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How to Create a Website With WA

How to Create a Website From Scratch

how-to-create-a-website-how-to-create-a-website-from-scratchDo you want to know how to create a website? Has the Lord put it on your heart to go forward with an online presence for his glory? I’ve been asked several times how this site had come into existence. Some people like to think themselves professionals because they’ve learned a thing or two. Not this guy! Instead of attempting to be something I’m not, which is a website guru, I’ll point you to where I turned and was able to learn how to create my own successful website.

Yes I made sure to use that word successful. Because you can go anywhere (just about) to make a website, but that’s not true about making a successful website.

 Build your Own Website

Why learn how to build your own website to serve the Lord in the first place? Aren’t there a ton of ways to serve God aside from making a site? Sure there is, but as I’ve been shown, there was only one way that the Lord wanted ME to do it. Maybe you feel that same pull?

serving-god-online-how-to-create-a-website-from-scratchFor quite awhile I really didn’t want anything to do with creating a website, but the Lord would not leave me alone about it. He knew that internet usage has been doubled in the past five years, and is likely to double again as the years tick by. I on the other hand, did not think of things that way.

Finally I gave in and began to search for a good way to create a site. I wasn’t about to repeat any of the previous mistakes that I had made in the past (Click HERE to see what I mean), so for about 2 weeks I searched around prayerfully toying with what to do. The whole time in the back of my mind  I was determined to do things the right way. The problem was I didn’t know what the right way was! My experience up to that point was only good to know what to avoid, instead of what to do. I needed to know how to create a website from scratch!

wealthy-affiliate-university-how-to-create-a-website-from-scratchUltimately I was lead by the Lord (so I am still convinced) to a place called Wealthy Affiliate. I honestly don’t remember the particular way I wound up checking them out, but I do remember my first reaction which was, ‘Oh here we go, a make me rich quick scheme.’ So I watched a video about them and to be honest, I remained skeptical.

Even the name “Wealthy Affiliate” left a sour taste in my mouth from the old days of trying to make money online to supplement my income back in the early 2000’s. But there was a flavor in the video that left me curious about what it was that they were trying to sell me, because one of the things that was touched upon was webpage design and hosting.

The problem really was that the video I was watching was centered on making money with the site that they teach you to create. I was more interested with what the Lord wanted me to do and how to do it. So I passed it off, but was left with the idea more than ever that I really needed to be educated about creating a website, if I wanted anyone to actually find it. After looking into all kinds of things, I kept running into Wealthy Affiliate over and over again.

What in the World is Wealthy Affiliate?what-in-the-world-is-wealthy-affiliate-how-to-create-a-website-from-scratch

Finally I took a better look into them, and skeptically dug into what they are all about. After presenting it up to the Lord,  I eventually took a stab at what they were promoting which I’ll be the first to tell you is an education. Their premium services are wide open for the first 7 days free, and you could keep on going with the site you created for free, so I figured no harm no foul.

After joining them and filling in my profile, I began their starter course and became pleasantly surprised that they were concentrating on all the wrong things when it came to marketing themselves. The amount of website based knowledge being made available is incredible! With confidence I can attest that there is more to be learned in the first three of those seven free trial days about creating a webpage, than I learned the entire time I was struggling with the a site I had previously grown white hairs over!

Here are some pro’s and con’s that I’ve learned about WA since I’ve joined up with them back in mid June of 2015.


  • You learn from the ground up how to create a website
  • It is free to try, and you can continue with the free program after the trial is over
  • Site hosting for up to 2 sites for free
  • Unlimited knowledge base concerning all areas of website creation and/or design
  • No expensive website software necessary at all
  • Quick and easy step by step instructions
  • Seemingly endless SEO guidance (this has helped me in ways I never knew existed)
  • A vast friendly community
  • Incentives for helping others (no question is too dumb or too complicated)
  • Tutorials everywhere from the ground up
  • There are ways that you can make money with WA just as they advertise. I see people excited all the time about the fruits of their labor spawned from what they’ve learned. In my opinion, it eventually pays for itself.
  • Gives you an advantage, helping you to use WordPress like a Pro.
  • Legitimate website gurus in there, constantly giving heads up about the newest and best tactics to become attractive to search engines. This is something that I lacked greatly in the past.


  • Their name is horrible in my opinion. Seemed scammy from the get go to me. It took allot of digging into their history and things of that nature before I learned otherwise. Needless to say a ton of prayer. Maybe the name was a good idea at the time of the company’s creation, I don’t know.
  • A private domain is not included in the price of going premium. Even though you can grab a domain for cheap these days (which they point you to), for some reason I was expecting that to be included when I went premium. I was kind of annoyed about that at the time.
  • The banners they use to promote their site I guess may be fine for some people, but for me, seeing piles of cash sends the wrong message, as it’s been done by countless “get rich quick” schemes. Like I said up above, they completely undersell what I believe is their true value, which is the education that keeps on going and going concerning the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a website. *UPDATE* They’ve since added some new banners that do exactly what I thought they should do… Promote their greatest service which is the education and instant help by the community! It’s nice to be heard!


