Hidden Treasures of the Bible – Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler-Hidden Treasures of the BibleIf ever you have question concerning the integrity of the Bible, Hidden Treasures of the Bible by Dr. Chuck Missler can in many ways answer them. Yes the Bible can indeed be proven true!

I’ll never forget the first time I watched this for myself. The depth of the riches found in God’s Word are immeasurable, but I only pray that you get just as excited by these gold nuggets Dr. Missler has presented for us as I did when I first watched it.

To say he tackles some Supernatural Truth in Christ would be an understatement. In this rather long video, I’d recommend that you take your time and look into the things that Chuck Missler is talking about. He’d be the first one to tell you not to take his word on anything, but to get into your own study of the Bible and prayerfully come to your own conclusions.

Dr. Chuck Missler goes through several different topics in this video and covers both the Old and New Testament. The following are some of the topics or points that he covers:

Hidden Treasures of the Bible Covers:

  1. Hidden Messages
  2. Mystery of Genesis 5
  3. Why does the Holy Spirit want us to know when the flood ended?
  4. Is there a hidden design in the Camp of Israel?
  5. Revelation of the Brazen Serpent
  6. Isaiah 9:6 – A child is born, a Son is given
  7. The significance of 3 days in the Old Testament 
  8. The seven fold rule – Heptadic Structure
  9. Proving God’s authorship throughout the New Testament
  10. The offering up of Isaac and the parallel to Christ
  11. The Book of Ruth and it’s connection to Revelation
  12. Secrets tucked away in the strange chapter of Genesis 38

This is a great study in my opinion, and I found it on Jessica Riley’s YouTube Channel. Chuck Missler has a background in informational sciences, he takes the information on the written page itself very seriously as you’ll see in the video.

Being among the most insightful teachers of the Bible in our time, (or so is my opinion) Dr. Missler also has a skilled way to break things down and helps to make sense in many things including the boring genealogies. Why are they in there? The Holy Spirit put them in there, but why? He really opens your eyes to what God was trying to get across.

This is an eye opening video, and is very helpful. But there’s a TON of things that the Holy Spirit is willing to teach you through his Word.  Always pray for the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to what he is trying to say just before every time you go to open the Book. There’s nothing like receiving a revelation from God through his Word. When the lights come on, it’s an indescribable thing.

Chuck Missler: Hidden Treasures: In the Biblical Text

Chuck Missler Hidden Treasures
If you have enjoyed what Dr. Missler had to say concerning these mysteries of the Bible in the video, well be glad! You can have this kind of information at your fingertips via Chuck Missler’s Book Hidden Treasures: In the Biblical Text.

It’s not a very large exhausting book, but is crammed with the kind of Biblical discoveries that will cause for you to sit back and be astonished at the glory of the God we serve! Chuck uses over 40 years worth of spiritual insight into the Word of God as being lead by the Holy Ghost, and presents it in an easy to read manner that will cause for you to grab a highlighter and break your Bible open. As anyone can tell that has ever payed attention to his wonderful studies into the Word of God, his reasoning for precision into God’s Word opens up the Bible as an endless love letter to us his Church.

For more info, click this picture of his book.

I suggest that you click the picture to the left and get your own copy of this work, and after you’re done reading it, and absorbing the different methods that the Lord has tucked inside his Word to give it continuous validity, let someone else benefit from the teaching going on inside this book’s pages.

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So take your time and watch this video prayerfully, get your hands of a copy of his book for quick references, and get excited to dive into the Word of God! Perhaps with the Holy Spirit, you will find some discoveries of your own in your studies!

Thank you for reading Hidden Treasures of the Bible – Chuck Missler

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures of the Bible – Chuck Missler”

  1. Fascinating, Bro. Brian!

    I’ve only listened to the first fifteen minutes, so far. Up to the point where Brother Missler discusses the meaning of the genealogy of Genesis 5! I’ll be listening to the whole thing as I have time in the next few days!

    Absolutely amazing! The gospel of Jesus Christ spelled out in the chronological order of the names of a genealogy in Genesis 5! It’s like Brother Missler says, “There’s no way that you’re going to convince me, that a bunch of Jewish Rabbi’s, conspired to hide a summary of the New Testament Christian Gospel, in a genealogy, in the Torah!”

    Me either, Bro. Missler! The Bible definitely CAN be proven true!

    I can’t wait to hear more! I just don’t have time right now!

    It might help to know that if you study the number 5 throughout the Bible, you will discover that it is oftentimes connected with the theme of death! Run a search on it when you have a chance!

    Hey, Bro, thanks for sharing and God bless!

    • Hey there Brother Donnie,
      The man has been studying the Bible for over 65 years so there’s allot of gold nuggets in almost everything he says in this video. I’m glad that it encouraged you! It is a long video but worth every second. I have an engineering background so his analytical approach and the results he yields really hit home for me.
      I agree about the genealogy in Genesis 5. Haha. God is awesome, and the deeper we get into the Word, the more sophisticated it can be when peering into the specifics of the text. Kinda reminds me of the human body. Simple on the surface but the more you study it, you get a real sense that God Almighty really knows what he’s doing way more than most people give him credit for!
      If you thought Gen. 5 was neat, wait till he gets into the camp structure of Israel!
      God bless you Brother!

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