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Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World

Synopsis: Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World

Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World will edify, inform, instruct, and bolster the believer using God’s Word and scriptural insight about the common enemy we all are facing in this dark world.

Introduction p.5
Preface p.7

Ch. 1. Why we should Pay Attention p.10

• Why we Should Care p.12
• Staying free from Demonic Problems p.14
• Helping Someone with Demonic Issues p.15

This chapter gives the reasoning behind writing this book and details the benefit of knowing ALL of the Bible, not just the shiny parts. God has strategically placed information within his Word for us to benefit from, even in the most unlikely places.  Whether it be talking about Jesus, or talking about the Fallen One, it’s all there for us to use against spiritual wickedness in high places, not solely for our comfort and personal growth. And not just to be kept for ourselves, but to pass on to others and to help as the Lord leads.

Ch. 2. The Origin of Satan p.18

• Why care about Satan’s Origin? P.18
• No Sympathy for the Devil p.19
• Satan Entered Judas p.20
• Anointed Cherub that Covereth p.23
• What Satan is Not p.25

Who is this character that has caused so many problems across the earth throughout time? As the subtitles denote, this chapter describes why we should care to learn basic Biblical facts about our enemy, to wipe out any misconceived notions about his abilities, intentions, and power. A firm assessment of the enemy is important in any battle, be it physical war or spiritual.

Ch. 3. Why would God leave Satan on Earth? p.28

• Insult to Injury p.29
• Adam’s Fall p.31
• Jesus is the Remedy p.32

Being among one of the more popular points of discussion is the following question. Why would a loving God leave someone like Satan on earth with his most beloved creation? That question is answered in depth in this chapter, and the outcome may shock many readers.

Ch. 4. Kingdom of Darkness p.35

• What we will learn about Demons p.36
• What can we learn about Angels? p.37
• Sons of God p.40
• Angel Attributes p.42
• Demonic Conditioning through Media p.46

What can the Bible teach us about the players included in the spiritual war waged around us every day? We’ll find in this chapter that angels and demons are creatures that differ in position, ability, authority, and rights. Some presuppositions are installed into our brains via media. This chapter only scratches the surface about that but shows how different areas of media (music, movies, TV, Internet, etc.) are controlling the worldly conversation about how things go on spiritually.

Ch. 5 The Seed War p.38

• Phase 1: Declaring War p.39
• A different World before the Flood p.41
• A Troubling Future p.43
• Step 1: Preventing the Seed of the Woman p.45
• Step 2: How to get Good Help p.46
• The Watcher’s Offspring p.49
• Yesterday’s dead Nephilim are Today’s Demons p.51

The seed war was a response by God Almighty when he dealt with the serpent in the Garden after Adam’s fall; declaring that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent’s seed. We explore Satan’s dilemma concerning this and what he had struggled to do about it since the Lord God introduced it to him in the Garden of Eden. An exercise in futility on Satan’s part, but it is good to examine the different tactics that were used then, as things seem to come full circle.

In this chapter we enter into the pre-flood fallen angelic problem that caused this place to be turned inside out, and forced the Lord to intervene. Some characters are introduced here into the fray such as the Watchers, Enoch, Nephilim, and the departed Nephilim spirits.

Ch. 6 Executing Judgement p.54

• A Deal with the Devil p.54
• An Absent Problem p.56
• God’s Judgement: Azazel p.57
• God’s Judgement: 199 and Offspring p.59
• Where are They Now? p.62
• Perfect in his Generations p.63

A deep look into the Genesis 6 problem using scripture and also leaning on the Enochian account to elaborate on the issues of those days. What happened, why it happened, how it happened, and the unseen, unmentioned, and perhaps forgotten about, entity orchestrating it all, is discussed and exposed in this chapter. We observe God’s response to all of this and find that the reasoning behind the flood may be far different than we’ve been taught in Church.

Ch. 7 A Controversial Return p.66

• Recap of the First Incursion p.67
• A New Spiritual Species p.68
• Genetic Stowaway p.70
• New waves of Fallen Angels p.71
• And the Winner is? p.72
• God knows his Stuff p.76

We discuss the ideas about how the Nephilim re-emerged onto the post flood scene. Some arguments are presented and opinions given.

Ch. 8 The New Incursion p.77

• Princes and Powers of the Air p.77
• Ancient Demon Worship p.78
• Satan’s Problem and Remedy Re-Vamped p.79
• Nimrod the Assyrian p.80
• Nephilim Tribes p.81
• Nephilim Individuals p.88

This chapter presents the new games that are being played spiritually as the spiritual war takes a new shape in the post flood world. The various tribes and individuals recorded in the Bible that were of Nephilim descent that peppered the landscape are detailed here. We also observe the new problems that their fallen ancestry are creating across the earth, getting their wicked bearings at this time and taking their marching orders from Satan.

