Last day for the Free eBook!

Not of this World - Out of the Mire

This particular promotion has ended as of 10/11/16

Today is the last day for the free eBook! If you haven’t already, use this link to get your free copy: Not of This World: Out of the Mire. I would like to give away 100 eBooks today & think it’s possible with your participation!

The message within the pages of this book is already opening people’s eyes to the subtleties of this world, and how it effects our lives (consciously & subconsciously). I priced it as cheap as I could, I’m even running a forever special on the paperback version so people can get it cheaper than anywhere else. But I’m not able to give away the eBook version indefinitely (at least not at this time).

As I’ve said in some posts that I’ve thrown out there to grab people’s attention… I’m not trying to take something from you, but rather to get something to you. The message in this book is among the most important that I’ve ever written about. Thus far, those who have read “Not of this World:Out of the Mire,” have agreed that the message is eyeopening and important.

Again I ask, grab a copy of the eBook while it’s free and see the simple step that must be taken to wake the Body of Christ across the face of the earth! I thank you and may God bless all of you in Jesus name.



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