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Post flood Nephilim

Post Flood Nephilim

post-flood-nephilim-post-flood-nephilimPost flood Nephilim scattered across the world, and created all kinds of problems for the fresh new world that the Ark had rested on. Whatever view we have about how they got there (as we went over in the previous post) is pretty irrelevant. The fact remains that they were here and clustered into different tribes.

There are stark differences in tactics moving forward. First off, is the fact that the angels that Satan must have convinced to come down and fall, were nowhere to be found physically. That is a much different scenario than what we find happening in the Genesis 6 account. For obvious reasons, they didn’t hang around visibly and take some kind of authoritative charge over humans like their pre-flood counterparts.

What they did do, is leave behind their offspring (much smaller than pre-flood, but still giant compared to the largest humans), and then jump back behind the scenes. Doing things differently may have caused for the Lord not to drop the hammer down on them as he did against the Watchers. It is my personal belief that these new fallen angelic recruits became over time the princes over territories that we find mentioned in the book of Daniel.  Not unlike the Archangel Michael who God appointed as prince over Israel (Daniel 10:21).

Princes and Powers of the Airpowers-of-the-air-post-flood-nephilim

This is my personal belief because why in the world would heaven’s top angels have any problem dealing with demons? Why would there be a battle for twenty four days just for an angel to get through the front lines and deliver a message? I am of course referring to what is described in Daniel chapter 10. I don’t think that these princes over territories are demonic in nature at all, but are instead chiefs of the fallen angelic host.

Ancient Demon Worship

What kind of problems did the post-flood angelic offspring pose? Well, they were known to still keep their cannibalistic traits, and now, they were worshiping their dead, pre-flood, demonic predecessors. Which included all kinds of things against God and his creation. Chief among these would wind up being the practice of human sacrifices to their “gods” and teaching men to do the same. We did not see anything like that at all before the flood, because as we discovered previously, there were no other “gods” to worship aside from the One True God. So pre-flood they remained Godless and ungodly.

Now across the earth are these demonic beings that are more than happy to be worshiped in lieu of God. Right up until today there is no shortage of other gods all over the place that people worship. This is completely by design, and was a good move strategically on Satan’s behalf to get men away from God.

Satan’s Problem and Remedy Re-Vamped

demon-worship-after-the-flood-post-flood-nephilimDon’t forget, Satan didn’t have any clue where Christ was going to come from. When he was going to show up was a complete mystery also. So the more he could make his new demonic horde lead men away from the truth, and turn their hearts away from the Lord the thinner the channel he needs to pay attention to in search of that seed of the woman that the Lord had threatened him with. Even better, mingle human tribes with the angelic offspring, and his chances get better of either doing away with the whole problem, or at least wind up being able to pin point certain seed lines that could harbor the coming King.

So we’ve got Nephilim re-emerging on the scene at Satan’s disposal, and now demons to do their work for the Devil unseen. And the beauty of it is, you can’t kill a demon, but if you could kill Nephilim, it becomes something that won’t die again or go away, right into the demonic fold. So Satan through this period of time is really only gaining numbers here, never losing any.

Nimrod the Assyrian

I’ll take a second to point out a few things about a guy named Nimrod. There are some out there that have made the case for Nimrod perhaps becoming a Nephilim somehow. I’m not sure that there’s anything that clearly says how that actually happened, but I know that the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Jewish scriptures), says a bit more about Nimrod than out Bibles tell us.

In my view it was important to bring up Nimrod, because if it is true that he actually either was or had become a Nephilim, I believe that he would be the first account given post-flood. However I’m not too sure I’m sold on it yet. Rob Skiba did an excellent job covering this topic and I’d highly recommend checking him out. He really has dug in deep concerning Nimrod and what he possibly could have been. We differ on a few things (like how Nephilim came to be after the flood, being one), but he does do admirable research into that whole span of time.

Nephilim Tribes

These tribes that littered the landscape back then were numerous, and I’ve seen different articles claim that there were 36 different tribes of Nephilim in the Bible. Although I’ve found several different sources for this information, I’m not an expert as to how some of these have come to be known as giants. Just making that clear. But there are some that are no brainers clearly specified in the Old Testament.

