Spiritual Breach is Physical Weirdness

A spiritual breach is physical weirdness, and our relationship with the Lord will determine how we respond to such a thing. Christians should never expect that it will happen at a time of our choosing, or when we feel as if we’re properly prepared for it. Something happened to me several weeks ago that did in fact, catch me completely off guard.

If you’ve frequented this site, you know that I don’t typically disclose too many experiences that I’ve had the occasion to stumble into. This will be an exception, and might appear to be a creepy one at that.

No Cause for Alarm

WeirdnessOur vehicle has given up the ghost, and has been holding down the driveway for quite awhile. When we need to use a car, we borrow my mother’s. Unless of course she needs it, or is already out and about. 

I can’t remember what I needed at the store but the car was gone, and the store I needed was due to close at 9:00pm. It was pushing around 8:30, and I knew if I were going to make it there on foot, I’d better leave quickly to get there before closing. 

So off I went in the dark, using this as an excuse to get some exercise in. I did make it to the store just in time, and immediately began the trek back to the house. So there’s the situation, and the reasoning why I was out there. Nothing special or significant, just a mundane evening stroll.

This is a stroll that I have taken several times in the past without incident. As you’ll see soon, this is subject to change. 

Someone Headed my Direction

Walking at nightThere is one spot that I had to traverse coming back, that is a corner with one dimly lit street light. Bright enough to be effective, dim enough to not bother the residents. The road (which I was walking on) intersects at that corner with a main road that has housing units on either side. 

Immediately after having taken the corner, I noticed that there was someone walking toward me on the sidewalk. With the housing units there, it isn’t out of the ordinary to cross paths with several people walking to the commercial area of town. Fewer at night, but it isn’t strange to see folks walking around in this area.

So, I notice someone ahead. Though he was about 30 yards ahead of me before catching my eye, I noticed that there was something up with this person. 

What caught my attention from a distance was the way that he was walking. His gate shifted from side to side, causing him to sway back and forth awkwardly. It was apparent to me, that this person must have some sort of ailment, injury, disability, or handicap. The only reason this was something that I took note of, was he was using the majority of the width of the sidewalk with such a wide gate for each step.

Not wide as in front to back, but from side to side. As I said, it just appeared awkward. He wasn’t moving smoothly from side to side, but in a chopped up manner. Staggering, as if what progress he was making didn’t come easy. 

Not a big deal, I figured I’d just skirt the curb, step out into the street if necessary to give him room. My grandmother installed in me when I was young- Give others the inside of the sidewalk, it’s just a courtesy kind of thing. Whether or not this is true, my default is to give others the inside of the sidewalk when passing, this time would be no different.

We drew closer to each other, and I was moving at a decent pace, headed toward him faster than he was coming toward me. I was rapidly pulling away from the corner that I had just taken, leaving the glow of the street light behind.  

He wore a baseball cap, and was looking down just enough for the visor to cover his face down to the nose. Just before we crossed paths, I gave him my default passerby greeting, “How you doing,” which usually provokes a similar generic response. 

Here is where things start getting strange…

Out of Left Field

Mundane or insaneAfter I spoke, his gate swayed toward me as we passed each other. Right at that moment, I felt a shudder in the spirit. Something inside me triggered in an instant, which I’ve learned from previous experience to be a type of discernment from the Holy Ghost that there is something wicked afoot. It’s an extremely difficult feeling to describe, but it stems from the gut. A sense of foreboding or high alert.

As he swayed toward me placing his face around a foot from mine, and he looked up at me exposing his face from underneath the rim of his hat. There was something very off about his appearance, and to be honest, I couldn’t see his eyes but felt his gaze. A strange thing to say, but that’s the best way I can describe it. 

His expression looked like a blend of pain and anger, with his teeth clenched and nose snarled. When he was at his closest, he growled words that were unintelligible through his teeth in response to my greeting. For all I know, it could have been another language. 


I am well aware of the behaviors that special needs individuals can have. I know that they can seem possessed when they’re not, as well as if they are. I know that some people get either uncomfortable or even the creeps when caught unexpectedly by someone who is suffering from mental retardation, physical retardation, brain injuries, etc.. 

