Change Through Trials

On an individual level, the Lord often promotes us to change through trials. As Christians, we get a little stronger spiritually, physically, mentally, or however the Lord is willing to strengthen us. 

But, do the same rules apply when trials are used to the world at large? Here we are in the heat of the coronavirus, most of us are (at the time of writing this) hunkered down. Some are doing so voluntarily, others through government command or request. But what is truly being tested through this pandemic?

The World on Trial

Social Distancing This is a global problem. I’ve already seen through media many people declaring this to be the Lord’s judgement on the United States, due to the many reasons that this country rightly deserves to be judged. 

That could very well be the case, and it’s not my job to judge whether or not they’re hearing from the Lord. But personally, from what I can see, this isn’t a United States issue, neither is it a China or Italy issue. It’s the world itself put to the test, and my reasoning is as follows…

The Earth is Fine

Social Distancing This pandemic, as well as any other pandemic, ultimately leaves the earth itself alone. The people are the ones affected, rather than the earth. 

We see in the Word of God that when the Father brings judgement down upon an entire people, the earth is greatly affected. Not every time, but I say this with the book of Revelation in mind. 

Systems of this World

World SystemsYes, people are getting sick, some unto death, and it’s a terrible thing to witness, and we’re being forced to both witness and observe all of the numbers any time we turn on the news. But what is taking the bigger hit, is our worldly environment.

The European Union

The European UnionThis virus is (I think) going to change the world- in fact, it already has. The EU has suddenly tossed aside the entire notion of a united Europe, and have risen borders that supposedly have been removed. Entire countries shutting down their points of entry in the EU is an enormous change since its conception. 

We’ve already seen different countries ceasing medical supplies within their borders, that were on their way to other countries in need. Countries are behaving like countries again, rather than states of a confederated union. This is a change that has only taken place since the coronavirus came round. 

Economies around the World

Economies around the WorldThe worldly economy hasn’t been too great, even before the virus. The US was doing better than it ever had about a month ago. Now, because of the virus and governments countrywide shutting down the majority of business, it’s reached levels worse than what’s been seen in years. 

To me it’s pretty obvious. Nobody working, no bustling economy. Once this has passed, I personally predict that the economy may be poised to rebound just as quickly as it fell. We’ll see.

We in the US were doing much better than many other countries when this hit. Other countries that have been forced to shut down and stay home were not nearly as well footed as the US economically, to absorb the blow. That said, the problems for these countries will only get worse before they get better.

Overall, the world’s economic machine is being strained to the max, while leaders scramble to try and figure out the right steps to take. These steps taken for good or ill will reshape this world on a long term basis. That’s what I believe is the primary result the Lord is anticipating through this pandemic- or rather our reaction. 

Setting up the Board for End Times Scenarios

Setting up the boardEveryone has felt for a long time, that the end is nigh. Depending on your point of view, it is, incrementally ramping up since the nation of Israel was re-established. 

A host of Biblical prophecy has been fulfilled between then and now, and if you take a look at the big ones, something drastic had to happen first, to get the ball rolling. For the best example, look at what transpired before Israel was reformed into a nation- an entire world war!

With so many different countries establishing powerful policies to weather this current storm, it should behove us to see what kind of world stage sets up while we’ve been hunkered down. We’ll never see the big picture of it all until this virus comes and goes, and we’re given the green light to resume business as usual. 

But will it be? I’d anticipate not. When the world tries to get back in the game, don’t be surprised to find out that the rules to the game have changed. 

Establishing a Purpose

If I’m right at all, the Lord is allowing this to happen to establish purpose, or rather, His purpose. And I believe that his purpose in all of this isn’t necessarily a judgement. I’m sure that there are some good people not guilty of this nation’s sins, that will fall due to this pandemic- probably already have. 

As through any crisis, I’m confident many will come to the Lord through this, which could be a sub-purpose. However, any time the Lord does something worldwide in Revelation, the people only tend to curse the Lord, rather than turn to him. The Father could have a host of purposes behind allowing this to transpire right now. 

But driving them all, again, so I believe at this time, is to position this world and all of the systems established therein, to accommodate furthering end-time scenarios that are layed out before us in the Word of God. Sometimes the Lord allows such a shake-up to better position the world to further His purpose without the world even having a clue about it as it’s happening. 

What do We do as Christians?

  • Pray for the sick, and for those who aren’t to remain healthy.
  • Minister peace and Christ unto those who show fear whenever you can.
  • Cast your burdens unto the Lord, and behave through wisdom rather than reactionary panic.
  • Be distributers of calm, as Jesus would.
  • Make sure that in the face of this global problem, that we behave as Ambassadors of Christ in a changing world. 
  • In all that we set our hand or mind to do, seek out counsel from the Father, who will give us safe passage, and won’t lead us into a pit should we take heed to his voice. 
  • Don’t foolishly put the Lord to the test with this virus, but take measures that are under your control to take to avoid getting sick.
  • Use the wisdom of the Lord, move by the Spirit of the Lord, and apply common sense.


Spiritual Gut CheckThis is a moment to try and give ourselves a spiritual gut check. How are we responding to the news of this sudden calamity that the world is dealing with? Spiritually speaking, how are we handling it, and where is our faith being placed?

If you find yourself falling short, get into the Word of God and take in some instruction as to how to change what needs changing. Stay safe, and God bless all of you in Jesus precious name!

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4 thoughts on “Change Through Trials”

  1. Thanks Brian…I agree, this virus is not so much an end time judgement, as it is a precursor of things to come. Most of the world is blind to what the Lord is doing. This pandemic will cause some to repent and come to the Lord in faith, but most of the world will stiffen their necks, and continue to curse the Lord. This is the spirit of the world today. I think that you’re right, that the world will not be quite the same, after this pandemic subsides. We’ll just have to see, and stay close to the Lord, our redeemer. Thanks Brian, stay strong Brother.


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