Hurricane Harvey – Pray for Texas

Hi everyone,

I was gearing up to prepare the next post for the Daily Devotionals, and the Lord put the brakes on. Today, I’d like to talk about the waking nightmare that the people in the Houston area are living through.

I’ve been paying close attention to this one, as it is unprecedented on these shores (as far as I know). A category 4 hurricane, not just making landfall, but hanging around in one area long enough for it to potentially dump a predicted 50″ of rain!

To put that into perspective, that is a years worth of rain for that area, falling to the ground within just a handful of days. Officials have predicted that this will be a situation, that will take years to bounce back from.

I have heard this coined as the 1,000 year storm, meaning that this situation is only known to happen once every one thousand years or so. I’ve also heard, that if they’re wrong about the rainfall estimations, and it’s more than 50″, and winds up being in the neighborhood of 60″, then it turns into a 1,000,000 year storm.

I believe that we’ve only been around for about 6,000 years, should we be going by the Word. With that in mind, the things that they’re saying tell me that it just hasn’t happened before.

I’ve heard all kinds of reasoning for this storm. Everything from global warming, natural climate change, climate chaos, the eclipse, etc… I’ve also heard folks consider this a form of either judgement from the Lord, or a warning shot across the bow, for the United States.

Whatever the reason this has happened to the extent that it has, doesn’t make any difference right now. What I mean is, there are people out there struggling to either get out of the area, or to somehow take care of their own.

Whether or not you think this to be judgement, climate chaos, aftermath from cosmic events, or just an extraordinary event that we happen to be living through, it is our duty as Christians, to at the very least, pray for all of those people that have weathered the storm.

Thousands will find their homes and all of their belongings to be washed away, or torn into pieces. Please Saints, have compassion on these folks, and stand together in prayer for several different things.

Keep them in your prayers for:

  • The Lord to work this into a situation where people find, and cling on to him for salvation
  • That the Father would help to find homes for all of those who are (and will be) displaced
  • Separated families will find eachother
  • Anyone who is hidden or unable to make themselves known, and in trouble, to receive help
  • For relief to come suddenly and soon
  • For them to find financial support wherever and whenever necessary
  • For the safety and strength toward all of the officials and volunteers that are doing all they can to rescue people fro the flood waters

Let’s show what the compassion of the Saints of the Lord can shed upon those that are now without. There is one more item that may come as unexpected to some, but please include this in your prayers concerning the situation in Texas.

Pray against the spirit of suicide, and that the Lord bring some form of joy and cheer unto the hearts of those who have been afflicted. Think about it for a moment.

There are so many people who have lost absolutely everything. We as Christians like to claim, that for us to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Also, that all of the things around us is just stuff, and none of it matters compared to eternity.

We can sit comfortably and know these things, as we’re in our homes that are still standing. And with all of our things as in order as they ever have been. While we have the ability to stroll outside and walk across the street without transportation by boat.

We know things that people without the Father will never know, and may respond differently to loss because of his presence in our lives. But let me tell you…

I’ve lost everything before, and there is no easy way to explain what it’s like, or how it feels. I am certain, that once the waters recede, the roads clear, and the excitement dies down, the gravity will be too much to bear for an untold amount of people.

It is better with the Lord in your life to help you through any obstacle. When my family and I had issues in the past, and lost our lives collection of belongings, I had the Father with me through it all, and he helped us is many ways. Not everybody is so lucky.

People who do not have the Lord, and lost all that they had, may lose hope. Please pray against the spirit of suicide, and that all who may be in the cross-hairs of suicide, find the Lord Jesus Christ for their comfort, strength, stability, and peace. And the endurance to carry on, in the way that the Lord would have them go, in Jesus mighty and precious name!



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  1. Standing with you in prayer, Brian and have shared also, which I rarely do. Thank you for listening to the Lord and giving us an opportunity to consider what is happening and keep Texas in prayer.


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