Ch. 9 Land of the Dead p.90

• REPHAIM – A General Reference p.91
• Removing the Raphaim Infestation p.92
• David and Goliath p.94
• Concluding the Old Testament Nephilim Issue p.97

This chapter goes into detail of the Israeli wars against the inhabitants of the promised land. Who was dwelling in the land at that time and why they were there in the first place is discussed. This is the last chapter that deals with the Biblical historical accounts of the spiritual war that bled into existence in those days, and Satan’s attempts to extinguish the seed of the woman from the face of the earth.

Ch. 10 Jesus and Satan – Face to Face p.99

• Three Different Accounts p.99
• Lead into the Wilderness p.102
• Tempted Forty Days p.103
• Satan is Not all Knowing! P.104
• Spiritual Recognition p.106
• If He lead you In, He’ll lead you Out p.107

In this chapter, we examine the reasoning behind the exchange between Jesus and Satan during Jesus’s fast in the wilderness. We also get into the different intricacies that were involved from the second Jesus receives the Holy Ghost, to the moment he walks out of the wilderness in the power of the Holy Spirit. This chapter points out that after approximately 4,000 years, Satan’s worst fear is realized in the flesh.

Ch. 11 An Old Testament Night Terror p.109

• Planting a Wicked Seed p.112

Reaching back into the oldest book of the Bible, which is the book of Job, we examine the first account of someone being physically tormented and also deceived by a demonic spirit. This is something that drove much of the conversation and the line of thinking in the book of Job, leading his well meaning friends to err. We discuss Night Terrors and take a close look of the language used in this account with surprising parallels to what we find going on today.

Ch. 12 New Testament Demonic Encounter p. 115

• Demoniac of Gadara p.115
• Scriptural Breakdown – Demonic Behavior p.116
• Demonic Torment on the Body p.118

The demoniac of Gadara is the most famous of all demonic encounters found in the New Testament, and is packed full of information that we can learn from. We get a good description of what a full on out of control possession looks like, and take a look at some headlines detailing the same thing happening today around the world.

Ch. 13 Casting Demons without Christ p.132

• False Deliverance and Exorcisms p.133
• Casting out Energies p.134
• Go into the Light! P.135
• Why do False Deliverance Work? p.137

There are several different ways that people adhere to these days to remove demonic entities from peoples lives, homes, or properties. Most of these do not include Christ, and if they do, it’s from an occult or New Age kind of view. We discuss a few of these different un-Biblical practices and can draw on what we’ve learned of the different tactics used by the Kingdom of Darkness in the past, to determine why these things are taking place now, and the trick involved behind the scenes about why it has the appearance of being effective.

Ch. 14 The Familiar Spirit p.142

• Different Shapes and Sizes p.142
• God’s Attitude about Familiar Spirits p.145
• King Saul and the Witch of Endor p.147
• Why seek ye the Living among the Dead? P.151

We take a look into the Word of God to figure out exactly what a familiar spirit is and who it is that takes advantage of them. We also take into account what the Lord says about them and those who utilize the services of those who call upon familiar spirits. This chapter shines a light on where these things are most active today, and how they have won over many hearts to the kingdom in which they operate, which is the Kingdom of Darkness.

Ch. 15 The Spirit of Fear p.153

• Unnatural Fear p.153
• Discernment p.155
• Instructions against the Spirit of Fear p.157
• Spirit of Power p.158
• Spirit of Love p.161
• A sound Mind p.162

The spirit of fear is not just a mindset, but is a being who specializes in fear. Though all demonic forces have the ability to  cause a sickening sense of fear in the gut, none is more unreasonable than the spirit of fear. We go in depth on the subject and explain the tools that the Lord made available to combat an assault from this type of spirit. Also, why we may feel fear in different spiritual situations is examined.

Ch. 16 Spiritual Significance of Words p.165

• Words p.166

This chapter describes how the Kingdom of Darkness has caused for us to forget that words matter to God, and they are not disposable noises that go forgotten. We go over that and introduce many scriptures to back up the Lord’s thoughts about the usage of words, and their spiritual ramifications.

Ch. 17 Spiritual Legalities- Actions p.180

• Fooling around with Ouija Boards p.180
• Séances p.181
• Ghost Hunting p.182
• The Big Three p.183
• All around common sense p.184

Ouija boards are notorious for being a bad idea to use, even if you’re not a believer in Christ, most people have that general information that bad things have happened as a result of using one. But what about seances, or Ghost Hunting? Seeing how popular these activities are on television and at cemeteries and haunted houses near you, how do these activities measure up in God’s eyes? The supernatural reactions to the aforementioned actions are exposed, warned about, and explained. Using a Biblical narrative, we take the mystery out of these “mysterious” activities and introduce the truth behind them.

Ch. 18 Find Peace with Jesus p.189

• Don’t give up if Prayer is a Struggle p.191

The shortest yet most important chapter in the whole book. This chapter introduces the reader to the Lord Jesus, and invites them to talk to the Father concerning their salvation. Also there is another prayer included to help out those who may be saved but have found that they may have been spiritually contaminated somehow with taking part in things that they shouldn’t have.


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