A small update from 8/4/2016 – I have been associated with WA now for over a year, and still do not regret being affiliated with them. The training courses never stop coming, keeping up to date on all of the new best practices. It’s a good thing to keep informed on some fresh new ways to stay on top of what the search engines are doing.

I’ve got no real complaints actually. I made the decision to go premium to open up the program and get as much information made available as I could even though it wasn’t necessary to do so to keep on going with this site. So far, using the step by step tutorials about creating and structuring your site, both up front and also behind the scenes, this webpage has actually grown an audience that comes to check out this site daily. Check it out:

Screenshot taken in November of 2015



Screenshot update taken on September of 2016


Above, you’ll see a steady traffic flow increase through time between the two snapshots.

Doing my own thing in the past, I never received this kind of traffic on a daily basis. This stats page will show you the proof is in the pudding. Bear in mind that this site is only about six months old at the time of me writing all this. Plus, I took my time (which I wish I didn’t do) purchasing my own domain name for this site, so many things were reset as far as the search engines go (that was my bad for waiting).

I spend very little time spreading this website around and have learned how to make the content speak for itself, thanks to how the Lord leads me to add posts, and actually quite literally giving me what to write. I have time now to do so much more than in the past, answering questions, e-mails, ministering, etc.. I can actually concentrate on the content of the site instead of the focus being to finding someone to look at it. I wait on the Lord for the content, and have learned how to display it properly through Wealthy Affiliate.

a-friendly-community-how-to-create-a-website-from-scratchTo their credit for the record, I’ve found other Brothers and Sisters in the Lord that have also used this to aid in their online ventures. I run into them all the time in there. It is a friendly, completely interactive, and huge community for anyone including people of like minded faith! I just wanted to make sure to throw that in there, as it was something I thought was a potential issue in the beginning, but just simply isn’t.

Build your own successful website

If you are interested in avoiding a slew of mistakes while intending to build your own successful website, faith based or otherwise, here is more information that may be useful to determine whether or not this place would be right for you. Below are the differences between the starter and premium programs. You get everything you can see on the premium side for the first seven days, everything on the starter side you continue to keep if you stick to the free program. As you make your own website free of charge, you get a great flavor of what you’re going to learn as you move forward.
The information alone is worth every penny if you decide to go premium. I wound up making the decision to go premium about three days into the one week free trial period. However, there are some that decide to keep it free. So it’s not like you join up and lose any work you’ve put into your site if you decide not to go premium. Just letting you know because that wasn’t made clear to me in the beginning. If you do decide to go Premium, the first month is only $19.00.

So let’s start creating some webpages!



how-to-create-a-website-with-wa-how-to-create-a-website-from-scratchLearn How to Create a Website

FYI I would not recommend any affiliation with anyone that I didn’t come to trust. That is one reason I had not promoted WA with unwavering support in the past several months. But it’s been a good amount of time since I’ve become affiliate with them so I can say in truth, that WA works for me, they are legit, and can work for you too. I’ll be seeing you in there and I’m confident this is the best help I can offer you to learn how to create your own website! Feel free to ask away if you’ve got any questions.


16 thoughts on “How to Create a Website From Scratch

  1. As you said the wealthy affiliate is one platform or institute where you can learn everything about online business from building a website to marketing it effectively and earning money out of it. With the help of WA, we can easily build a website in just three steps which no one else in the online world can guarantee.

    • Hi there Sundar,

      Right on! There are people like me who need that information to build a successful website that people can find and utilize. But there are many people that go to WA just to create a website for an online business, and they seem to have great testimonies when you check out the different blogs and comments that they make. There’s always someone welcoming new members or celebrating sales.

      They’ve done a ton of work to make the WA site a great community to really learn everything concerning websites and blogs. The best thing that I think I’ve learned is the keyword placement strategies that apply now, verses the strategies that I thought were still a good idea. Wow was I wrong, and would have wound up doing a ton of work for nothing if it weren’t for a few different people in the community.

      Thanks allot for your comment!


  2. HI Brian

    I’ve also been with Wealthy Affiliate for 7 months or so at this stage and have found it to be very supportive. I really appreciate the training and guidance because I had very little experience in web site design and non at all in marketing.

    It’s funny I have always winced at the name – I agree it does sound a bit spammy, but I suppose it was created over 10 years ago at this stage and times were different then.

