Edward,

      Thanks for checking out the page and for your comment! I have been to your site and do enjoy your insights!

      Ultimately, you’re right. One third of all the angels are in league with Satan, but I don’t believe that it’s been that way from the beginning. I go in depth to that train of thought in the book Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World, but here I’d only go so far as to say that I believe they’ve been drawn down through time, and will wind up with one third as Revelation says. Regardless, that’s one of those points where the end result will be the same, and we’re still here to deal with whatever the Lord allows to cross our paths, or what people decide to invite.

      It stands to reason that if you believe in God, and believe what the Bible says about Jesus being the only begotten Son of God, and only through him can we be saved, that to not believe that there is an enemy out there is just unreasonable. So again, I agree with what you’ve said. It should be by default. But it’s not due to all kinds of different reasons. Anything from poor mentoring / discipleship, being indoctrinated with a false doctrine, to being too spiritually lazy to give it one thought. All of the above is happening; deception runs deep and the wolves are hungry around a new believer.

      SO keep fighting the good fight of faith Brother! May the Lord bless all the works of your hands in Jesus mighty name! If anyone would like to check out Edward’s site head over to Christian Fiction.

      Thanks again for your comment and kind words!


  4. To me my demons would be things like my fears and insecurities that I need to get rid of. I don’t believe in real demons but I know some people let the idea of demons bother them. Overall I feel that people need to try to conquer their fears and learn to overcome struggle.

    Good Stuff!


    • Hi there Chris,

      I hear you and respect your thoughts on demons. However, if you were to have the unfortunate occurrence of winding up face to face with one, you’d quickly change your position on that. Demons are often used as a term instead of a being; another way of saying the term ‘skeletons in the closet’ or something along those lines. That’s how you’re using it in your comment and that’s real common. But I would like to propose to you that fear is fear, insecurity is insecurity, and demons are demons. Demons can cause someone to fear, or to be insecure, but those are very human emotions that can be an issue without any demonic help.

      But like I said, your whole paradigm would change if you were to see one for yourself. That’s typically not a good thing, as they usually will not manifest visually unless they have been conjured up somehow, or if the Lord happens to open your eyes for his purposes. They would rather keep you convinced that they don’t exist at all. Satan’s greatest trick ever is to convince people that he doesn’t exist.

      In Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World I speak about these kinds of things at length, and also bring up 2 people who couldn’t care less about God, Christ, Angels or Demons, and were total Atheists… Until they saw a good sized demon staring them down. That night they gave their lives to Christ. Whatever plan the enemy had that particular night, God used for his Glory and to bring two souls into the fold.

      Hey Chris, keep on reading the rest of the series! If you liked this one than you’ll most likely enjoy the rest! God bless you and thanks for the comment!


  5. This is an interesting beginning of an answer to your question. I will be back later in this series to read further when you actually get into the “meat” of your explanation. At this point, I cannot say anything more than yes, I agree, they are real. Satan does rule and reign the world at this time, but we (Christians) are not of this world! Congrats on having already written a book on the subject. I wish you much success with that.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Your comment has provoked me to add links to the posts that followed, because this wound up becoming a big multi-post study. Demons in the Bible – Old Testament would be the next runner up in this series. Check it out, I hope you enjoy it!

      And you are absolutely right! Jesus says it himself in John 17 in his supplication to the Father concerning us:

      14 I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. 15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil. 16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

      Being not of the world, we are to shine a light into the darkness of this world. That’s what provoked me to write these posts, and that’s what ultimately lead me to write Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World (thanks for the congrats by the way, I appreciate it).

      Thank you for your comment and God bless you!


      *I just completed attaching the links toward the bottom of the page*
      Thanks for the inspiration Debbie! 🙂

  6. Thanks for this, Brian.

    I have a question about demons; perhaps you could shed some light on it. Why is it that peoples’ experiences of demons tend to occur in certain groups? For example, I don’t hear reports of experiences of demons among, say, academics or politicians.

    In fact, by and large, people in the developed western nations tend to report less experiences of demons than people in underdeveloped African countries.

