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Press Kit: Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World

Press Release


Born Again Author Helps to Pull the Veil Off of Evil

kingdom-of-darkness-in-a-fallen-press-kit-kingdom-of-darkness-in-a-fallen-worldCentral NH- Brian Reynolds, author of the book “Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World” plays his part to promote awareness of nefarious spiritual activity transpiring just outside our view affecting everyone. Reynolds goes back to the beginning and works forward to build the case that the Kingdom of Darkness has been pieced together throughout all of history, and is still active today reaching into the lives of billions whether they believe it or not.

His book not only takes the reader through time, but sheds Biblical light on different spiritual forces at work in our society, connecting what we can see today with what is spoken about it in the Bible. Although the main objective is to unveil the truth behind the Kingdom of Darkness, there are many tough questions that are answered, and challenges introduced to the modern Christian view, supported by a multitude of scripture that is nestled in throughout the entire book.

“One of the questions I posed in this book was similar to this: If you were placed in a position to help someone suffering demonic issues, would you be able to do it? This book points out the “other” parts of the Bible that many people either don’t understand, are unaware of, or take out of context.” – Author of “Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World,” Brian Reynolds

Readers of his website have expressed great enthusiasm for the project and have shown a wealth of encouragement and support in anticipation of this Bible based resource, which is available in softcover regular print, softcover large print, and ebook Kindle format. Find the book via or through

Brian Reynolds found the Lord at a young age and became fascinated at the spiritual truths found in the Bible. After several years of Biblical study and learning to deal with various forms of demonic encounters, he spearheaded a website called Supernatural Truth in Christ, and has most recently authored the book “Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World.” He now resides with his wife of over 20 years and family in New Hampshire. Read more about the author at:

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Regular sized print softcover available $13.99
Large Print Edition 7″ x 10″ book size $16.99

Kindle formatted eBook available for 7.99 at

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