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Daily Devotionals Online

Daily Devotionals Online – What a Ride!

I’ve been doing these daily devotionals online throughout the book of Proverbs fore so long, it felt strange sending out the last one the other day. Chapter 31- verse 31, ended that whole particular series of 508 devotionals.

What a ride it’s been, and I’m sorry to see that we’ve arrived here at the end.

writing-online-devotionals-daily-devotionals-online--what-a-rideHaving concentrated on these for so long, it seemed strange to just continue on with another book to dig into without saying a few words about this past series.

I’ve posed several questions below. It would be awesome if you could post your thoughts and answers in the comments section.

Before you get there, I thought it would be fun to reflect, and speak a bit about how this started.

Creating the Devotional Plan

This series of devotionals kicked off on December 30th, 2016! Almost two years prior to this post, I formulating-a-plan-daily-devotionals-online--what-a-ridewas trying to figure out a way to create a template to use, so I could keep all of the daily inspirations in the same general format.

Those of you who have been following along with the devotions will get a kick out of this…

My thoughts were as follows:

  1. Read and meditate on the scriptures I’ll be tackling (seeking direction, revelation, insight)
  2. A brief paragraph describing the scripture, giving food for thought
  3. One piece of relevant scripture from the New Testament
  4. A one or two line prayer
  5. A personal confession of some sort, to provoke the reader- One sentence

Yup, that was the idea. I figured this would all add up to 250-300 words a day. To give you a reference of what that would look like, from the start of this post to the end of this sentence is 262 words.

Short enough to keep people’s attention, and is really what a devotional is: A bite sized piece of information to chew on throughout your day.

Easy, quick, sustainable for however long it lasts… I figured a couple of months, taking on a handful of scriptures at a time.

I should have known better!

God had his Own Ideas

Evidently my ideas weren’t going to do.

If you start from the first devotional, and continue on through, you’re soon able to watch them evolve into something that no longer reflected my aforementioned plan!

The more I continued through the verses, I understood that the Lord had other plans for this project. You can see the cluster of verses get shorter, from several down to one each (unless context dictated otherwise).

You also see the body of the devotional getting longer and longer. So much for a couple of quick and witty sentences.

My plan of 250-300 words per devotion turned into 500 words just in the main section of the devotion! This eventually turned into 1000 words, just for the main section!

These are the kinds of things that happen when you assume to know what to expect. Revelation from the Lord doesn’t care to conform to a format established by anyone other than the Lord.

Deep Watersdiving-deep-into-the-word-daily-devotionals-online--what-a-ride

I’m saying all of this, to show you how the Lord led me to dive deeper into these verses than one would be able to in a few sentences. The depth of the scriptures are well beyond my capability to capture in a paragraph.

Some of these I could have continued on and on, but they had to end sometime. I mean, these were supposed to be devotionals, right? Not research papers.

Now they’re all done. And I know for sure that I’ve been blessed doing them, and I pray that they were also a blessing to you. The treasure that we’ve uncovered together has been a wonderful experience.

What’s Coming Next?

I need to talk to the Lord about it firstly. But if you have any suggestions, I could take that to the Lord as well. I’m leaning towards revisiting the 2 Corinthians Bible Study till the whole book is complete. But as I said, I’m only leaning, waiting for the Lord. Maybe he’s waiting for me to take your suggestions unto him?

Leave a comment down below if you have any ideas or suggestions about a book to either start up a Bible Study, or perhaps begin a new series of devotionals. Any ideas would be welcomed, and prayed about.

Should I create a Book or a Series of Books?a-daily-devotional-book-daily-devotionals-online--what-a-ride

A long time ago, it was suggested to me that this series of online daily devotionals should be translated into book form. What are your thoughts on that? Please folks, I need a consensus!

I say series of books because to throw all of these into one book would be enormous. That said, it’s possible. Comment below if you think it would be a good idea. If so, a series of smaller books or one giant work?

Thank You for Taking the Ride!daily-devotionals-online-daily-devotionals-online--what-a-ride

I’d like to thank all of my subscribers that have been reading along, commenting, and enjoying these devotionals. You’re all a blessing, and I’m humbled to have had you visiting and taking part.

Also, thank you all who have been sharing these socially! In today’s climate of shadow banning and other forms of silencing views, your shares have made a world of difference concerning the viewership.

One way or the other, there will be more to come, leave your comments below and let’s see what the Lord would like to do moving forward.

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