Prayer for the Saints

Prayer for the Saints

Download this prayer for all of the Saints. Print it, share it, and spread it, for the glory of the Father, and the lifting up of the Saints. This prayer can be found elsewhere on the website under the Call to Prayer and Supplication for the Saints page, and also in the up coming book “Not of this World:Out of the Mire,” which will be scheduled for release within the next few weeks as of 10/04/2016.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer for the Saints”

  1. Hi Brian,
    I’m so happy God inspired you to share this with us. Its evident that the Spirit of God is moving among His people. I too feel we all have to pray fervently for all the saints. I will spread this prayer where I am and let God do the rest. I pray God continues to use you and keep you well.
    IJN Amen

    • Hi Deborah,
      Thank you for you wonderful comment! I believe that you’re right. There’s an awakening from slumber going on right now inside the Body of Christ. And I also agree that prayer has shifted this nation, but more is going to be necessary, in order to drive out of the pit. Definitely not a time to grow spiritually slack.

      Thank you for taking this prayer (which is among the most important things that I’ve done here on this site), and thank you for spreading it around. The more Saints reading this prayer, the higher the Body of Christ will be lifted up out of the ding hill, and placed into the cleft of the Rock!!
      Thanks again and God bless you in Jesus mighty name!


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