    The community aspect is great at WA and there are members there from all over the globe so it has a very international feel about it, and because of the different time zones it doesn’t matter what time of day you find to work there is always someone around to give a helping hand.
    Thanks and good luck, Marie

    • Hi there Marie, thank you for the comment,

      I agree with you on all counts, there is always someone on in the WA chat willing to help out. And also the question section; any time I’ve asked a question its usually only minutes before I wind up with an answer or two.

      Thanks again for the comment and all the best to you moving onward! God bless you!


  3. Hey Brian,
    Great article on website building, I could totally vouch for you that Wealthy Affiliate is the number one Online Business platform there is on the web. I’ve been a member there for over a year now and I couldn’t be much happier with the community and features I get.

    The site health analysis feature is something no other website builders have and it is something every online entrepreneur needs to take hold of if they are serious to go far in the long-run. Keep on rocking man, great site you have here.

    • Hi there Riaz, Thank you for your comment! You say that you’ve been there for over a year… That’s one thing that I failed to mention in this page. There are so many people there that have been members for years that it’s kind of mind boggling. That in itself is something I remembered when I was new there, being a bit reassured about what goes on in there due to the longevity of many of the members there.

      Because when you think about it, if something was either over-inflating what they offer to provide, or are a scam, bad info, etc., who would hang around for very long? I’m with you about the site health analysis. I use that all the time to check out what it says.

      Thanks again for your comment & God bless you!


  4. Making a website is pretty easy. But there are a few things you have to know before you even get started. I think the most important thing is that you have to have an idea that you are passionate about. That is often the hardest thing for people to do. But Wealthy Affiliate is a legit way to make some extra cash online. I have a few bucks, trust me not much at all, but it does feel good seeing that it does work. I just started a couple months ago and I am still consistently working hard. I also think trying new things is what’s going to make the person have a great successful website.

    • Yeah I pretty much agree with all of that. But I would say that you can have the best idea in the world, but if nobody can find it, it’s a bunch of wasted time. SEO is huge with a site, and if you wind up doing the wrong things, it’s all uphill from there. That’s why I strongly promote WA. The courses they provide help with the whole deal. How to structure the actual content as well as everything else that you’d rather not have to worry about. Many go there with the sole intent and purposes to make money, that fine too. At least as far as I’m concerned, they’re on the up and up concerning the earning potential with the different training they provide. The biggie for me though was learning the correct way to do things from the offset, instead of going through the torturous trial and error method to get things done.

      Thank you for your comment and all the best to you with your online ventures! God bless you.


  5. This is an experience that I know a lot of people who have had those experiences. There are a lot of scams out there that a lot of people stumble into, or they run into sites that mean well, but just don’t have the resources to be able to help the way that Wealthy Affiliate does. Wealthy Affiliate has a unique community that helps out whoever needs it. The community does really care about each of its members and that helps everybody out whenever they need some help. They have helped me out whenever I needed it.

    • Hi there Justin,

      Thank you for that testimony. The community is always great. I’ve not run into anyone with an ax to grind or behaved belittling in any way toward beginners. That’s something I’ve heard being an issue on other sites. There’s no cause for a competitive nature toward anyone at WA. Whereas others seem to compete against each other to try to make a buck. That’s why I stress so much about the education involved at WA, because that’s what you walk away with. An education toward doing things the right way concerning your website. And the financial aspect of it is a distant secondary if you even choose to do so.

      Thanks again Justin!


  6. Right here is the perfect place for everyone who would like to find out about creating a website.
    You understand so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa).

    You certainly put a brand new spin on a topic that’s been an opportunity for a long
    time. Excellent stuff, just excellent!

    • Hi there Rodney,
      Thank you for the kind words! They are really encouraging. It’s not so much that I am at all very knowledgeable about creating a website, I just made up my mind to become educated about it in order to give it my best shot. Any knowledge that I have gained about doing anything correctly with a website, it came from taking the free courses at W.A. That’s where I started and am still learning from all of the courses that they have available.
      Thank you for your comment and God bless you!

  7. Hi,
    Wow What a site, I think you have put down everything we experience before coming to Wealthy Affiliate. And spend money all over the place, so true. I wish that those who want to build a website will find the place to do it. In WA, there is a lot of help, and it is easy to learn when you are guided right. A good review, thanks.

    • Hi there Elma, thank you for your comment.

      Yeah I had a sneaky suspicion that there were many out there who could relate to the trial and error method of website production. I’ve run into a few others that have related their SEO horror stories from days gone by. The money I spent was one thing, but paled in comparison to the amount of time I spent with the previous site compared to now. The biggest deal to me at this point is that now, all I need to take care of is basically content for the site, and have learned through WA how to structure it for SEO purposes while not letting it dictate the content of the site. Before, content became something that fell by the wayside because I was too busy chasing my tail through a maze of SEO exit doors.

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