    Why is this? Is it that demonic activity is still happening in all these contexts, but that some people are just more aware of it than others? Or is something causing the demonic activity itself to be higher in underdeveloped nations than in developed ones? Or is there some other explanation?


    • Hi Kiefer, Great question!

      First off I’d point out that academics and the political arena are littered with demonic activity. Anywhere there’s an influencing authority. One reason is people are more spiritual across the board in different areas of the world. But you’d need to think of things from a strategic point of view. What can they get out of blending in with these different areas? Stealth and silence work great when it comes to attempting to achieve certain goals.

      For a clumsy example, say there was a bank robber that could achieve invisibility. When the bank gets robbed, who’d be blamed? Most likely someone who’s innocent, right? Since the one who did the deed wasn’t seen and left no trace, he was able to do whatever he wanted without any repercussions. Western nations are becoming more and more atheistic. That’s not due to lack of demonic interference, that’s due to unseen hands guiding all of the major influences in these countries.

      Changing minds to veer them away from the Lord.

      In Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World, this particular topic is covered at length throughout the book. Different tactics at play by the enemies of God throughout different stages of history.

      It’s a tactical maneuver from region to region. For another example, If the US went to war with Russia and Columbia and it was right in the middle of winter, would we use the same tactics militarily against both nations? Of course not. The camouflaged uniforms would be different, the weaponry, strategies, man power, tech, you name it. The same happens in the spiritual realm in this spiritual war that is still being waged.

      Also as the west is becoming more humanistic or atheistic, issues of a demonic nature go un dealt with and is repackaged as something else that has no spiritual context to it. Remember, the greeatest trick that the Devil ever played is that he doesn’t exist.

      Thanks again for your question and also your comment!



  7. Pretty thought provoking stuff.

    I’ve always wondered the difference between demons, poltergeists, ghosts and spirits – are they one in the same or are demons inherently bad?

    The Bible talks about Jesus encountering demons – was it the herd of pigs he had excorised? My Bible memory is probbaly not as good as yours.

    Was refreshing seeing this post talking about things one would expect to hear only at Sunday church.

  8. Hello to all, the content existing on this web site is in fact remarkable for people, even experienced Christians, well, keep up the good work brother.

    • Hi there Berniece,
      Thank you for that! For all Christians whether they be experienced or not should know these things that I’ve covered in the series that I created around this post. Demons are real and are around us in one way shape or form every day in our comings and goings. It’s best (especially for Christians) for us to know as much of what we’re dealing with as possible.Not only what we’re dealing with, but how they come at us when we’re not looking, and to be ready in season and out of season to deal with these things just as Jesus had to, and just as the apostles had to.
      Thank you for your comment and God bless you!

  9. Usually I do not learn when reading an article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up compelled me to try to be more aware about God and demons and will keep reading more of what is written about them here!
    Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, very nice article.

    • Hi there Donny,
      Thank you! Feel free to check out the rest of the series. You can do that by clicking the Are Demons Real category tab over to the right of the screen, somewhere toward the top. If you liked this post you will certainly like the rest of the series, because of where it goes and the ground covered is from the fall of Lucifer all the way through history pretty much up to now. So if you think you’ve learned anything in this post, please keep on going through the other posts. I think that you’ll enjoy them, and pray that you’ll be blessed by them. If you have any question about where you stand in Christ, please check out the Revelation of Salvation page! Jesus is real and has given us the ability through him to stomp on snakes and scorpions (demons)! Give your life to Christ Jesus and watch him do his work from inside of you!
      Thanks again for the comment and God bless you in Christ Jesus!

  10. Hi Bryan,
    I believe demons are real, found in everywhere and they have strong force especially to those worldly people. But those who strongly faithful to God will always defeat the works of the demons. When we stand to the true principles and faithful to God being his children can overcome all the forces made by the demons. Our merciful God will always deliver us to these bad forces.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful thoughts.

    • Hi Marcy,

      Amen and thank you for the comment! Yes indeed, we have been given all the tools required via Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Whole Armor of God, and authority to tread on snakes and scorpions (the enemy)! There’s nothing out there that has anything on Jesus.

      Thanks again and God bless you!


