Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson on SkyWatchTV PART 2

Join Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson continue their discussion with SkyWatch TV’s host Derek Gilbert as they carry on with their discussion about the Babylon Code.

Why did the Lord personally intervene with the idea concerning the Tower of Babel? What was Nimrod’s idea to accomplish with such a tower? Was the actual tower something that would have been trans-formative if completed?That is one of the topics that there gentlemen cover in this episode.

If you want to get to the meat behind the New World Order, you’ll find its origins traced right back to the tower of Babel, or at least Babel itself. The term “New World Order” is in fact about as new as the earth is. There’s nothing “New” at all about the world order via a Babylonian system that is burgeoning throughout this world today.

The ambitions are the same as well. The term “And ye shall be as gods” has plagued humanity since the Garden of Eden. This is no different at the Tower of Babel, and when you take a look at everything going on today with the trans-humanism goings on, and also the promise of all kinds of cults and different religions out there, the goal is still the same. And ye shall be as gods. They will be talking about this also, shining the light on the organisations behind this globalist agenda.

How has the World changed and how does it fit into Bible prophecy?

Was fallen angel technology introduced (or at least used) to construct the Tower of Babel? If so the Lord destroyed it. But have traces of that fallen angel technology survive; hidden in the midst of secret societies, waiting for the right time to bring it forth, becoming available today? Is there an outside agent guiding man’s hand to re-introduce what God Almighty destroyed over 4 thousand years ago?

Also, what in the world is going on in laboratories across this planet? Is there an assignment to cross breed humans with fallen angels, creating some sort of “supermen”? Or perhaps some sort of “super soldier”, crossing human and animal DNA to achieve this end? I’ve written about this in past articles, particularly in the Are Demons Real series, but Paul and Troy bring it home to us as it is going on out there right now. All kinds of things that once were, are taking place in secret today.

This is a great interview and I hope that you take the time to watch it. The video isn’t too long at just shy of a half an hour. If you missed part one of this interview and would like to check it out from the beginning, head over to Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson part 1 The book that they are promoting sounds interesting in my opinion. Whay do you think?

Thank you for coming in and checking out this post, and as a whole, this site. If you’ve enjoyed it, please share this site via social means, and leave your comments. Thank you for watching Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson on SkyWatchTV Part 2, I hope you liked it. God bless you all in the name of Jesus!


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