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The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy – New Incursion

the-great-controversy-the-great-controversy--new-incursionThe Great Controversy concerning the second wave of a new generation of Nephilim, falls into two different camps with differing opinions about how it came to pass. The ‘New Angelic Arrival’ verses what I call the ‘Stowaway’ theory. We’re going to go over both of them in this post.

Why? Because as the bible continues on after the flood, somehow the nephilim re-emerge in the land, and it doesn’t hurt to know why and how.

And also after that

To  set the stage, we can now check out a little clause that is in Genesis chapter 6. We’ve gone over that verse several times in the last couple of posts. This time, there is one thing that we did not need to concentrate on that we need to take a clear look at now. Here it is.

4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

10 Step Recap of the First Incursionsecond-incursion-the-great-controversy--new-incursion

Now that is a statement that we should give some pause to (and also after that). There’s been allot of things that have transpired since this whole first angelic incursion started that we covered in parts one and two of the Seed Wars posts. Before getting into the great controversy concerning how this came to be, let’s take a quick recap.

  1. 200 Angels came down to marry.
  2. Their offspring were enormous, too large to even try for us to comprehend. Man was in trouble.
  3. Angels taught their offspring forbidden secrets from the spiritual realm
  4. They introduced all kinds of wickedness to mankind.
  5. They performed genetic pollution with both man and beast, creating offspring that would be the creatures that fill mythology books across the world.
  6. Because of their actions spanning over several hundred years, a genetically unaltered mankind was soon to be extinct.
  7. God leveled punishment against the Nephilim, cursing them to the earth and remain here as Demonic spirits.
  8. God leveled judgement against the 200 Angels. One forever imprisoned and the others for 70 generations.
  9. God sent Heaven’s Angels out to destroy the works of the Nephelim and Fallen Angels
  10. God destroys the World with the flood preserving all that still managed to remain as he had made them, and that had not been altered.

So there in a nutshell is what transpired that lead up to what’s known as the Great Flood, or the Flood of Noah. There’s a whole lot more to it than the Sunday School version of bad people behaving badly. Man was in trouble of having his whole DNA changed forever, doomed to not have a home to go to after death. God took drastic measures to eliminate a drastic problem.

And now here we are after the flood. Noah and his family along with all of the animals come off the ark and start repopulating the world. An entire new race of demonic spirits begin their existence probably not sure what to do with themselves aside from serving Satan. But sure enough, eventually, the nephilim spring up again.

Sidebar: A New Spiritual Species

a-new-lost-species-the-great-controversy--new-incursionAllow me to take the opportunity here to point out something. Sin existed before the flood, and obviously has been around ever since. However, Demonic spirits have not always been around, in fact it’s safe to assume (in my view) that they really didn’t have time to know what was going on. I have no way of knowing this for sure at all, but I do believe that there wasn’t any particular rights established for these beings before and shortly after the flood. There’s allot of assumptions there but it makes sense to me.

I come to that conclusion because they just don’t seem to be a problem till the world’s population starts to become a bit more abundant. And as time moves forward, God makes sure to point out what he wants man to do and not do. What is sin and what isn’t. This is something that is never brought up before the flood. That’s not to say God let anybody do what they wanted without consequence, I’m not trying to suggest that at all. Just by virtue of Cain and Able sacrificing up to God, is a good indication that God laid out some instruction. But nothing compared to what he laid out after the flood.

Since I’m already out on a limb, I would think it’s not wrong to say that God Almighty established most if not all of his commandments to keep us from becoming available to demonic forces. In time, after the flood, demonic interference starts becoming more relevant. We don’t see them physically, or being called out by name. But their fingerprints are all over the Old Testament, and seem to get more busy right up to and throughout the New Testament.

Back to the Controversy

As I said above, there are two camps holding two different opinions concerning where the Nephilim came from after the flood. There are pretty well placed points both for and against each view. Unfortunately the Bible is silent concerning how they came back, causing all kinds of speculation. So here are the two trains of thought laid out.


One theory is the most bare bones of the two, which is that there was dormant Nephilim DNA mixed into the DNA of one of the wives of Noah’s sons. That would explain allot actually. First off the Nephilim mentioned after the flood were nowhere near as large as they were before the flood. The blending down may have caused for them to not grow as large.

There are some good points to be made with this theory, the strongest being that there is no other mention of another incursion of angels mating with humans to be found in the Bible. And also, Noah’s genetic purity was mentioned in Genesis 6, but the same was not said for the wives. Including his by the way.

Now this theory is not without some holes in it. Firstly, would God have allowed tainted blood into the Ark in the first place? Would he not have taken issue with one of the woman that could have been tainted surviving the flood, after all the lengths he took to eliminate the problem? This is an issue that provoked him to destroy the world let’s remember.