Here is the list that I’ll suggest that you check out for yourselves. As I said, I found this same list on several different sites, but can not verify if it is accurate or not. I do see a few in there that I know aren’t even from Canaan, so I’m not sure what is prompting people to believe that these were Nephilim of Raphaim in nature. I do understand that just because it was listed on three plus sites, doesn’t mean that some lunatic didn’t just post something for fun and everyone copied it. I did look into a handful of them, and some were actually blatantly giant, others were obscure in the Bible, and requires to dive into extra-biblical text, and a few others in the list were guilty by association I think. Perhaps they became tainted by mingling with nephilim tribes.

Why would a tribe be found guilty by association? Because many of these tribes cross bread. That would mean that Nephilim DNA will be found in the offspring of those from the non-giant tribe. That actually produces a non-human element into a tribe. These other tribes would also emulate and adhere to the ways of the Nephilim.

There are the 36 of Tribes of Giants I  was referring to that you will find all over the web:ancient-babylon-post-flood-nephilim

Amalekites, Amorites, Anakims, Ashdothites
Aviums, Avites, Canaanites, Caphtorims
Ekronites, Emins, Emins, Eshkalonites
Gazathites, Geshurites, Gibeonites, Giblites
Girgashites, Gittites, Hittites, Hivites
Horims, Horites, Jebusites, Kadmonites
Kenites, Kenizzites, Maachathites, Manassites
Nephilim, Perizzites,Philistines, Rephaims
Sidonians, Zamzummins, Zebusites, Zuzims

Out of the bunch I listed above, I vetted five of them which are the most blatant. I didn’t bother with the Nephilim tribe because that’s just redundant. It is referring to the pre-flood Nephilim anyways. Here is a top five in the list of tribes of giants (or Nephilim) that I’m actually sure about. These are clearly defined throughout the Bible as we’ll see.I grabbed these definitions from

Lofty men; giants, (Genesis 14:5; 2 Sam Genesis 21:16 Genesis 21:18 , marg. A.V., Rapha, marg. RSV, Raphah; Deuteronomy 3:13 , RSV; A.V., “giants”). The aborigines of Palestine, afterwards conquered and dispossessed by the Canaanite tribes, are classed under this general title. They were known to the Moabites as Emim, i.e., “fearful”, ( Deuteronomy 2:11 ), and to the Ammonites as Zamzummim. Some of them found refuge among the Philistines, and were still existing in the days of David. We know nothing of their origin. They were not necessarily connected with the “giants” (RSV, “Nephilim”) of Genesis 6:4 .


Stated to have been the earlier inhabitants of Moab (Deuteronomy 2:10, 11), and to have been of tall stature, and hence, “accounted Rephaim (or giants) as the Anakim” or the Zamzummim of Ammon (Deuteronomy 2:20). As the name was given to them by the Moabites, it may not have been that by which they called themselves. A tall race, known to the Israelites as REPHAIM (which see), once existed in Southern Palestine as well as on the East side of the Jordan, but its exact relationship is unknown. In the time of Abraham the Emim were living in the Moabite district of Shaveh-kiriathaim, identified with the modern Kureiyat (Genesis 14:5).

and Horites (descendants of Hori ), the aboriginal inhabitants of Mount Seir, ( Genesis 14:6 ) and probably allied to the Emim and Raphaim. The name Horite appears to have been derived from their habits as “cave-dwellers” Their excavated dwellings are still found in hundreds in the sandstone cliffs and mountains of Edom, and especially in Petra.

a race of giants; “a people great, and many, and tall, as the Anakims” ( Deuteronomy 2:20 Deuteronomy 2:21 ). They were overcome by the Ammonites, “who called them Zamzummims.” They belonged to the Rephaim, and inhabited the country afterwards occupied by the Ammonites. It has been conjectured that they might be Ham-zuzims, i.e., Zuzims dwelling in Ham, a place apparently to the south of Ashteroth ( Genesis 14:5 ), the ancient Rabbath-ammon.

(long-necked ), a race of giants, descendants of Arba, ( Joshua 15:13 ; 21:11 ) dwelling in the southern part of Canaan, and particularly at Hebron, which from their progenitor received the name of “city of Arba.” Anak was the name of the race rather than that of an individual. ( Joshua 14:15 ) The race appears to have been divided into three tribes or families, bearing the names Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai. Though the war-like appearance of the Anakim had struck the Israelites with terror in the time of Moses, ( Numbers 13:28 ; 9:2 ) they were nevertheless dispossessed by Joshua, ( Joshua 11:21 Joshua 11:22 ) and their chief city, Hebron, became the possession of Caleb. ( Joshua 15:14 ; Judges 1:20 ) After this time they vanish from history.

