In the Sight of God – 2 Corinthians 2 Part 6

We are always in the sight of God. No matter what we do, he knows it. No matter what we ever say, we’re being held accountable. 

However, there are some people out there who enjoy corrupting the Word of the Lord; paying no mind to the realities that await them for doing so. In the verse below, Paul recognizes this and describes how the Word of God is to be delivered, and that is by sincerity.

17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.

2 Corinthians 2:17 King James Bible

No Sincerity through Bad Intentions

No Sincerity through Bad IntentionsIn the verse above, Paul says that we are not as many. Focus on the word “many.” This is a shame, but a reality. Many people tend to use the Word of the Lord to gain from it, rather than learn from it. Using it to somehow appease the flesh, rather than leaving the flesh crucified, and building up the spirit.

It is one thing to be a believer and sincerely search out the Lord himself, his answers, or whatever it is that compels you to turn to the Word of the Lord. It becomes something different when you search the Word of the Lord to use it for unintended reasons- and doing so purposefully. 

Ignorance can be corrected, and if there are people who teach something incorrect but with pure intentions, one way or the other, they’ll be corrected. On the other hand, someone who preaches or teaches the Word out of impure motives, they aren’t simply corrected, but are found out. This is much different than being corrected, but rather punished. 

As of Sincerity- As of God

As of Sincerity- As of GodIf anyone thinks that the Lord has established his Word for impure or insincere reasons, they’ve got bigger things to work out than what this verse means. I’d like to believe that whoever reads this, understands that the Lord has no reason to be insincere, as man would find reasons.

He is not a man that he should lie. He has no need of it, nor is it any part of his character. Whatever he says, he is being sincere.

Speaking anything while being sincere is a manner of speaking directly from the heart, making known one’s intentions. This is how the Lord speaks to us either through his Spirit, through his Word, or both.

The scripture above is telling us that this is the same way we should be conducting ourselves as it touches the Word of God, be it in study, in teaching, or in any form of use. (Including blog posts on a website!)

God Watches Over His Word

Anyone that purposefully uses the Word of the Lord for reasons that differ from the Lord’s intentions, are doing so in the sight of the Lord. That said, I can’t imagine that anyone doing such things would have a strong belief in the Lord in the first place.

As someone who writes quite a bit of commentary concerning the Word of the Lord, I can testify that I can nearly feel the eyes of the Lord watching what I’m doing; making sure that I’m not leading people in the wrong direction concerning his Word.

In all transparency, I’ve written articles that you’ll never see here on this site (or anywhere else for that matter). Why? Because as soon as they reached completion, something would come to me showing that I was teaching or talking about something that stemmed from a preconceived idea of what the Lord was talking about.

(Note: This doesn’t happen when being led to write something. Upon reflecting, it happens when I’ve written for writing’s sake, feeling like I have to get something out there for the wrong reasons. When led though any writing project, it goes without a hitch, and without much thinking involved.)

Preconceptions have a tendency of overriding what the Word actually says and means. In my personal opinion, these notions that get sincere people off track as it relates to the Word of the Lord. 

Therefore, I’d scrap it and begin anew with opened eyes. What you read here are not always things foreknown to me. Often, I learn as I go- as the Lord leads. Preconceptions need to be recognized immediately and removed once discovered. 

Why am I saying any of this?

Someone who has an agenda with the Word of the Lord that goes contrary with the will of the Lord, is being closely observed by the eyes of the Lord. He doesn’t treat everyone the same way when things occur that might part from his will.

He is just, and will either help out someone willing to be receptive toward his instruction or correction, or judge against those who he finds insincere concerning his Word. 

The Father is ever present, and ever keeping an eye on his Word, which he cares enough about to insure that it remains forever. If he doesn’t take his own Word lightly, neither should we.


Let’s set the usage of the Word of God aside for a second to soak in the ladder section of the verse we’ve been talking about.

When we speak in Christ, do we do so as of God? When we open our mouths, is what comes out sincere? We speak in Christ in the sight of the Lord- is it evident through what we say to people?

The answers to these questions will differ from person to person, but should be pondered by all nonetheless.

Be sincere in the study of the Word of God, in our relationship with the Father, and with those that we have dealings with on a daily basis. When we open our mouths in Christ’s name, what comes out had better be sincere and just.

Our Father isn’t resting on his laurels allowing all to get away with all. He is watching, he is willing, and he is able to correct us when we’re wrong, and punish those who are being treacherous. 

Praise the Lord for being alert, awake, and actively participating in our lives forevermore!

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