Brent Miller and Gary Stearman- Fire from the Sky


Brent Miller on Prophecy Watchers with host, Gary StearmanBrent Miller interview by Gary Stearman on Prophecy Watchers, Fire from the sky? AHHHH!

Well, the planet was once baptized by water (the flood of Noah), but one day, there will be the REAL Big Bang by way of the planet being baptized by fire!

Here’s a supernatural truth:

God’s treatment of the earth, what was and is still to come, reflects how we are treated spiritually. Let me explain…

The earth was baptized with water approximately 4400 years ago, and the ultimate end to this earth is spelled out in Revelation. The earth and heavens will be destroyed by fire, thus ushering in a new heaven and a new earth.

Now, there was a dispensation where baptism by water was only available to us, and is a symbol of all kinds of things. But only after Jesus was crucified and returned to the Father just about 2000 years ago, was being baptized by the Holy Spirit and Fire made available to the inhabitants of the earth. In that order. Just a cool parallel to the whole deal.

It’s in this planet’s future, as Revelation points out that this will happen at some point after the one thousand year reign of Christ Jesus on the earth. Gary Stearman and Brent Miller discuss the various ways the Lord may choose to accomplish the feat of fire from the sky!

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