Kent Hovind – Part 1 – Age of the Earth

Kent Hovind - Age of the Earth - Part 1The age of the earth is part 1 of a seven part series by Kent Hovind. In this video, Kent takes his time going over the theory of evolution and how it differs with creationism and why he believes evolution is flat out wrong.

I have created a new Category for Creationism, where there will be topics covered from space , people, rocks, dinosaurs, the flood, earthen structures, etc… In time, I’ll probably have all seven of Dr. Kent Hovind’s  Videos concerning these various topics.

Here’s a pretty long one. If interested, please bookmark to come back and catch the whole thing. It’s a great video concerning the creation vs. evolution. Personally I take the creation view. But only recently did I realize that it’s beneficial to know why we should believe what we believe, and to know the evidence that truly is in our corner. I have faith in Christ, and take the Word of God quite seriously and so far, pretty literal. But if someone asks me why I believe in creation, because the Bible told me so doesn’t have any impact to someone with real questions looking for real answers (at least what they would be looking for as a real answer).

Although these are lengthy, it’s worth the time to watch them. For the atheist, to learn a thing or two about where the evolution theory came from and why creationists believe what they do. To the creationist, to learn how the Bible proves this place and it’s age. And something to take away from this for everyone else in between.

Regardless which side of the isle you’re on, you’re going to learn something in this video & the others that are out there. More will come in time. I hope you enjoy them! Throw me a bookmark to come back and catch the whole thing if you don’t have time to sit through the whole thing in one gulp.

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