I’ve never been that person. If anything, I empathize with folks that suffer these things, yet treat them just the same as I would anyone else. In other words, the way I imagine I would rather be treated if it were me in their shoes. 

I’ve come across people that have issues that cause for them behave differently, even a similar manner to this person I’m talking about, but haven’t experienced the spiritual gut punch or the weirdness in the air over them, so to speak. This was something very different. In fact, what comes next leads me to believe that it wasn’t a person at all, nevermind someone with a handicap.

Strangest Part of All

Strange thingsHe continued on behind me, and I kept walking onward, though perplexed. It’s as if my mind was still processing what I just saw and heard. After just a few steps, I started to think about whether or not the Lord might have put this guy in my path for some sort of reason. 

There was a definite sense of some sort of demonic presence, perhaps the Lord wanted me to do something? As these thoughts of possibilities crossed through my mind, I thought I’d stop proceeding forward and spin around.

The guy at this point should have been only a handful of yards behind me, and if the Spirit gave me the unction, I wouldn’t have had to even raise my voice to get his attention. That’s how close he should have been. Yes, should have been.

I turned around, and he was nowhere in sight. Talk about being stopped in your tracks. There I was, all by myself with nobody in sight. 

At the pace he was walking, he should have been right between myself and the streetlight I made mention to earlier. There wasn’t any real traffic that night, and I’m sure that I would have heard him beating feet if he took off for some reason. Even still, I’d have seen him doing it and considering how hard of a time he had walking, I doubt he’d have been able to sprint away like a gazelle!

It took me this long to explain it, but the entire situation was only for a moment. I stood there examining beyond the corner, down the road, across the street, any wooded areas, etc., and he was just gone. 


Be PreparedIn all I described above, I was certainly not prepared for this to have happened, from a spiritual point of view. At least, I don’t feel like I was. Why any of that happened, I haven’t got a clue. 

The guy struck me to be in his late teens, early twenties. I’ve done limited research into “black eyed kids (BEK’s),” and have also heard enough stories to have a rough m.o. concerning them. If this is what that was, then it wasn’t a typical scenario at all. 

Again, I couldn’t see the eyes. That doesn’t mean that they were normal or pitch black, but I just didn’t see them. It’s his expression that I was noticing more than anything. 

I have seen demonic entities in the past, having been at war (spiritually and at times physically) against a coven that had established itself in the woods behind the house I was living in at the time as a teen. They’d throw all kinds of junk our way, and on occasion, these things were witnessed by many others aside from myself. 

That’s a whole world of different stories that I won’t get into here. I only mention it to point out that I’ve dealt with things of a demonic nature before, and if this were a demonic entity (which I am getting more and more convinced that it was by the day), what was the point of this interaction? Why was it there, and why did it seem so mad and crippled?

Perhaps, though I wasn’t prepared for any spiritual warfare, particularly in a visual and physical sense, maybe those who were with me had done a few things that I wasn’t aware of? Angels finding an opportunity to foil a plan of the enemy or something like that. 

Maybe this thing was on assignment to do something that the Lord wanted to put a stop to? Maybe this was what a black eyed kid looks like after being man handled by a couple of angels? I haven’t got a clue to be honest. 

The only thing I get out of the whole situation, was that I was neither expecting or prepared for that level of weirdness. Despite this, the Lord was my stay afterward. I did have quite a walk ahead of me in the dark, but felt nothing fearful at all. If anything, I was quizzical.

Though I was somewhat bewildered and unready for the strangeness, the Lord was my stay. And that’s the whole point of this message. 

Expect the Weirdness to Escalate

Escalating WickednessAs we draw nearer to the end (Biblically speaking), I believe that things like this and things far stranger will be increasing in frequency and intensity as the times do the same. Are we ready for it when it crosses our paths?

Will we be in a place with the Father in our lives where we’ll not be befuddled as I was, but will be always at the ready? The Word tells us to “be ready.” To be instant in season and out of season. 

This applies to the Word of God, but also applies to our walk with the Father in Christ. We can’t always be ready for everything that is thrown our way, but we can place our faith, trust, and confidence in the one who can be ready at all times. Were it not for the Lord and his protection, who knows what could have happened that night? 

