How to grow your faith in Christ

How to grow your faith in ChristThinking of how to grow your faith in Christ, I came upon a question. Is it possible to have unyielding faith outside of our comfort zones? Sharing your faith without fear is becoming harder and harder to do in this fallen place we call the world. Everywhere is a comfort zone when you have no fear. We’ve been striving for comfort in one way or another since the fall of man. There’s nothing wrong with comfort, but to fashion a comfort zone around you will eventually turn into your new prison as you guard and keep watch to maintain it’s walls. Spiritually, this is no way to grow your faith. Christ did not live this way and neither should we.

No Fear to Break Out

Look at a toddler who is bound to a crib. Inside the confines of the crib, the child is perfectly safe. They’ll at times do anything to get out of it, even if it means falling headlong to the floor. They don’t yet have a concept of pain or danger, therefore have no reason to fear. All they know is they want to explore outside of their pen.

A man’s comfort zone stops where fear starts. Fear starts where faith stops. When you step beyond that boundary in a habitual manner, your faith is stretched as is your comfort zone. This is an unconditional process that can lead toward righteousness or can lead further down the road that leads to death. You can have more faith and less fear concerning matters of the Kingdom of God, or you can build your faith toward bigger and stronger sin.

When you stop stretching out your comfort zone, over time it starts to close in on you. Whatever process that you need to go through in the beginning must be redone in order to re-expand the boundaries of your faith.

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6 thoughts on “How to grow your faith in Christ”

    • Hi there Lena,
      Thanks for commenting, and there is no greater desire to have in my opinion! I pray that the information you find throughout this site helps you in some way to do just that. Poke around, because this site has grown to cover a wide range of topics that may be a blessing to you.

      Also, you could use the search function found in the upper right hand corner of the page, to target something that you’d like to read about in particular.
      Thanks again for your kind words, and God bless you in Jesus name!

  1. Amen … it certainly sets us up for the Holy Spirit to move upon us as servants & ambassadors of Christ.
    For me it takes a real move of the Holy Spirit … if you know what I mean. I cannot will myself to change … I have a very difficult time breaking bad habit of chewing my cuticles off … little less something more important.
    BUT, because the Holy Spirit is with us & we can constantly seek & search Him … to MOVE UPON us & change us.
    Once we have ‘broken’ that fear cycle with the power of His Holy Spirit (that comes in many different ways individually) we are being set to do His will & those boundaries vanish in His Presence.
    That is the GLORY & the POWER of HIM BEING WITH US.

    • Amen and you’ve made a great point in that comment without specifically saying it…
      It’s best to expand from your comfort zone as the Holy Ghost leads. At least you’d know whether or not you’re staying inside his will. I’d suppose the focus should be to be able to discern between the Holy Ghost and other things like ambitions, or perhaps stepping out in faith for all the wrong things and the wrong reasons.

      Thanks for your comment Sister, and may the Lord bless you mightily in Jesus name.


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