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Hi there folks,

I just wanted to share with you a few things that have been going on here at the Supernatural Truth in Christ website, and would also like to introduce some ideas I have concerning fellowship here at STIC.. Since the last update (which was quite awhile ago,) I’ve added things, moved things around, brought in some bells and whistles, and even organized a little. While you’re here, there are a couple of questions that I’d like to ask you at the end of this post, of which your feedback will be crucial concerning the direction this site will take.


One of the items that was re-organized to make more sense, was creating a 2 Corinthians section, under the Bible Study Tab. Speaking of the Bible Study section, I’ve also placed a good amount of posts in there. It’s actually become the heart of the site in many ways. As time progresses, and when the day comes that the 2 Corinthians section is complete, I’ll jump to the next book in the Bible that the Father places on my heart to cover.


After many people inquiring as to why I haven’t made subscriptions available, and hearing about the desire of receiving notifications of new posts and pages, I’ve set up the S.T.I.C. site to shoot out e-mails whenever there’s something new here on the site. So if you haven’t already, and you’ve already clicked past the pop-up inviting you to subscribe, there’s always that bar up top with an invite to subscribe as well if you choose to get your heads up about fresh content here on the site.


Social Media Buttons

I’ve made it possible to share just about every aspect of this site.There are the share buttons to the left of the page, one waiting for you at the bottom as well.


I’ve enabled pics on each page to become shareable individually. When you hover over a pic, you’ll see the options to share either on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Since I installed this feature, I’ve been using it all the time as I try to spread the content around.

The Site News posts such as this, I don’t spend any time on pics. This is more of a newspaper about the goings on here. However, for the typical posts you’ll find here, I’ve always tried to include a handful of pics on every post. But because of this feature (which was installed a couple of posts ago,) I’ve been making an effort to include pics that would stand alone if shared. That way, they’d still convey a message to your peers whether or not they visit this site.

Text Highlighting

This is one of those features that would go unnoticed without someone saying something, or discovered by accident. Recently, I included an app, that allows anyone to highlight text on any page, and share it on either Twitter or Facebook. Give it a shot! Just highlight a sentence and you’ll see a box pop up. It’s actually pretty neat I think.

I’d like a few more options mixed in with this one, and if the creators of the app decide to include others like G+ or LinkedIn, I’ll make sure to update the app.

Ideas for Fellowship and Service

I’ve got some ideas cooking to make this site much more interactive with all of you Brothers and Sisters in the Lord.

A Chat Section

I could add a chat section here on the site, but there’s one thing stopping me from doing so. Lack of people chatting. Ever go to a website and there’s a chat section with 3 comments in it from 2005? Yeah, that’s what I’d rather not have happen, which is a major reason I’ve not put one up.


Actually a two fold question concerning the inclusion of a chat section…

  1. Do you think it would be a good addition to the site?
  2. Would you utilize it and fellowship with others through it?

Please answer in the comments section below, especially if you’ve got any ideas concerning this.

Prayer Warrior Notifications

I know that there are a ton of you that come to read this site are real life, down and dirty, prayer warriors! As of right now, I’ve got over 20,000 subs on Twitter, about 500 combined on G+, and others from other social outlets, and there is never a shortage of prayer requests.

My thought here is the following… Placing an option that would be similar to the Subscribe option, but different in a sense that it would be designed for the sole purpose of signing people up to be Prayer Warriors. What that means is, when a prayer request comes in, I can have it sent to those who have signed up to help out with this.


  1. Does it sound like a good idea to you?
  2. Would this be something that you’d be interested in taking part in?

Again, please leave your answers down below in the comment section.

What’s on my heart

What the Lord has been placing on my heart, is that there is a missing element here on the site. And that missing element is a means by which to use the webpage, not just to read whatever he places on my heart to share, or what he’s placed on the hearts of others to share via the different sections like the  “Preach It,” “Testimonies,” or “Supernatural,” sections.

Not only to use this resource as an outlet for those things, but as a place of fellowship and a means by which we can lift each other up however possible. That’s the kind of thing that’s been placed on my heart to mull over with everyone.

Please comment and let me know your opinions about the Chat and Prayer Warrior Possibilities. What are your thoughts?

Have a great weekend (or week, pending on when you’re reading this) and may the Lord bless each of you abundantly in Jesus name!


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7 thoughts on “Site News 11-25-2016 – Fellowship”

  1. May you grow this site as the LORD leads, brother Brian. I myself am busy all over the place, but I’d like to come in and fellowship when possible. I hope and pray everyone had a happy Thanksgiving to our Father, we worship Him and give thanks every day for what He has and does do in our lives, and has redeemed us from this crooked and perverse world. And He’s coming back soon! Praise the LORD! God bless all {:>)

  2. I can speak for myself but I prefer to interact and exchange ideas and have online fellowship with those I’m associated with. Chat rooms have stigma. Why not use another innovative title, involving spiritual unity in the Supernatural Body of Chris1. I would choose a title that has a draw to it.

