Please Pray

Hi everyone,
I would just like to ask for your prayers in behalf of our Sister in the Lord Jan. You may have seen her in the comments sections of several different pages on this site.

She’s either scheduled to have, is having, or just had, a double bypass and needs your prayers. Please take a moment, and stand in the gap on our sister’s behalf. Make some noise Saints! Thank you and God bless.
In Christ,

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2 thoughts on “Please Pray”

  1. Thank you Brian, God & and His people are faithful. He is helping me recover a bit faster than expected & possiblely go home tomorrow. Will have help while Ann works. Thank you for the post & thank you brothers & sisters in the Lord. Sincerely in Jesus name, Janet Goodwin

    • Hi there Janet!
      Well praise the Lord for your expedited healing, and for giving eat to the prayers of his saints! Awesome to hear that you’re headed home, what a blessing from the Lord! May the Lord continue to heal you, bless you, strengthen you, and lead you. In Jesus name!
      In Christ,

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