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My Testimony by Ted McAuley

My Testimony by Ted McAuley

My Testimony by Ted McAuley is a post from a brother in the Lord that wanted to share his testimony with all of you and I pray that you are blessed by it! I’d like to thank Ted for his submission, and also for his service to the Lord Jesus through his G+ account +TedMcAuley. Without further ado, here is his testimony about how he came to the Lord.


Dear Friend,

old-holy-bible-my-testimony-by-ted-mcauleyI would like to share with you a personal account of the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and how He pulled back the veil of deceit in my life. I submit it in love, not in self-righteousness, but as one who feels a call of truth they cannot ignore.

Five years ago I was still running strong to achieve my dream of becoming a novelist. I had just completed another novel, the third major work I considered solid enough for publication after years of developing the craft. And what a whopper it turned out to be—nearly one-thousand manuscript pages, containing a story I was very proud of and some of my best writing. I had yet to sell anything other than short fiction, but I wasn’t missing a beat: the following day I jumped into the next work.

Gradually, as I wrote, a strange thing happened to me. I began to ask myself what it was I was really saying with my stories. I had long been fascinated with the nature of evil and its power over us, so my stories were bent to that darkness in an attempt to explore it, to know it, and hopefully to demonstrate how destructive it can be and how goodness ultimately overcomes the bad in our lives.

Yet it began to bother me that no story I had ever read or written had dealt satisfactorily with this subject. In much of the fiction of books, movies and video games the power of good and the power of evil are elements which are scarcely separated from each other. Usually the “good” is defined by a shallow sense of socially accepted right and wrong, conceived by a moral compass which merely adopts the outward appearance of goodness but does not contain the genuine attributes of it—the heart of it.

And within days of these thoughts trickling unbidden into my mind I found myself stopped dead in my tracks not far into this new project. I distinctly remember sitting in front of my computer, looking at the cursor flashing at the end of the last sentence I had put down, nothing but an eternity of white space spread before me, and thinking very clearly: I can’t do this anymore.

That was it. The wind was knocked out of me that fast. Everything I had striven so arduously to make of my life was suddenly a lie sprawled lifelessly in front of me. I could not go on because in that moment I no longer believed in the value of what I was writing. My favorite fiction written by my favorite authors seemed like stones heaped in a desert; if the wind hooting through them could form words at all, they would be empty, of no use to anyone passing by in search of an oasis.

calling-out-to-jesus-my-testimony-by-ted-mcauleyI was rich with despair. If everything I had spent my life building was for naught, then what did that mean for the rest of it? How was I to proceed, and to what potentially futile end this time?

The Voice that had worked into my thoughts was not finished with me. I went to my bookshelf heaped with Stephen King and Dean Koontz and Peter Straub and all the rest and removed the Holy Bible. It had sat unread on the bottom shelf for years. While I had always considered myself a Christian—it was how I was raised—I had for my whole life maintained a distance with my supposed faith. To meet the issue head-on, my faith was like the faith of many others: mental assent only. Yup, I believe in Jesus. Now leave me alone with it so that I can go about chasing the destiny I want to make of my life with a clear conscience.

Now I was standing on a precipice. There was no longer any room to kid myself about what needed to be done. In that moment the presence of the Lord was heavy upon me: if He had brought me to this high place and wanted me to jump over the side I needed to trust that He would catch me when I did.

And so by His grace I put all my faith in Jesus Christ to save me and lead my life. The reservations I had previously brought before Him on those occasions when I would pray had no place here. It was full repentance, complete trust, complete surrender. I had been brought to the end of myself, exhausted, discouraged and angry, and although I felt I had nothing else to give it turned out that did not matter: God had given it all for me already, and I had but believe in Him and He would do the rest.

I spent the next ten months pouring through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. I did have a general understanding of the Scriptures, but now the Holy Spirit had caused me to hunger for a much fuller knowledge of the truth. In addition to the way of salvation, I found that every matter of importance we will ever face as fallen humans is addressed there. It is quite literally more than a book, but the living Word revealed to us by God Himself.

Of course, skeptics abound, some arguing that it is just a collection of myths. Others that a lip-service belief in God is enough. Or—as is quite popular in today’s deceptive culture—that Jesus is merely one of many ways to salvation and that all religious texts are essentially saying the same thing: whatever method works for you will work for God and as long as you’re a “good” person you’ll make it to heaven.


What is true goodness? Not us. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). I submit that we each stand in front of a mirror and ask ourselves honestly where our hearts really are, what motivates us, what occupies our thoughts and our time. What we as sinners think of as “good” does not measure up to our salvation in the presence of a perfectly holy God, nor does it offer any real answers to life’s big questions—and the void within each of us persists. So how can it be that we get to decide which religion suits our personal preferences, as though we were browsing a catalog for that perfect item we’d like to make our own? In short, we turn ourselves into gods when we adopt this kind of thinking and turn our Savior Jesus into a liar, preferring to worship the evil one instead of the Creator.

In John 14:6 Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

God wants all of our belief, undivided. Trust Him at His Word: please read the Holy Bible for yourself, minus all the biases, misconceptions, false teachings and poor Christian examples that may have developed within you a skepticism towards it. Read it with a willingness to hear the Lord speaking to you. I was amazed with what I found.

So today, I wish to give witness and testimony to Him alone Who is perfectly good, Him alone Who saves, Jesus Christ, and to give a call for an earnest turning to Him in our lives. It is my prayer that each of us is adopted into the Lord’s family to be born again, and that together we grow in our maturity and in our walk daily, and by the Holy Spirit are able to resist this dark and deceitful world, its ways of thinking and being, knowing always that our treasure is not to be found here, but in heaven.

God bless you,
Ted McAuley

Praise God! The Lord always works in the most diverse ways.

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God bless you and I hope to be hearing from you! Thanks again to Ted for his wonderful testimony! To catch what’s going on with Ted, you can check him out on his G+ account +TedMcAuley.  I hope that you found it as encouraging as I did! Thank you for reading My Testimony by Ted McAuley!





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