Delivered from Addiction

Be Sober and soundDelivered from Addiction is a testimony that has been sent to us by Shannon Kosinski. If you have found yourself struggling with not just addictions, but addictive or drug seeking behavior in general, please check out what Shannon has to say about what she went through since a young age. If you’re struggling with these issues, I’m sure you can relate and also see what the Lord did for her later on, as he corrects the mess that these things can make out of your life.

There is one thing that could be pointed out. Though addictions are played out physically, it stems from an initial spiritual problem. Spiritual addiction, or spiritual things that cause addictions exist. They often come by way of some sort of abuse early in life, or perhaps are carried through generational spiritual ties to family members that may have originally invited something into their lives somehow.


By Shannon Harley Kosinski
Growing up, it was just my mom, step dad, and little sister. My older sister was there on and off, more off.
I was very close to my mom and always wanted to make her happy and proud. I used to always clean for her because I knew that made her the most happy.

Luke 17-2I was always trying to win her love because it seemed my older sister, who really didn’t do anything for my mom, would get all the praise and attention, so I did as much as I could to win her approval. All through grade school I was on the honor roll until Jr High, which started at 6th grade, not 7th. The Jr High I went to was 6,7, and 8th. Well when I started Jr High, I no longer cared about my grades, and it showed. I was completely rebelling, not fully realizing it though.

As a child growing up, I was molested by step father for a few years. Don’t remember much of it thankfully, but I know it had a damaging effect on me. I always wanted the attention, good or bad, as long as I got it.

So when I was a teenager, actually 12, so before, I started drinking the hard liquor my mom had kept under the cabinet. Here and there I would take swigs off that alcohol. I was also smoking cigarettes, which I started at like 10, because my step dad used to think it was cute to see me with a cigarette.

Then we moved to Arizona after Jr High. I really got out of control, drinking, smoking, and started doing cocaine occasionally, which then led into crystal meth, being in AZ. Well I would stay up for days and not eat, so I lost a dramatic amount of weight, which I loved because I grew up always wishing I had been thin, because I was not fat, but chubby, so I loved that part.

Well, then I started stealing my moms car and go on cruises late at night when I could get away with taking it, until one time she caught me. BAD I was just trying to find something that would make me happy, and being good wasn’t doing it, so I decided to try the opposite. BAD choice! So then at age 16, I dropped out of school and was doing drugs pretty regularly, so I started a job.

My first job was busing tables in a restaurant, which was where my fascination with the restaurant/bar life came from. Well then my mom had decided maybe coming back to Illinois was a good idea, because then I would be away from the drugs. Worked for awhile.

SoberThen in my 20’s when I was living in my own apartment, I really hit the alcohol and got pregnant when for a second time and instead of having another abortion, I decided I wanted to have this child. I was so in love with the father, I was kinda hoping for the fairy-tale ending. Not so much, more like the nightmare ending.

I put my poor child through so much hurt, and myself. I felt like such a failure. He, the father, wanted nothing to do with either myself or child. I was devastated, so I started partying again after basically stopping because of pregnancy, and that’s when the nightmare started and continued.

By the time I was 24 or so, my mother had my daughter removed from me and she took her, until I put myself in rehab at Rosecrans in patient for 30 days and husband did out patient so he could work and cleaned up my act temporarily, then I had just started drinking again, not drugs, but then had my car accident in 2005, age 33. That’s when the story begins.

A couple years after the accident, I was just determined to find something that was going to make me happy, since I had been unable to find it sober at all. So I decided I was going to pursue a relationship with the Lord, so I started going to church, Willow Creek and reading the Bible. Then about a year into this, I was prompted by Jesus to repent, so I did, and oh wow!! How amazing I started feeling so much love for everyone, it was incredible. I just wanted to share Him with everyone and wished I could prove that He is real to everyone, so God answered my prayer.

