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From JW to JC

From JW to JC

waiting-for-something-miraculous-from-jw-to-jcFrom JW to JC is a testimony given to us by a brother in the Lord by the name of Dale Towns. For some people, different things from their past allows the Lord to take advantage of a terrible situation and causes something miraculous to happen when least expected. This is a refreshing change than from the opposite, which we’re more commonly faced with, which is demonic interference because of something from the past. This is a very powerful testimony and would like to thank Dale for making this submission to the site! I’m sure that it will bless you in some way.

If you’d like to express your thoughts or maybe see what’s going on with Dale, please check out his Google plus account at Dale Towns. Be sure to subscribe to his account to get all the latest from this Brother in the Lord! Here is his testimony…

Dale Towns Life Testimonyno-spiritual-anchor-from-jw-to-jc

I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness for most of my life, until mom was dis-fellowshiped, from that point I had no
spiritual anchor. But I can truly say that I never didn’t believe there is a God. Though because of my time as a J.W. my view of God n Christ was skewed to say the least. Now, as a man of 53 I can tell you that there’s much I don’t recall anymore, like yesterday or what I just went to the next room to get lol. But the night , the moment, the instant of my salvation is forever etched on my heart.
February 22 1993, I was 32, had been married for almost twelve years, had two young sons and my life was a wreck, my marriage nearly over, out of work and out of hope. My wife and I were doing our thing with the wrong people. That previous December I had gone to her and begged her that we try and fix our marriage, she had agreed. Or so I thought.

Then sometime after Christmas, she informed me that it had just been so the boys would have one more good Christmas and that she no longer loved me. As one may expect, things imploded from there.

Now, simply put I had no clue what salvation was or how to be saved. I remember the preacher that counseled us before our wedding, had me repeat a prayer. Because and I quote, “I can’t marry you two unless you’re saved.” I of course being a young man and thinking with the wrong body, would have agreed to about anything.

Funny thing is though, I remember feeling the presence of God as we prayed. But having been taught by the J.W.’s that just going into a Baptist church, you could be possessed. I remember mentally pushing back against what I felt. Today I know that it was the Holy Spirit, but not back then. As a J.W. , we were taught that the Holy Ghost was a just a force like electricity, that God used to make things happen. But that was my one and only exposure to what salvation was.suicide-from-jw-to-jc

Back to February 22 1993. It was a Wednesday night, late , the boys were asleep, my wife at work. I had just finished
talking, excuse me, I mean fighting with her on the phone. It was all we did. I hung up the phone, she was crying, I was crying, and I had had all I could stand. I could no longer see a reason to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep living.

I walk into the kitchen, took a bottle from the cabinet, I had been hiding for this moment, moved to the sink , got a glass of water. Filled my hand full of pills. Then I looked upward and said these words before putting the pills in my mouth. “God have mercy on me”. And I put the pills in my mouth.

Now , some would say that I just got choked up or chickened out. But I know what I saw and what I felt in those moments. First what felt like a hand close over my throat, I could neither breath nor swallow and I could see, not with my eyes, but I could see a great throne, a throne so great that I could only see the legs of the one who sat upon it. In that moment I knew that the hell I was taught didn’t exist, did. And if I died that was where I’d be.

Then I heard Him for the first time , not in my ears , but in my being. ” you spit them out or pass out, but I’ll not let you die.”

I spit out the pills, and stumbled to my bedroom, where I fell to my face and did what no man had ever told me or taught me to do. It only could have been revealed to me by the Holy Ghost. I coughed up my sin, asking forgiveness, and asked Jesus into my heart. The same Jesus, that I had been taught was nothing more than the arch angel Michael, was now my God and savior and is forever more.

That my friends is how I was saved by God’s grace. And oh my marriage, by the grace of God is going on 35 years now.

From Brian

Praise God for his saving grace! Were you or are you involved with the Jehovah’s Witnesses? If you are please take another close look into what Dale is conveying here. Also for any of you who have reached their wits end, and think that the only way to find peace from the world that is caving in around you is to select the easiest way to end it all, please don’t let one single moment go by without considering Jesus first.