  11. I absolutely believe in demons and have seen them many times, have seen possession in others and have been attacked by them too. I remember the first time I was knowingly attacked by one I was living with this really religious guy and at the time I was not a Christian. I was really scared afterwards and ran into his room to talk about it. He told me next time it happened I should pray in Jesus’ name to leave me alone and I thought it was useless advice, to be expected from a Christian and I blew it off. A few months later I was attacked again, but this time I was physically paralyzed from the neck down and was really freaking out! I didn’t know what else to do so I followed his advice but I wasn’t able to speak at all, so I basically just prayed in my mind over and over and eventually I saw it get off of me and go out the window. It looked like a dark mist. That scared the crap out of me! But what also freaked me out was that his advice was correct. I still did not consider myself a Christian after that but I was no longer a disbeliever of the power of Jesus’ name. It’s been about 13 years since that happened to me but it wasn’t the last attack by far. Each time it happened though I have to say that it brought me closer to God and in surrendering to him because I know the spiritual battle is real. After years of trying to figure out their purpose, why God would create these beings, one day it occurred to me that perhaps part of the reason for their existence is to make people like me, that need to see something to believe it, to acknowledge the reality of the spiritual battle that we all face whether we believe it or not. Because like I said, before those experiences, I did not believe in Jesus at all. Just a thought.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you for that testimony! Actually, I think next week sometime I am going to be posting about where I believe these things came from. You may enjoy it, because it may help you with the question you’ve had, “Why God would create these things”.

      However I am going to be releasing the first real installment today called Demons in the Bible – Old Testament, then Saturday will be releasing Demons in the Bible – New Testament. So I think that next week sometime Your question should be covered.

      I have had that experience ( or something similar) happen to me many years ago. It was similar to a night terror, but instead of not being able to move, I didn’t dare move. It was the dark mist that you had referred to, but it had some different shades of purple mixed in. It floated through my window and hovered right over my bed for about 2 minutes. I was very young in Christ and in my teens, and had no clue what to do about it.

      There’s more to the story, but your experience brought this part of it to my remembrance. I have actually witnessed many people get saved as if by fire, because of what God had allowed them to see. It absolutely shattered their world view, as I’m sure it did for you. Any time I’ve witnessed someone he allows to catch a glimpse, it has always ended with that person getting saved.

      God can use all things at his disposal to accomplish his will. And if it takes a temporary eye opening, then why not? If he’s the one doing it that’s his business. But for us to go out to look for it is entirely different. That’s a good way to get into trouble. Not saying that’s what you did, but just thought I’d throw that in there.

      Thanks again for your testimony! God bless you and keep you in Christ Jesus our Lord!

  12. Looking good! you really know your stuff, I found your and its looking good, I willl be coming back, to check out your latest articles, keep writiting as good as you do and remember that the better content the better you can make people com visit your site, keep it up!

    • Hi Danny,

      I take the content as it comes as the Spirit leads me to type it. Whatever happens after that is primarily up to him. Put your trust in Christ Jesus, and he will never lead you to waste your time and do anything that will not bear fruit. Either in this world or the one to come! 🙂

      Thank you for your comment.

  13. Brian,
    I truly admire your courage! It takes guts to be real and to proclaim Truth to a broken world!

    Great site! I really like your heart for helping others!

    S.T.I.C, it sticks! Great creativity on the logo / banner.

    May God continue to Bless you with ideas for great content and ways to bring healing to our hurting world.

    Sincerely His

    • Hi Max,

      Thank you for your comment! Whether it takes guts or not (thanks for the compliment by the way), if Jesus tarries and I go by way of the grave, all I want to hear is “Well done” at the end of the race. It’s funny actually, proclaiming the gospel becomes so much easier when you really get a good idea of just how temporary this whole world is.

      As far as healing to a hurting world, when the enemy comes in like a flood, God will raise a standard against him! Whatever part we’ve got to play in that scenario, it’s time to step it up! Because the flood-line has been submerged!

      Thanks again for your comment and kind remarks! Encouragement really keeps the fire burning!

      God bless you in Christ Jesus!



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