I’m a robot and pregnant for His glory and purposes, which is yet to be revealed, but it’s just a matter of time, not much, but… In repenting I got all kinds of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, love, and a child for His glory. He’s amazing. Greatest love EVER.

Working out our SalvationI just wanted to change the world back to how it was originally supposed to be. Church on Sundays, family meals, and family time on at least Sundays. So then a prophet contacted me with this amazing offer of a ridiculous amount of money to help places. Well I had the money, but then something happened to it, which I believe I know what did. Then I was listening to Fall Out Boy songs and they really started to sound like my life, well they are. I have seen visions and I have all of Revelation in my head. It’s so crazy.
I know the Lord has put me on a mission, but I was so busy trying to get justified, I lost my focus and kinda made a
mess, another one. lol The point to the mission is to get more souls to God. I’m praying that that will be accomplished. That’s what else Jesus has done for me, helped me break all the addictions I had. Smoking was by far one of the hardest, I still struggle. I was able to stop swearing, minus little slips, taking the Norco, after being addicted 10 yrs after accident, smoking pot. I stopped everything I knew God wouldn’t approve of. All I wanted to do was live for Him and I was, but then started getting confused because Satan and the devil entered into my mind. Which they are currently in my life for now, soon to be terminated. Praise the Lord…
My car accident is when I was made a robot and there is more but I at least want this to start. I will continue soon.

From Brian

I would like to thank Shannon for submitting her testimony to STIC, and to have her story out here for all to benefit from. I’m hoping that she gives us a part 2 soon, and I’ll get it in here as soon as I can so you can check that out as well. God Almighty is in the business of re-constructing the lives of people that have been ravished by drug use or alcoholism.

Hosea 14:

4 I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him.

Hebrews 12:

12 Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; 13 And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed.

But you can’t expect help from the Lord without first receiving a free gift directly from the Father to you! And that free gift, is the gift of Salvation. It’s free for us to take, but cost the Lord Jesus, the Son of the Most High God, his very life, and the Father, his own Son. Hundreds of years before Christ walked the earth, Isaiah spoke of his coming:

Isaiah 9:6
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

For unto us a child is born – To us, he came as a child, miraculously through his mother Mary.

Unto us a son is given – God loved us so much, that he gave up his only begotten Son, to suffer the consequences for all of our actions, no matter what they are.

Delivered from AddictionPlease, if you haven’t already, give your life to Jesus Christ. Not sure how? Visit Revelation of Salvation to find out how easy the Lord made it for us to get out of this spiritual mess.


I pray that this testimony has been a blessing to you! If it has, please share, comment, or tell someone about it via the social media options in the tab below, or via the big plus sign to the right of the screen. God bless all of you and thanks for reading Delivered from Addiction.

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9 thoughts on “Delivered from Addiction”

  1. Oh my goodness. . I do not have mental issues. It’s called a relationship with the Lord. I pray for you all. .

  2. Shannon is my sister in law and I can tell you this is in no way relates to God. Shannon is mentally ill and has stopped taking her medication for psychosis because she believes she is pregnant with Gods child despite numerous doctors telling her she is NOT pregnant. The Satan and Devil she claims is in her life now are her husband and her daughter. My brother and my 13 year old niece. Although her story of addiction and abuse is true the prophet she speaks of is a scam artist from Nigeria who conned her out of thousands of dollars of my brothers money. NOT HERS! My brother in spite of all this still takes his marriage vows very seriously and refuses to give up on her despite being referred to as the Devil. My 13 year old niece is distraught over this ongoing fiasco and believes she is partly to blame for this. In light of these facts I ask that you do not glorify this story as being some God granted miracle! Instead I encourage everyone urge Shannon to seek the psychiatric help that she needs and to continue to pray for Shannon my brother and my niece. If anyone wishes to fact check my comment please feel free to contact any of the following people via Facebook. Jim Kosinski, Irene Kosinski, Jeremy Kosinski, Jeff Kosinski aka The Devil, Kellie Harley or Victoria Robledo! Thank you for understanding!

