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In this Preach it section, you’ll find powerful sermons from like minded Brothers and Sisters in the Lord from across the web! I think that it’s a wonderful thing to come in as one accord, and see what the Holy Ghost is saying to the brethren out there. This medium that we call the internet won’t be around forever, and even if it is, whose to say that the liberties we as believers have will last much longer on here?

What’s the Lord Saying?

I believe that it is very important that we see what the Lord is saying through others, as well as seeking his face daily, and receive what he’d wish to tell us or have us do in his service! As these sermons come in, I’ll be adding them to this section, so please make sure to bookmark and come back often to check for some new material that might be at your disposal and consumption.

Send in a Sermon to the Preach It section!

So I would like to freely invite you to share a sermon with us! As a thank you for doing so, anything that you may wish to promote will be included in your page. That can be anything from a ministry that you’d like to promote or your website, even if it’s a Facebook page, or other social media account, it doesn’t make any difference to me, it’s my pleasure to do this for you.

If you would like to represent a ministry, write up what you’d like people to know about it, and perhaps some testimony about the goings on with the ministry, and include it with your sermon. Whatever the Lord’s placed on your heart to share. You are welcome to attach whatever pictures, links or videos that you may wish to be included into the page.

And for people that would like to share their testimony, all of the same applies. They’ll just be found in the Testimonies section instead of this Preach It section. So long as it’s not something that’s been cut and pasted from someone else’s site, and it’s Biblically sound, is all I ask.

You can be as long winded as you’d like (longer the better as far as I’m concerned), and I’ll attach links, pics, video’s, or all of the above to anything that you wish to promote, so long as it’s Christ based. Give it some thought and send me an email:

I would really like to see this section grow, but it’s all up to you guys to make it so. It’s all about your willingness to type it up and send it to my email, and I’ll do the rest. Talk to the Lord about it and see if it’s something that he’d have you do. If all checks out okay in your spirit, shoot me an email. Or you can contact me even if you just want to talk about it, say if you’d like some more info or whatever. I’m doing this with the intentions to be a blessing to all of you that would like to promote your Christian activities, not because I want anything in return.

Not all views that you’ll see will necessarily reflect the views that you’ll find elsewhere here at STIC. As everyone’s walk is different, so may views of various Biblical matters be expressed differently. We all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, but none of us do it at the same pace as others. If you find that you disagree with something, take it to the Lord and to the Word, and find out exactly why you disagree. If you agree with something, take it to the Lord and to the Word and bolster your understanding of what it is that you just learned.

Don’t read any of these messages without weighing them out through the Word and in communication with the Father. God bless you all and I pray that the sermons that you find in the STIC Preach It section is a blessing to you.

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    • Hi Homewardbound,
      I didn’t want to post your article because that would be considered by search engines as copied content, and could actually hamper this website. That is one of the reasons that I request to have people email me their content that is not already incorporated into a different website. I do however appreciate your willingness to have shared, and would like to invite you to email me a message that doesn’t already exist on an article or blog, to avoid the issue of copied content.

      May the Lord bless you and keep you in Jesus precious name.

    This ministry is for the inmates I mentor at the prison i also teach at…I want to get Bibles with the guys I mentor their names and also a disciple cross for them to have as a reminder what is before them plus but no to forget the homeless ministry and get them Bibles to put in there food bags it is a ministry that I’m starting soon and to help Ministries around the world if I can… I do work so does my wife she is a substance abuse counselor at the prison….

    • Hi there Brother,
      Thanks for leaving this comment. If you would like for your site and ministry to be featured on this site, please send me a sermon if you’d like it placed into this section, or send me your testimony. Please send them via email, not through the comments section. Send your email to, and I’ll start to get to work on it & will include this info along with it.
      Thank you Brother and God bless you in Jesus name!

  2. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14, RSV

    Lord our God, our Father in heaven, we thank you for letting us receive so much that is good in all circumstances on earth. We thank you that we can have joy in life in spite of our shortcomings, mistakes, and worries. You bless us with heavenly gifts, so that rejoicing, we can walk on earth as if in heaven. Keep the gifts of your Spirit alive in us. Keep alive in us everything that Jesus Christ was, everything he is, and everything he will be on earth for all people. Amen.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Lawrence Chinaka. I am a pastor of a budding Church in Port Harcourt Nigeria. I have just published two books with Creastespace Publishing Platform which are available on

    I am looking for Christian platforms to get this piece of work known to the global Church community. I want to know if you offer such frontier and the possible cost.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Lawrence,
      If you can type up either a sermon or a testimony, or even type up something about what you cover in your book, whatever is Christ centered, send it to me in an email at, and I will place it here on the website with it’s own page as you’ll see that I’ve done with others in the Preach It, or Testimonies sections. I’m not charging anything for doing this, but now that I think about it, all I’d ask in return at all, is that you just help spread your page around with either friends or via social media.

      As I’ve stated above, I’m not looking for any money for doing this, but wish to be a blessing with what the Lord’s given me to do so for the Brethren. Don’t get me wrong, if the Lord has placed it on your heart to donate, there’s a donate button up there in the corner to do so, but for this, I don’t charge anything at all.

      So send me an email with what I spoke about above, and I’ll get back to you with either a link for you to go check it out on the site, awaiting for your approval, or will contact you if I need more information for whatever reason. I’ll be looking forward to hearing back from you! God bless you and thanks for inquiring!


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