The Kent Hovind Creation Seminar 2 -Garden of Eden

Kent Hovind Creation Seminar 2

Here is video number 2 of Kent Hovind’s creation seminar. This is the 2nd out of seven videos of this series. I’ll get to all seven, but since they’re so long, and cover several different issues, I’ve chosen to give people that want to take the time to watch the whole thing to digest it.

Did dinosaurs live millions of years ago or are they all much younger than we’re lead to believe? What was it like before the flood of Noah? What could it have been like in the Garden of Eden? Why did people live for so long? What is the age of the earth?

These and several other topics are covered in this video.

Click here to catch up on video #1. Or look to the Creation topic to the right and find “Kent Hovind Creation Seminar 1 – Age of the Earth” .

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2 thoughts on “The Kent Hovind Creation Seminar 2 -Garden of Eden”

  1. This guy seems to know what he is talking about. I dont know much about him and will follow his other videos. A really nice site you have going on here. thumbs up 🙂

    • Hi there Suzanne,
      Thank you for the nice words! I really do enjoy Kent Hovind’s videos and I also try to catch his YouTube videos that he produces almost daily (sometimes several a day). He’s got a certain way about him that I admire when he talks. Maybe it’s just the flat out confidence in what he’s talking about while he’s speaking. The man knows his stuff.
      Thank you again for your kind words and your comment! God bless you always in Christ Jesus!


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