Bible Verse Day part 2

Bible Verse Day part 2

Bible Verses in James

James 1Did you know that it’s Bible Verse Day again? Of course it is! In this post, I’ve picked out three bible verses in James that struck me as good soul food for a post today. The Holy Ghost really poured a thing or two out concerning these three verses, and I pray that it’s a blessing.

If you are enjoying these bible verse lessons, please let me know about it & share with everyone your favorite Bible Verse in the comments section. If you have missed it, you can find the first Bible Verses post and check out what started this series. And away we go!

James 1

13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

If we are ever tempted, it is either by some other person, or by the forces of darkness in one way or the other. God does not tempt us at all. Too often God get the blame for bad things happening to people or for pretty much everything that the enemy does. To blame the one who’d rather help you out of a situation is not too wise.

There is something that I believe many people forget about temptation. We all have the power to either give in, or resist temptation. It’s on us every time, not just some. Just like any other situation, you can decide to do what’s right or wrong, good or evil, blessing or cursing. The Holy Ghost may help give you a backbone about resisting temptation when asked to do so, but it’s ultimately your decision to fall for or reject temptation.

The last thing that you want to do is start blaming God for your decisions that either caused for you to fall in some way, or caused for you to do something that didn’t end well or like you planned. It’s not his fault. Although he is the creator of the universe, he also created your brain and his Word for you to go by.

Romans 613Just look at what happened to Job as a quick reference. His major fault in all that was going on with him is that he took everything against him as a direct hit from God. Nowhere did I see him calling for God to help in any way except to kill him and put him out of his misery. The whole time Satan was the one orchestrating every lousy thing that happened with Job, even the men that came to try and “comfort” him were demonically influenced before they even got there to talk with him.

But through the whole ordeal, who was blamed? God was blamed for all of it as if it was all done by his hand. That leads me to wonder; how many things in people’s lives could be brought to a screeching halt if they had the presence of mind to call upon the Lord for help instead of blaming him for circumstances that they’ve wound up in? I’m not saying every bad thing that happens to us are inside of our control (cancer, other physical ailments, etc.)  but I’m talking about those things that are kicked off by our decision making or actions.

Be not enticed14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

The word lust is always associated with sexual undertones, but in the Bible, it’s often a word used to describe man’s appetite to sin. Not to be confused with the actual sin it produces, but is the iniquity that is at the root of particular sins. This is explained in the next verse.

I heard a man by the name of Steve Quayle put the word lust into the best context. He said that lust is the appetite of demons come to fruition through men (paraphrasing). Like any iniquity, it must be washed away with the power of the blood of Jesus in our lives and the washing of your mind heart and soul with the Word of God.

I’ve never liked seafood. In my opinion, it’s the nastiest smelling, the nastiest tasting stuff that’s on the face of the earth. That being said, if someone were to try to convince me to eat a plate of it, do you think I’d do it? No way, it wouldn’t even be on the radar as a temptation.

Why did I say all of that? Well, back to the verse; if the iniquity is not there, you won’t be tempted at all when the temptation comes around to entice you to commit sin. All of us by virtue of being man, a fallen race upon this earth in need of a savior, are sinful by default and need all kinds of iniquities dealt with in our lives. Jesus is willing to work with us on rooting these things out of our lives if we are intellectually honest with him about it and take it to him, recognizing it as a problem and willing to repent and be rid of it.

He has the power to change us from the inside out, and is always there to help us to be rid of any kind of iniquity that we struggle with. Remember, God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Get in the Word of God prayerfully and diligently, lead by the Holy Spirit, and it’s like taking medicine for the soul, removing any wrinkle or spot.

15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

Wages of sin is deathThis verse wonderfully sums it up and is a pattern to pay attention to. I think the mistake many people that struggle with sin of any kind, is they concentrate on the actual sin. Trying to stop sinning by somehow making the temptation go away is like putting a band-aid over a bullet wound. It isn’t going to work for very long, and will fail sooner rather than later.

In some ways, removing temptations from you so you don’t sin is actually trying to get it done by yourself. Jesus actually told us to incorporate “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one”, into our prayer lives. That is putting it into God’s hands, not solely relying on ourselves to make it happen.

But no matter what, the same things that tempted you to sin in the first place, will continue to do so as long as that iniquity is abounding. It’s the iniquity itself that needs to be dealt with in order to remove the root of the problem.

Romans 6:23
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

When Paul wrote that in Romans, he wasn’t only talking about physical death, he was talking about death of all kinds of things. Sin can cause the death of a marriage or other relationships, death in your financial circumstances, death to your healthy lifestyle, death to your reputation, death in your spiritual life, death to your employment, you name it and sin will kill it. And ultimately if you die in your sin, you will face the second death if you’ve passed without receiving the salvation of the Father only found in his Son Jesus the Christ.Crime doesnt pay

They say that crime doesn’t pay. Crime is a sin, of course it pays, just like any other sin. Death to your freedom is the wages of crime. You can name your sin and realize the wages that you’ll receive because of it. That isn’t necessarily a God’s punishment kind of thing, I believe that it’s a law that is established kinda like the law of gravity or something to that effect.

Despite what we can often see, criminals getting away with everything under the sun, there is a time of reckoning coming, for some it’ll be sooner than they bargain for. Not one day nor one breath is promised to us at all. And there will indeed be many who will die in their sin, that died unexpectedly and did not grab hold of the free gift of salvation.

Blessed Assurance

The wages of sin is death no matter how you slice it. Someone has to die because of sin. You will have to die because of yours, but there is a way out. Jesus took it upon himself to be that sacrificial lamb, bearing YOUR punishment that YOU deserve on the cross. He died and payed for every sin that you’ve ever committed. That was part of his mission. God the Father wanted for things to be right between you and he, and sent his Son to take it all. Because he did that, Jesus succeeded in what the Father had willed to established, and has caused for any who call upon his name for salvation to be forgiven of all sin, have a new spirit born within, the promise of the Holy Ghost to help you out, keep you forever connected with the Father, and a relationship made right between God and yourself.

He did that for you, and all the rest of mankind. All you need to do is believe it and receive it. If you’re not saved (born again) head on over to the Revelation of Salvation page, and check out a quick prayer to just guide you along the way. The intentions of the heart is what will really matter, and if you give yours to him, he’ll take that heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Now is the acceptable time, and today is your day of salvation. Please don’t wait till tomorrow, tomorrow is promised to nobody.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it was a blessing to you in some way. If it has been a blessing, please share via the social outlets below or to the side, and spread the word about the site! I certainly appreciate you doing so!

God bless you and thanks again for checking out Bible Verse Day part 2.

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