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Creating your own Website – Problems

creating-your-own-website--problems-creating-your-own-website--problemsCreating your own website from scratch without any real training or steady guidance from those that have been there before, can cause all kinds of compound problems with the final product. DIY can cause your site to be DOA as far as search engines are concerned.

Let me explain a series of events that I went through that hardened my heart toward this whole idea. Oh yes there was a very good reason (as far as I was concerned). Perhaps reasons that were allowed to happen, so that I would later on be as focused as I’m able to be with this site/ministry that I’m glad to be a part of today. So here’s what I went through that made me not want anything to do with making any site at all.

How tough is it to build your own website?

I’ve had some limited experience in the past creating websites, and for your benefit, I’ll fill you in on how well I did without any real help. Around four years or so ago I purchased a program that went for about $100.00 at the time, thinking that I could just learn how to create a website myself and promote a business start-up I was struggling with as it was. However, I knew (as anybody does) that it takes money to make money, so that didn’t phase me too much. Well, not yet anyways…

Eventually, I got pretty good at the program itself, but making any changes to the site was always a hassle, I had to pay for site hosting monthly on top of the 100 bucks I had already spent. Had to spend for a domain on top of that, and at the same time was going nowhere. What I was using did not provide a blog, (which is said to be a beating heart of a site) unless of course I wanted to pay more in order to attach one to it. So costs just kept growing which was really putting a sour taste in my mouth.

There was almost no help with any SEO or Search Engine Optimization, SO I had to go through that learning curve too. That actually is what ended it for me. I wound up doing all the wrong things which in the end actually wound up being outdated SEO practices. Despite my best efforts and intentions, much of what I was learning struck against any good page rankings. The bad part is by the time you figure that out, it’s already too late and your site winds up buried in the far back pages of any good search, never to be seen by anyone again. I found out the hard way as far as trying to spread your website around, there are tons of ways to make your site look like a snake oil salesman to any reputable search engine.

webpage-riddled-with-errors-creating-your-own-website--problemsSo in the end, I was spending money all over the place, spending approximately 10 hours a day for quite some time trying to build and promote a site that was riddled with errors, and was just simply going nowhere fast. All the time was going into the site, instead of into the business I was attempting to start.

Oddly enough, even though I was spending so much time and money on the website, it was not an internet based business at all really, but a consulting business about industrial things. Not online marketing or anything like that where it might be a tad bit more justifiable spending all that time online.

In the end, all the money and time fell into the abyss, along with the business that I was attempting to maintain. Instead of teaching myself how to create a website, I merely taught myself to operate a program. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting all kinds of time and effort into something and having it fall flat on it’s face.

Anticipating more Problems lead to Disobedience

When the Lord kept tugging on my heart to create a website in his service, I conveniently ignored him. How’s that for some honesty? Hows that for some supernatural truth? I ignored the Creator of the universe because I didn’t feel up to doing something that he wanted me to do! You didn’t see it, but I just literally buried my head in my hands with the understanding on how foolish I was being, and for how long I was being that foolish. Praise Jesus for his grace and mercy.

Struggling with the Lord concerning whether or not to create a webpage, it didn’t really seem like a solid service to him. I thought I knew better than he did about what he wanted me to do for him. Yeah I know… Not too bright.

So, there’s the main and most expensive reason (expensive with both time and money) why I did not want anything to do with a webpage whether it was for the Lord or not. I was making the mistake of not discerning the differences that could exist between trying to do my own thing, and doing something the way he intends me to do it. His way is always better, hands down!

One valuable lesson that I’ve most often learned the hard way throughout the years has been:jonah-and-the-wale-creating-your-own-website--problems

Running from what God wants you to do never really seems like that’s what you’re doing until you stop running.

Jonah can tell us a thing or two about that, don’t you think? The ultimate example of what happens when we try to ignore what the Lord is saying and decide that it’s better to do our own thing. What is good in our eyes may not be what is right in the eyes of the Lord. Historically, whenever mankind does what is right in their own eyes, disaster ensues.

So here we are about six months after I took the steps necessary to learn how to create a website, without all of the headaches, heartaches, wallet aches, and mist-aches, that come from the equivalent of trying to steer a vessel without a rudder. It’s like the difference between night and day. My advice would be to draw from the experiences above, and avoid doing what I did concerning that old site. This one is way more successful, because of the content that the Lord leads me to provide, and also because he lead to the link below to actually get to know what I am doing with a website.

Here are some real testimonials that you can check out: Reviews

Creating your own website can be one of the most time consuming and depressing things if you are doing all the wrong things, the wrong way, and for the wrong reasons. With the right guidance, you can be creating your own website without the aforementioned problems and grievances that I had to go through, and actually reap the rewards of your effort! God bless you all and thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment with any questions!