    Spirituality is different than Religion. We too, need a place where we can exchange experiences and speak of lessons we’ve learned. We learn through each other if Christ is in us, so, this would be great! A hangout for those who worship in Spirit and Truth. Amen Brother!

    We could have themes to keep us directed. We don’t want arguments and controversy, but unity of the Spirit.

    Where can we experience online fellowship? For Shut -in’s and the sick, this is especially important. Not a place for stale chatter, but sharing the Living Word and the Supernatural experience of Christ together.

    This is my thought on the subject. And Yes, I would utilize the site. Maybe we could have different themes to express ourselves, accordingly.

    Whatever you decide Brian, you have my blessing on. God bless your hands. Shalom.

    • Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for your input! And amen, religion’s a pain in the neck, and a place where the difference between the two (religion and relationship) certainly wouldn’t hurt. I’m going to have to look into the idea of themes. Not quite sure how to work that out. That’s not saying that it can’t be done, but just that I’m clueless and need to do some investigation. Trade a baseball cap into a Sherlock Holmes type hat. lol.

      Awesome to hear that you’d come to utilize this though! Praise God! To be honest, I’ll be poking around to see what’s out there as soon as I’m done typing this. My curiosity has been stirred to see if there is a type where there are a few tabs where one could switch from one to the other, and use that for different themes… Hmm.. Thanks for the idea!
      God bless all that you do and may the Lord grant you favor in all areas of your life in Jesus name!

  3. Greetings Brian

    Since I have a site that I create & update constantly … I know what a challenge it can be to keep a site fresh & viable … like you said not just for yourself, but for all the visitors & followers! It does take a lot of prayer & flexibility, as you are well aware of. And, by the way … you are doing a fantastic job … since I know you are an active author & G+ member likewise & probably doing more than what I even know.

    I do like the additions you have created & implemented in STIC. They are well thought out & strategically up to date at the same time.

    As far as a ‘Chat Room’ … I don’t personally ‘chat’ other than my comments in G+ BUT … again it probably really depends on the subject & the reason. Fellowshipping comes in so many avenues nowadays … & the social networks gobble up most the worldly people & the christians as well … so maybe some kind of social network i.e. Chat … for believers here in STIC is possible with enough traffic flow. As for me … I enjoy the ‘creator’ & ‘moderator’ aspects of such a proposal … AND, have considered making a ‘Forum’ for my site at ‘AWFSM’ … but, like you have noted … it takes more than just one or two people to make such a format viable. If you are receiving enough ‘traffic’ it would be worth ‘testing out’.

    As far as a ‘Prayer Warrior’ Notification … that really sounds like a solid prospect. I too have seen a ‘need’ for Prayer Warriors to Unite … Please prayerfully consider that you would include me in that area when & if you incorporate into STIC. Would be blessed to help in any way possible.

    I always pray the best for you & yours & for your site STIC … in the name of Jesus Christ!

    “Good will come to your basket & your bread pan. Good will come to you when you come in, & when you go out. The Lord will cause you to win the battles against those who fight against you. They will come against you one way, & run away from you seven ways. The Lord will send good upon you in your store-houses & in all your work. He will bring good to you in the land the Lord your God gives you. Duet. 28:5-8


    • Hi Catherine,
      I Thank you and stand in agreement with that blessing, and receive it with gladness in Jesus mighty name! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your prayers!

      I had a sneaky suspicion that you in particular would like the prayer warriors idea. lol. I think that’s from previous G+ posts I’ve seen from you in the past. Between that and the chat idea, I think that the prayer idea is most likely to come about first. As far as an on board chat, I think I’d need a good feel from folks whether or not they’d drop by and say a few things from time to time.

      But one thing I would mention though… I have personally lead others to Christ via an online chat, and have witnessed many others come to Christ through that same outlet. As difficult as it typically is to lead others to the Lord through lifeless, bloodless text, a live real time chat seems to be a bit more personal (so to speak) than other “post” type messaging. So that is one thing that tips the hand that much more toward including a live chat here. Still researching though.. lol. That’s the great thing about asking for some opinions! Decision making fuel!
      Praise the Lord for all that he’s given and done, and I pray all the more success and viewership for your Magazine “A Word Fitly Spoken” in Jesus name!
      God bless you CL,

    • Hi Ramona,
      Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate that! And what do you mean? There’s always time for an extra mile! Sleeping in the new smoking. lol Just kidding, I’ve put some thought into the issue of time, and I think once everything is all set up, it won’t be too time consuming. Emphasis on the “I think” part. 🙂
      Thanks again for the comment and God bless you!


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