So this is Christmas

So this is Christmas

Knowing that this holiday has turned into the celebration of the exchange of stuff, perhaps it should behoove us, to remember what we are celebrating on this day.

Site Update 11-15-2018

It’s been a while since I released my last post, and I wanted to shoot out a quick message to let you know, that I’m still here. I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this without sounding like … Read more

What is the Power of Prayer?

What is the Power of Prayer

What is the power of prayer? Not a bad question to ask, right? We should all understand that there is a power in prayer, but what is that power? The quick answer: The Lord fulfilling his end of his own … Read more

Daily Devotionals Online – What a Ride!

Daily Devotionals Online

I’ve been doing these daily devotionals online throughout the book of Proverbs fore so long, it felt strange sending out the last one the other day. Chapter 31- verse 31, ended that whole particular series of 508 devotionals. What a … Read more