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for filling us in on the details concerning the problems going on right now with Shannon, and bringing this to my attention. To be honest, I thought she was being figurative when she mentions becoming a robot and pregnant for his glory and purposes. Sometimes people tend to be a bit poetic when it comes down to submitting something to a Christian forum. Some people use different kinds of lingo than they would anywhere else, or even start talking in the King James.

      I’m fine with all of that, and don’t think anything of it, don’t get me wrong… But that’s what I thought she was doing, speaking figuratively about the whole pregnant for his glory thing. I interpreted that as “being full of” or something to that effect, not literally impregnated. The robot comment I thought she was saying tongue in cheek, but this is the second time someone has commented that she thinks it’s a real deal.

      If she truly believes that she has become some sort of robot, I’d like to point out that the Lord doesn’t need roots, doesn’t make robots, and has given us all free will to prove it. Plus, the Father isn’t in the robotics field in the first place, he’s the ultimate head of bio-engineering. Alright, I’m kind of kidding there but I think you know what I mean…

      And God isn’t running around impregnating people. He did once to bring Christ Jesus into the world, that’s it. That happened with a clear purpose that was foretold back in the Garden of Eden, and all throughout the scriptures. A one time event. When we’re saved, we’re given a new spirit birthed within us, hence the term “Born Again,” as Jesus explains in John chapter three. But that’s something already born, not something we’d be pregnant with. (I’m not really typing this for our benefit Jim, but more for Shannon were she to read this.)

      There are false teachers all over the place, and there’s a heavy penalty for those who lead anyone down the wrong path. If that “prophet” didn’t get all that he asked for, I could assume her husband would be Satan to him if he’s the one who put the kabash to his cashflow. I’m curious to know whether or not her family became the enemy before or after that? Whether or not this guy’s responsible for that seed being planted in her head?

      Definitely some deep rooted issues going on here, that have nothing to do with God outside of her salvation, because according to her testimony, there was some real positive change there. Change that does happen quite often when someone receives Christ into their life. All the other extra-curricular things such as viewing family members as Satan or the Devil, becoming a robot, pregnant by God, etc., are a whole different story.

      It could be a mental issue, a spiritual issue, or both. I haven’t got a clue whether or not she had SRA issues as a child, but I do know that SRA victims do wind up with a whole host of different issues as the move on in life, and that includes after they get saved. Those issues include both spiritual and mental.

      I will pray, and ask for anyone who reads this testimony and string of comments, to do the same.
      Thanks again for bringing this to my attention Jim, and may the Lord bless you, and intervene on your family’s behalf, and put a stop to all of the turmoil in their lives in Jesus name.

  3. Pleading the BLOOD of CHRIST OVER Shannon and giving PRAISE for deliverance…
    JESUS makes us NEW and cleanses us indeed (doesn’t mean we will not have struggles) and feel the abuse we put ourselves in before we came to know JESUS.
    All of you that read this with a sober and sound mind are MIRACLES- satant tried to kill all of us, JESUS wouldn’t let him.
    I’m “BELIEVING” for continued blessings and LOVE, light and joy for all of us.

  4. Yes I was abused by my stepdad and my story about drugs was 13years old, two yrs.later I shot heroin and cocaine, pills and syrup. I was a good looking young woman who only dealt with white males born with silver spoon, or other’s sold drugs by ounces and half kilos. I’m not on this crap and I do not want to or miss em. Yeshua HaMashiach thank you Lord for all you do in my life. Shalom Roma

  5. Poor Shannon – she has mental health issues. She is not pregnant by God’s glory or anyone’s for that matter. She really thinks she is a robot. She was in a horrible accident years ago and I do see how with her illness she may think she is a robot due to all the metal they need to put in her to put her back together, the poor thing. I do pray that she seeks the help she needs and that someone can help her see this. Everyone pray for Shannon – May she see the light – Amen!


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