Choose Jesus; leave nothing to chance; allow the Lord to change you from the inside out!

It’s no accident that people without Christ would consider ending their lives without first seeking Jesus. Sure many may have their reasons not to believe, chief among those reasons would be poor examples of believers in Christ, who said or did something to rub them in a different direction. That happens all the time.

The thing is, God is not a man that he should lie, and his ways are certainly not our ways. Believers in Christ should be imitators of Jesus, but in many cases they fail miserably.  Jesus came as God in the flesh to do something very special for us humans. He came and bore the punishment for whatever you’ve ever done against God since you were born. Taking your sin and removing it from you as far as the east is from the west.

Jesus said something that is so completely opposite from everything that we’ve been taught since we’re old enough to learn. And what he said was believe then you will see. We’re in a world where seeing is believing. Jesus said blessed are those who believe and don’t see. I guess what I’m trying to address is the following…

There is a better way for you to kill yourself, and still be around to avoid regretting having done so. WHAT?!?!!

Matthew 16:

25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Don’t end your life, and die in your sin. You were not put here by accident, by mistake, or without purpose. God has a plan for your life, and has been waiting for you to get on board so he can start changing you from the inside out, causing for you to become all that he had meant for you to be.

What I meant in the sentence above, and what that verse means is to stop allowing your life without Christ to prevent you from being born into REAL life found only through Christ! By doing this, it’s considered in the Bible as death to the flesh because you deny it of being in charge of your life, and giving Jesus the reigns. Just take a look at Dale’s testimony. There were pre-existing spiritual circumstances that prevented his death. Not everyone is so lucky to come out of that as he did by Divine Intervention.

Come to Christ and see what he is willing to do for you. He is (nor has he ever been) not what the world makes him out to be, but is waiting to be in charge of your life to help you in every area of your life. Why wouldn’t you at least give him a chance?

I believe that the Holy Ghost has pulled all of what I just typed for someone in particular. I’ve got no clue who or what the circumstances are, but God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth cares enough for YOU personally, to have worked things out for you to come here and read this testimony, and read what the he has guided me to write. He is such a personal and caring God. If you don’t have Jesus constantly with you, and you aren’t sure where your from-jw-to-jc-from-jw-to-jceternal residence will be, would you please consider the Lord Jesus? Just head to the Salvation page. There’s a prayer in there that’ll tell you more about it, and a quick prayer in there for you to go by if you’re not quite sure about prayer. You’ll never regret it, the gift that lasts for all of eternity!

Thank you for reading all of this and I’m sure that Dale’s testimony has been a blessing to you as it has been for me! If it has please share this page via the social media options that you can find below or hover over that plus sign over to the right hand side of your screen. Please tell others about From JW to JC by Dale Towns!

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2 thoughts on “From JW to JC

  1. Hi Dale. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Savior. He is the Son of God.
    And I am a child of God.
    I accepted Christ when I was 15.
    Coming from a Catholic family that was laughed at, I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    I’m glad I could walk down the road to a friend’s, they helped guide me.
    God has a plan for me.
    After a fatal car accident, I went through therapies and classes… and I was okay. wrong… see I was never allowed to grieve.
    I went on with life. I got active in church, I got married, had a baby, got divorced and repeated that cycle again.
    I was told I’d never be able to raise my kids alone. But by the grace of God I did.

    He still has a plan for me.
    Out of the canyon I’ve been trying to dig myself out of for three years, I finally got out and walked on even land. (metaphorical speaking)
    Someone asked me…have you given your Will to God?
    I said. …yea, I accepted Christ 40+ yrs ago
    And again they said…have you given Him your WILL?

    Wow. I wish I had not waited so long.

  2. I Appreciate That Our Lord And Saviour Careth For Dale Towns And Eleanor K Hawkins Saving Them From Russell’s And All Others Demonic Evils.
    Praise Our Heavenly Father And His Son And Holy Ghost (Spirit).

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