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What’s been going on With the Bible Study Section 04/12/16

STIC Site Update 04-12-2016

Hi everyone, I just thought it would be good to fill you all in on what’s been going on here at the Supernatural Truth in Christ site (STIC). For the past several months, the blog posts section (this section), has been somewhat neglected. The reason being that much of the work being done to the site of late, has been taking place in the Bible Study section of the site. In the last Site News post that came out just over a month ago, I filled you in on the different new pages that were available at that time. Among which are the Spiritual Warfare and the Whole Armor of God pages. Since then, the Armor of God study has been completed and I thought it best to include the links to the entire study here in this post.

Reason being, I believe that the Lord is really impressing upon us to get the correct idea about the Whole Armor that he has made available to us. Each of the pages (as are all that are here) were done prayerfully and as the Lord lead me to write through the Holy Spirit’s insight into the Word. I say that with confidence because much of what’s in the study is far smarter & better than I can come up with or write without his help. Without him I can do nothing! Here are the links to the entire study.

Whole Armor of God Introduction

For all of you checking it out on your PC, these can always be found in the Spiritual Warfare section of the Bible Study tab that you can find in the Main Menu the top of each page. For all of you that are using your phones, every page has this same pattern of links toward the bottom of each page of the study so that you may navigate through it with ease.

Since the Whole Armor of God study is complete, I’m waiting on the Lord to determine what’s going to be coming up next. I’m actually feeling pushed in a way to collect the said pages and to compile them into book form, adding to the existing content as the Lord leads. Perhaps the same formats as the first book Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World; being available in eBook for those of us who are always connected to some kind of device, or in paperback for those of us who like to have information on hand without being device dependent. Am still praying about it so I’m not too sure. I don’t know what’s coming next concerning this ministry, but the Lord sure does!

What the Lord’s been Doing with STIC

Favor of the Lord

Philippians 3:

13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, 14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Spreading the gospel, promoting Christ and the Word of God, and to edify, comfort, and exhort the members of the Body of Christ is commonplace here. And on average it goes on about 8-10 hrs a day. Be it writing for this website for people to read and increase their awareness of the things that they can find in God’s Word, to ministering to people via e-mail, twitter, G+, comments, etc..

I do get that busy with all of this, and have many of you to thank for that! Because of your promotions of this site such as sharing, spreading links to the website around, re-posting, etc., this site is active, out there, and in many cases have caused for those who are unsure of certain matters in the Bible to pipe up and ask, or to search out the Word for themselves where they otherwise wouldn’t have. And also, the prayer warriors that are frequently letting me know that they are praying for this ministry and for yours truly and family; I am truly humbled and appreciative to you all, because I know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much, and also take comfort in knowing I’ve got saints standing in the gap for our behalf! I can’t say how much that matters and do it any justice properly.

I don’t know how many Christians have in one way or another let me know that they had the urge to get back into the Word of God because of the content of this site! There’s also been certain instances where people have referred others to the salvation page, resulting in bringing some in, and becoming introduced to the Lord Jesus for the first time! What a blessing it is to see fruit of the labor being put in, especially when in conjunction with other members of the Body of Christ! For me anyways, it’s very exciting stuff. So hats off to you prayer warriors, and to all of you who have donated your time and effort spreading this site around.

I’m not posting any of that to boast, but to simply say that the Father is using this site for his purposes in ways that blow me away! Busy is awesome as it is done as unto the Lord, for the Lord, and being lead by the Lord. We can’t add to one shred of our salvation. That’s not what any of our works are for, as that comes to us because of the works Jesus did for us on the Cross. But for us who labor for him, our reward for any works are coming by the hand of Jesus, and is sure.

If you’d like to help this ministry, and only if the Lord places it in your heart to do so, please consider helping out financially. This site does have it’s expenses that need to be covered, and I am doing this full time, not spare time. So if you would, please consider making a donation to this site, and for those of you who can, regular monthly donations. I truly believe that those who donate and participate toward the work going on with this site and toward this ministry will share the blessing and sure reward of the fruit of this labor.

However, if the Lord hasn’t placed it on your heart to donate then I don’t want it! Do what the Father leads you to do in everything including what you do with your money. If the Lord has NOT placed it on your heart to give here, and you decide to give here, then you’re taking away from something or somewhere else that the Lord would rather you support. I don’t want that to happen at all.

On the other hand if he has placed it on your heart to give here and support us as we press toward the mark (as Paul puts it), please do so via the donate button to the upper right hand side of this page. Thank you in advance so much for all of your participation and help, and May the Lord bless you all for it in Jesus name!


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