And I’d also add concerning the wives; it is correct that the Bible does not specifically vouch for the purity of their bloodlines. That said, the Bible doesn’t say that it was tainted either. So the Biblical evidence is kind of subjective at best for this theory.

angelic-incursion-the-great-controversy--new-incursionA New Wave of Fallen Angels

This is the theory that a lesser scale wave of angelic beings came down and took part in the same things as the first bunch of 200. The evidence for this is pretty much because there were Nephilim in the land. The reasoning is, if it happened a particular way once, it happened again. How it happened was made clear the first time.

Because the world had become a completely different place, particularly including different atmospheric conditions, the Nephilim could not grow to the titanic proportions that they did before the flood. Hence the depleted size of the post flood giants to measly 8 to 36 footers.

This theory is also not without problems. We can use the same logic as we did with the stowaway theory. There’s nothing saying that it happened more than the first time. The Bible is silent about it happening any other time.

Also, wouldn’t other angelic beings have been around to see what happened to the first bunch of angels that preceded them? The first 200 that came down before the flood did not enjoy a happy ending. Wouldn’t the angels have been smart enough to know that God wouldn’t be too pleased about it? In my eyes, that’s the biggest point against this theory.

And the Winner is?and-the-winner-is-the-great-controversy--new-incursion

I’ve played around with these ideas for quite awhile. For the longest time, I would agree with whoever was stating their case, because on both sides of the isle there are good points to be made. The problem are all those other points against them. I finally made a decision based on what the Bible has to say.

By taking the approach of adhering to what the Bible does have to say, instead of what it doesn’t, my vote goes to the new wave of angelic beings that came down at some point after the flood. Although the stowaway theory does make some good points, it’s based completely on lack of biblical evidence. In other words, it’s existence depends on what the Bible doesn’t say.

The strongest point of Biblical evidence in my opinion actually comes by the very same verse that introduces us to what happened the first time.

4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

My view is that it is mentioned in the Bible that there was another incursion. The confusion about it is because of where it’s mentioned. We are informed about the second incursion when we’re given the details about the first. I truly believe that if it were to have come about in any other way the second time, the Lord would have told us about it. But since in this verse he’s telling us that it did happen again, we can use the rest of the verse to tell us how it happened again.

But there’s still the question about angels repeating something that the Lord clearly sanctioned against the first time. My answer to that is, that the same Satan was still roaming about, and most likely found a new handful of angels that were willing to listen to him and be deceived. People often forget that Satan is right in the middle of all this. Nothing of this nature is going to go on without his say so.

If it happened once, he could cause for it to happen again. He is after all the Father of lies, and people also forget that he was convincing enough to take one third of the hosts of Heaven in the rebellion. Why would it be such a stretch to think that he couldn’t find ways to persuade other angels to see things his way?

Now I don’t believe that there were anywhere near as many angels willing to fall in the second incursion. Just a few in comparison to the 200 that did so much damage. And there is also evidence that Satan changed his game plan a bit to include this new Demonic force at his command, and to take more time in his approach.

There’s no doubt about it, you can see Satan’s trial and error report card throughout the entire Bible. And he uses both forces, the living and the dead Nephilim as often as he could, particularly once he found out by whose line the Messiah was going to come from. But fallen angels he’s used very differently since the flood. And that we’ll cover in a future post.

So I agree with the second wave of fallen angels theory. I’d probably even go a little farther out on the fringe, and say that Satan has never stopped recruiting. It is possible that it’s happened several times since, but who knows. What I do know is that there’s nothing saying how or when Satan wound up with one third of the hosts of heaven. The only place that I am aware of that this idea even comes from is found in Revelation 12:

stars-the-great-controversy--new-incursion3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

The stars in this verse are referring to angels, not literal stars. Now it is made clear that the third part of the stars were cast down to earth, but how did he do it? His tail drew them down. They were drawn down. To make a bad play on words here, they were drawn by his tale. Deceived and convinced.

But in all seriousness without messing around with puns, does that verse clearly state that all of the fallen angels came to join Satan at once? Is it possible that Satan convinced one third of the angels of Heaven to join him over a period of just under six thousand years or so? I’ll leave that up to you to dig into God’s Word and find out for yourselves. But the more I look at this, the more I see that it is very possible that the one third could have been drawn to earth by Satan over time, opposing the more traditional view of them all falling with him from the beginning.

God knows his Stuff

Either way, it is evident that God knew exactly what he was doing when he changed the earthly conditions after the flood. Knowing that it was going to be a problem again, he gave mankind a leg up by changing the conditions in such a way that would make it impossible for these beings to grow past a certain point, or live past a certain age.

Before the flood, the Nephilim grew to a size that no amount of men could take them down. Ridiculous sizes are recorded in the Enochian account up to about 450 feet! Try being a human in those days. Doesn’t sound like it was any fun.

But after the flood, the giants actually became manageable with enough manpower. As I stated above, anywhere from 8 to 36 feet tall. There’s at least a fighting chance for mankind when it did happen again. However unless the forces combating against the Nephilim had overwhelming manpower, the one that was necessary to take into battle with you was God Almighty himself. We’ll see that in action in the next post. God does indeed know his stuff, and knows how to deal with every problem. His judgement is always just.


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