Christian Testimonies of Salvation

Testimonies are a powerful thing. The book of Revelation says that the saints overcame the evil one by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their Testimony. Scripture actually has much to say about our Testimony. Here are a few that can be found in Revelation:

Revelation 6:

9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

Revelation 12:

10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. 11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Sharing our Testimonies

In this section of the Supernatural Truth in Christ (STIC) website, we’ll have a collection of testimonies from brothers and sisters in the Lord from all kinds of different walks of life. All will be powerful and all will be a blessing. There’s nothing quite like the moment you meet the Lord as your Savior, and this section is dedicated to those who would wish to share it with everyone who comes to visit this site.

Would any of you who are in ministry, or have a testimony that you’d like to share, like to be featured in your own page on the STIC website? It may help you out if you want to promote your ministry, website, etc.. If you’d like to do so, let me know! I’m not asking anything for doing it, but am seeking an opportunity to be a blessing of some kind to my brothers and sisters in the Lord ? I also think it’s kinda fun.

If you would like to represent a ministry, write up what you’d like people to know about it, and perhaps some testimony about the goings on with the ministry, or perhaps share some thoughts on scripture, etc… Whatever the Lord’s placed on your heart to share.

If you’re a Pastor or otherwise a Teacher of the Word, and would like to post a sermon (as long as it’s in accordance with the Word) That’s fine too. You are welcome to attach whatever pictures, links or videos that you may wish to be included into the page.

And for people that would like to share their testimony (such as is the case for this post), same thing. And if they’ve got something to promote such as a website, Facebook, G+, Church, Ministry, Twitter, whatever that has to do with them, we can throw that in there if desired.

As long as it’s not something that’s been cut and pasted from someone else’s site, then any combination of the above is fine. ?

You can be as long winded as you’d like (longer the better), and I’ll attach links or pics to anything that you wish to promote, so long as it’s Christ based. Give it some thought and send me an email:

Share your Testimony and enjoy knowing that it may be YOURS that might cause someone to call upon the name of the Lord for Salvation! Please consider sending an addition to the Testimonies section!

10 thoughts on “Christian Testimonies of Salvation”

  1. Hi, I am sharing my testimony of salvation in hopes that someone else’s was similar and will share.

    Prior to departing an island I was stationed at enroute to the U.S. I decided within myself to confront my past. After some months I found myself with this overwhelming need to find God, nothing had happened aside from settling into my new position and acquiring an apartment, all I knew is that I needed to find God. God nor Jesus were strangers to me, I was raised Catholic, however, we weren’t devote Catholics (which I am glad looking back). One specific day I was speaking to God and the next thing I know I am sitting on the edge of my bed and Jesus was sitting on next to me. I don’t recall our conversation.

    I didn’t know how to go about finding Him, so I asked Him to send someone to me and within a few days Jehovah witnesses came to my door, thinking this was the answer I invited them into my home and they were super nice. As we spent time together little things started raising flags within me, one of the flags was the husband telling me I couldn’t have a crucifix which I had hung above my door in my bedroom, they were helping me move into a bigger apartment. I asked why and he said because it was an idol. It bothered me because I never looked at it as an idol nor did I pray to it. But I thought about it and decided to remove the body off the cross but kept the cross there. What made me question them was when I attended their church, I took my own small bible and as the speaker mentioned a scripture I couldn’t find it so I asked the lady where it was and she handed me one of their bibles and said it’s best to use one of theirs. The next day I went to a Christian bookstore and as I walked in one of the ladies greeted me and asked me if I needed help and I said “Yes, do you have anything on Jehovah witnesses?” Lol, I must of looked troubled because the lady almost ran to me and started speaking in a lower voice and took me to the isle. Skipping the visit there, she asked me if I wanted to do a small bible study at her home just us two and I agreed. Not sure exactly the day, anyway, I went to her apartment and just recall her directing me to bible verses and she walked me through the prayer of salvation and off I went.

    When I walked out of the apartment complex I was in complete awe of the sky (it was already dark), I had never seen such amazing and vivid colors before. The grass, the trees, flowers, everything was so vibrant and alive. Don’t know how long it took me to reach my car and when I did as I was opening the door I asked the Lord to fix my radio/cassette player so that I could sing to Him. I turned the car on, turned the radio/cassette on and went home. Can’t remember my ride home. Next I know, I am kneeling next to Jesus feet as He’s standing on my left front area, I was singing songs I’d never learned starring up into the mist that was coming on me, it was beautiful (similar as standing outside while it’s snowing catching snowflakes in your mouth). A peace I had never known and I felt completely clean, white as snow. During this time I saw the shadow of the evil presence pass by my bedroom door with my peripheral vision but it didn’t face me, I won’t go into that since this is already long enough. As I was experiencing all of this the Holy Spirit told me that now I am a child of God and my name has been written in the book of life and all of a sudden I started speaking something I didn’t recognize and I stopped and asked what is that? Next I know I am laying down saying goodnight.

