Saved by Self

Happy Labor Day! Instead of writing another addition to the Daily Devotionals, today I thought I’d do something a little different (it being a holiday and all). And by different I mean something

extraordinarily different.

A Poem… Is that different enough for you? I

know, it’s a first on this site (I think), but this is what I felt led to do for this Labor Day, and I hope that you like it.

As Christians, we understand what it means to be saved by grace, right? Well, this poem is called “Saved by Self.” Instead of me nervously trying to explain to you what it’s about, I figure it’ll be best if you just read it.

Saved by Self

At heart he’s been rejected;
where our idols are erected;
while we sin he is neglected;
we assume as unsuspected.

But during trouble he’s selected;
to keep us bountifully protected;
though his warnings go deflected;
and his Word is disrespected.

Our wants are what’s expected;
While he’s less and less respected;
how we resist being corrected;
nothing’s ever undetected.

Yet our conscious unaffected;
though we’re soon to be dejected.
Is there surprise if we’re directed;
to Hell itself we are trajected?

Oh the things we’ll be subjected;
saved by self has misdirected;
to a place where we’re dissected;
with wounds forever reinfected.

While we are left prosected;
True believers are perfected;
by the one who’s resurrected;
the Son of God whom they’ve cathected; to whom they’ll always be connected.

Jesus Saves

People might have the outward ability to save themselves by things such as a burning building, or an overturned canoe But we are totally helpless on our own as it relates to what’s coming after we die.

There are many who offer a way to a better place. But the truth is, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. None come to the Father but by him. Nobody is capable of saving themselves from hell and death.

Jesus is the only one qualified to to do the saving for us. And thankfully, he already has. That is the grace of God, it is by grace we’re saved, not by works. We can’t work our way to heaven any more than we can save our own souls from Hell or the Lake of Fire.

If you’re not saved, why not? Give your life and heart to the Lord Jesus Christ while he is to be found, and be born again!

Thanks for reading “Saved by Self,” and God bless you all.

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