Nephilim Individuals

There are also many individual Giants mentioned, by name, in the Bible and other ancient scriptures. Again, some of these are right in your face as giants, others are more obscure:goliath-post-flood-nephilim

Adonizedec – King of Canaanite Jerusalem
Agag – King of the Amalakites
Ahiman – Giant son of Anak
Arba – Giant of the Anakites, Father of Anak
Beelesath – a giant in strength, twelve cubits high (Testament of Judah)
Goliath – a giant famous for his battle with David
Hoham – An Amorite king of Hebron
Horam – King of Gezer
Jabin – King of Hazor
Jobab – King of Madon
Lahmi – The brother of Goliath
Nimrod –  Began to be mighty in the earth (see above)
Og of Bashan
Ogias – Og’s father
Sheshai – One of the sons of Anak
Sihon – King of the Amorites
Sippai – One of the sons of Rephaim, or “the giants,” slain by Sibbechai at Gezer.
Talmai – One of the Anakim of Hebron

So here are the wicked and half human / half angel tribes and characters that are found across the post-flood biblical map and timeline. What I haven’t even touched on at all, is the fact that this wound up spreading across the world. Every continent has a history that involves giant beings from long ago, doing one thing or another. A common thread is human sacrifice, cannibalism, and the drinking of blood. Here are some names to remember concerning this topic. One would be Steve Quayle, another would be L.A. Marzulli.

As far as I know, these are the two biggest names that have actively been researching all the goings on with the giants from of old, and also what they’re up to today. If you really want to get the details about this topic, these are the top two guys to turn to in my view. Many people talk about this topic, but these guys have been the ones getting their hands dirty. Below, I’ve included information about the expanded body of work available by Steve Quayle, who dives deeper into the matter than anyone in my opinion.  Yes nephilim are still around, but not exactly as they were. We will cover that in the future.

In the next post following this seed war, we’ll look at what happens when Satan finds out what line of people God is going to choose to usher in the Messiah. These things are mentioned in this video by Chuck Missler. As only he can, he explains in less than 5 minutes about this struggle we find going on after the flood and up through the biblical years.

Much of what Chuck is talking about in this video we will be covering in the next installment of this Are Demons Real series. This 11th post is really to set the scene, put the characters in place, or the pieces on the board, for the next post. So make sure to bookmark and come back to check it out! Also as always, I’d be remiss if I didn’t invite you to leave a comment and share this post via the share button below.

Genesis 6 Giants

If you want to get your hands on what I believe would be considered the authoritative work behind the post flood Nephilim (as well as pre-flood) and all that they were up to, you can find it in the work of Steve Quayle in his book entitled Genesis 6 Giants. The Table of Contents will give you a flavor of the kind of information that you’ll be equipped with in his book.

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful work from Steve Quayle, Click this picture to view more at Amazon!

With chapters such as:genesis-6-giants-post-flood-nephilim

  1. Chapter 1: Creation
  2. Chapter 2: Pre-Adamic Earth
  3. Chapter 3: The Destruction of Angelic Civilization
  4. Chapter 4: Pre-Adamic Science
  5. Chapter 5: Angels and Giants
  6. Chapter 6: Religions and Giants
  7. Chapter 7: Once There Were Giants
  8. Chapter 8: Giants in the New World
  9. Chapter 9: Giants in Europe Part 2
  10. Chapter 10: Ancient Giants
  11. Chapter 11: Giants in European Culture
  12. Chapter 12: Early Sightings of Giants
  13. Chapter 13: Of Warriors and Children
  14. Chapter 14: Royalty and Giants
  15. Chapter 15: Giants & Body Snatchers
  16. Chapter 16: Nothing New Under the Sun

At 457 pages long, tucked into a book that’s 11″x 9″ in size, there’s little doubt that if you have any questions on this subject, they’ll be answered in this body of work. To learn more, click the picture.


We’ll see you on the next one concerning the Post Flood Nephilim and how God Almighty chooses to deal with them, and through who!

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