    The next day as I was at work every time I looked at someone I scanned them (like in those sci fi films) all I was looking for was the good in them, anything negative was tossed to the side without giving it a thought. I sang while I worked. I couldn’t wait to go home to read the Bible, it was alive, scriptures would just float off the page up at me. I couldn’t get enough, I would walk into my apartment and prop myself on the floor to read.

    A lot of beautiful things happened, I spoke with God all the time and I received answers immediately, I knew He was right next to me. I was healed of an insect bite, another nite I hurt my shoulders lifting weights and as I entered the church and joined the praising, a brother stated that the Lord just advices him someone was in a lot of pain so I went up and as he layed his hands on my shoulders without me telling him It felt like warm honey and the pain was gone. When I prayed for others I instantly knew whether they would be alright or not. I was delivered from demonic oppression/attacks.

    Unfortunately, our relationship was short lived, turned into a never ending roller coaster.
    I hope others share their testimonies. Thank you for allowing me to share.

    • Hi there Monica,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your testimony with all of us! What a blessing, and it appears that you wound up having some very interesting experiences.
      My question to you would be, what is it you meant at the end of your testimony?Were you referring to your relationship with the Lord being short lived? If so, let me tell you…
      No matter how many miles you might feel that you’ve walked away from the Lord, he’s always only one step back. I can’t tell if this is what you meant, or perhaps you were talking about the church… Let me know!!
      Thank you once again, and may the Lord bless you, grant you favor and also grant you peace from all directions in Jesus name!

  2. I use to sin alot and got in a serious car accident. The doctors were asking my mom if they could pull the plug on me. But my mom just kept telling them “no, not until he passed over, butI reallydon’t think he will” I’m so happy that she did that. So she just kept paying the bill for them to keep the life support on. Otherwise I wouldn’t be alive right now.
    I give thanks to God and her. I honestly don’t think I can make it back to her. So I’m very happy and thankful towards her and our savior God. I thank God for sparing my life and my mom to just keep paying them to keep my life support on me.
    But I honestly don’t know how to keep thanking God, other than to just keep going to church.

  3. I have a very long but awesome testimony because it shows the power, glory and love of our Lord and Savior. Oh, it wasn’t trouble-free, my faith was tested and I almost slipped many times but He never let me go. I can’t leave anything out or it won’t make sense but I have witnesses to literal miracles. He saved me from sharks. He literally gave us $$$ to move to a new state, there is so much. Can I email it and then you can edit it as needed? It’s not for MY glory, it’s HIS 100%. I’m just afraid I won’t be believed. God bless you!

    Oh, I noticed you put the Gospel in 14 languages on here by AbaloneKid. He’s a personal friend of mine and that made me so happy to see that. Awesome! You should read his other stuff. It’s amazing! God is good!

    • Hi Brenda,
      Thank you for your consideration concerning sending in your testimony. I would absolutely like for you to send it over!

      I’ll edit whatever’s necessary without changing the actual content, and format it, add pics, etc., just to keep it with the theme of the rest of the site. No worries there. Feel free to send it in and I’ll get to work on it as soon as possible.
      Thank you again and God bless you in Jesus name!

    • Hi there Shannon,
      No problem at all 🙂 I have received your testimony, and thanks for your submission! I’ll start working on it giving it a dedicated page, and will email you with the link, so that you can either give me the go-ahead to start spreading around allowing people to check it out, or whether you’d like for me to hold on and change something you don’t like.
      Thanks again for your testimony and I’ll be in touch with you soon, perhaps later on today. May the Lord bless you and keep you in Jesus name!

  4. I was in a car accident in 2005 and was made a human robot. Since then I started going to church and became very interested in learning about the Lord. He then taught me everything I now know. I repented and was given a child that I am still currently pregnant with, wisdom, knowledge, understanding. I was shown all kinds of things. They Lord is truly magnificent. He’s my bf and more. Patiently waiting for the day of His arrival.

    • Hi there Shannon,
      I would like to hear more about your testimony! If you could, could you please expand on it, and type it all up in an email? The reason that I ask you to expand on it, is because just that one paragraph leaved us all asking tons of questions!! I’ll create a dedicated page for it like I have with the others as soon as you send it over via email.

      Thank you so much for being interested in adding your Testimony to this site!! I look forward to hearing from you! God bless you in Jesus mighty name!


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