The Bible tells us that men’s hearts will fail for fear of what’s coming upon the earth (paraphrasing). 

Cryptid encounters are on the rise

Paranormal happenings such as ghosts and poltergeists are increasing

Giants are being found and caught in the desert overseas, and reportedly in the mountains of North America.

More and more people are acting out in demonic fits publicly

Lawlessness and Godlessness is on the rise across the world


But for us in Christ, we know that the Lord has revealed that these things would happen before the end, and that we have a safe place in him. Take heart, cheer up, but be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. 

When approached with spiritual weirdness, the Lord will be a guide to your feet, and a lamp to your path. Though you may get shaken, his hand will always be steady. 

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4 thoughts on “Spiritual Breach is Physical Weirdness”

  1. Hi Brian,
    No wonder the Lord pops your name into my mind at unusual moments to intercede for you. I thought you were maybe not feeling well still. He also is wanting us to pray for the Church to wake up & smell the Coffee. An event such as you describe is something we all need strong discernment for & full trust in the power of Jesus name. This is the first time I have heard of something of this nature happening since a friend experienced an encounter with an invisible but speaking spirit back in the 80’s our friend took authority over it, but was shaken, as I believe I would be. Thank you for sharing. Janet Goodwin

    • Hi there Janet,
      As always, thank you so much for your prayers and intercessions. I appreciate it more than I know how to express. Due to the nature of this site, and some of the things that we cover here, spiritual attacks are a given, and prayers are always welcome and are extremely important. I thank you, and thank the Father for popping my name into your head from time to time.

      I agree with the church waking up. As I said in the post, I’ve had run ins in the past with demonic forces in a variety of different confrontational ways. For this to have happened to me was startling, but not terrifying. Know what I mean? No paradigm was shattered and no fear consumed me.

      That said, I wonder how others in the church would react when something like this happens? What kind of terrors would engulf their minds while trying to reconcile what they’re looking at or experiencing? I’m thinking more on fair weather Christians. I’m not suggesting that only people who have had run ins with demonic entities are able to handle it, but am saying that those that know God Almighty, know his Word, and know what’s coming through his Word, won’t suffer what some people consider a P.T.S.D. situation. They’d be startled or shaken, but not moved or terrified. They’d know that he who is in them, is greater than the terrors that come by night, or anywhere else for that matter- or as the Word says it, than he who is in the world.

      Your friend’s reaction is a perfect case and point.

      Thank you for your comment and for your continued prayers and charitable support. You’re a blessing of the Lord, and may be bless you in every way, and grant favor to all that you set your hand to do in Jesus mighty name!

  2. Hey Brother…wow, that was some event. You coming across this entity can be very unnerving. But you hit the nail on the head i.e. these things will be happening with greater frequency. I and my family have had experiences with demonic entities (which I won’t go into here, too numerous). With my background in hand to hand combat, I’d like to strangle or body slam them, but this isn’t possible. They dwell in another dimension, so I have to calm down, and reinforce my reliance on the Lord’s protection. And I’m talking about me and family having near death experiences…if it weren’t for the Lord’s protection, it would have been “curtain time”. I’ ll continue to pray for you, Brother, and continue to donate. Stay strong, Brother.

    • Hi there George,
      Thank you for your continued support Brother, and for your comment!

      Hey, you may one day get the chance to get your hands on these devils. Who knows the roles that Christ will want us to play upon his return? He might give you a list of uglies and say, “go get em!” lol. You’ll have a glorified body, perhaps it will be able to interact with things that are in the same realm as these demonic buggars. (Kind of off topic, but I believe that there will be a point through the seven year period, that the veil between our dimension and theirs will be removed, exposing all these things that are hidden behind it- Men’s hearts will fail for fear, and that’ll certainly be something that would cause that kind of fear for most.)
      Praise the Lord that he delivered you out of their hand when they tried to pull that on you over there Brother!Been praying for your protection and constant victory over the enemy as well.

      Thank you for your donations Brother, your continued support helps us out more than you could imagine! God bless!


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