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Trump President – Hillary Fighting – End Times News

Trump President Elect, Hillary still fighting behind the scenes, and end times news being produced for us daily around the world. So what’s to talk about? This article is about the similarities between the fight that still continues for the White House between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and the overall end time theme that is spelled out for us throughout the Bible.

End Times NewsPolitics have burned many people out ever since the gruelingly long election process. Not me though, I tend to keep an eye on what’s going on, because I can see (figuratively) the spiritual battle that is taking place over the nation. Yep… There’s a little supernatural in everything that goes on these days.

I’d dare say, that there’s never been the amount of prayer and supplication filling the throne room of the Father than there has been the past several months. At least coming from the Body of Christ in the United States. I saw a question asked a little while ago, and as I began to answer it, just to weigh in, the Lord opened my eyes to something.

What he opened my eyes to, wasn’t specifically concerning the long haul of campaigning, though I’m sure it could be considered, but rather, from the election up to this point 12-13-2016. What I’m talking about are the parallels between what’s been going on since the day after the election, and end times prophecy.

Sounds a little weird, right? Maybe it does, but since when have I ever shied away from weird? Current political events seem to be teaching us about the end of days; what the last bunch of days, weeks, or months will be like on a global scale, but dialed back in severity several times over. Please bear with me for a minute and let me lay out how I get there.

How is the world affecting your relationship with Christ?

A Question and an AnswerA Question

The question that started all of this was,“What will Hillary Clinton do now since she lost the run to the Oval Office?” My answer is below. Mind you, I added more content to the answer for the sake of this post…

My guess is, that until Trump is officially kicking his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office, she’ll be continuing to undermine the process until she either steals the election from Trump, or simply runs out of time.

Don’t forget, it’s more than just the presidency for her, it could very well be her freedom as well, should the Trump Administration decide to move forward with an investigation. There is clearly something strange about how the first few investigations went, and may be a different story if it were conducted by agents whose powers that be didn’t have direct affiliations with the subject of their investigation… Everyone has a boss.

But here we are after the Presidential Election… First there was the attempt to cause a national uprising (funded by Soros and the DNC) to overturn the Electoral College and run with the hysterically skewed popular vote. Democrats have been working for decades to pump as many illegals into inner cities to clinch their elections. Didn’t work out this go round, on to phase two.

The recounts worked toward Hillary being defeated several times over (don’t think for a second that all of this was just Jill Stein’s idea.) While Hillary kept a safe distance from the action, there’s no way that she had no part in fueling the flames. But again, it only worked to Trump’s advantage, and he remained on the same road to the White House.

And now because that didn’t work, let’s try painting a picture where the Russians stole the election in favor of Trump! Yeah, that’ll do it! Successfully loading the MSM with a narrative to remove attention of the damning content of any leaked information, and keeping a focus on the “who done it’s,” is a great way to try to convince the masses to cry foul.

This also gives the electorates an excuse to cause trouble when it comes time to cast their vote, as there is a few who have rumored to wish to do so. We’ll see how that’ll work out for them. But if their efforts work just as well as they’ve worked on the previous attempts to overturn the election, President Elect Donald Trump will be our next president come January 20th.

In my opinion, what we’re witnessing is a pathetic display of a party that can’t learn from it’s mistakes, a candidate in Hillary Clinton whose record speaks for itself, and a nation that is fed up with a government that hasn’t been trusted by the American people for quite some time.

Leaders in their place

Theme of End Time Events

Having read that, notice that I didn’t mention the Mark Taylor Prophecy. That wasn’t the type of forum to have brought that up, but so far, that particular prophecy has been right on to date. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, check out a post I did back in November called “Donald Trump President – Prophet Justified.” There’s a video of that prophecy embedded on that page.

Alright, so how would this in any way resemble Biblical end time prophecy? After I typed up my answer to the question above, re-reading it to make sure I remembered how to spell, that’s when the Lord moved upon me to see the similarities.

The similarities aren’t by way of matching particulars, but instead, by taking a look at the overall theme of end times events. That meaning Kingdom against Kingdom, candidate against candidate, etc.. I am going to make several comparisons here, but please don’t get hung up on the people that I am going to mention vs what I’m coupling them with.

Here’s a list of ten comparisons between Biblical events and current political events…

  • The life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as the victor / The Trump victory after the election.
  • Christ was victorious against the Kingdom of Darkness but has yet to come and physically rule upon the earth / Donald Trump campaign was victorious against the Clinton Machine on election night, but Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet.
  • Persecution of the Saints fueled by various religions and forces of Satan / Persecution of Trump President Elect, voters and supporters, fueled by several groups funded by Soros and the DNC (I haven’t heard of any mobs attacking Hillary supporters…)
  • Attempts made by Satan to remove or taint Christianity / Attempts made by the DNC to remove or delegitimize a Trump Presidency.
  • Satan is the author of lies / Hillary is famous for her lies.
  • Satan has the world and all of it’s systems / Hillary has the “Clinton Machine” and all that they’ve got their fingers into.
  • Satan has spread lies and defames Christ however possible / so has the current Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, MSM, and the DNC, attempted to do to Trump, his administration pics, and his family repeatedly.
  • Satan will not give up until the bitter end / neither has or will Hillary give up, even after her concession.
  • When Satan is cast down and bound to the earth, he will be working overtime because he knows his time is short / Hillary and the DNC are busy concocting any means possible to cause an upset in the system and overturn the election, and the intensity is increasing as they know their time is short.
  • Satan will lose the final battle against Christ Jesus and be imprisoned / Should things go the way they have been going, Hillary will lose the final battle against Trump and likely be imprisoned (should the Trump Admin pursue).

Click to learn of the tactics that have been used by the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of Heaven since the Garden of Eden.

There’s a list of ten similitudes that I could jot down off the top of my head. I really don’t feel like I’m doing too much justice to the understanding that hit me when my eyes were opened to parallels when I re-read the list above. Perhaps you get the idea of what I’m trying to point out. Have you ever tried to grammatise a sense of something? For me, that isn’t so easy.End time prophetic event opinion

I’m sure I could keep going with the comparisons, but I’m interested to know whether or not you’ve noticed this happening. If you’ve noticed similarities between what’s going on in the United States political arena, versus Bible prophecy, please leave me a comment down below.

Also another question I’d be interested to read the answers to… If your opinion is that I’m right with the understanding that this is a prophetic reflection of what has happened, and what will happen on a much larger scale, what’s the significance of our seeing it? In other words, what’s the Lord wanting for us to walk away with? Know what I mean? I look forward to checking out what you’ve got to say!

Conclusion of Trump President – End Times News

Well, I just thought I’d share this with you, as I don’t have another addition to 2 Corinthians ready yet. Soon though! If you’ve enjoyed this article, and would like to help out for others to check it out, please share it through the social media option of your choice to the left of the screen, or via the share/save button below this post.

Trump PresidentThere’s more coming soon folks, so keep checking back to see if you’ve missed anything! If you want to avoid that completely, sign up to get an email when there’s new content for the site, so you don’t miss any of the additions to the Bible study section, or other news or events that may be going on here at the Supernatural Truth in Christ website!


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4 thoughts on “Trump President – Hillary Fighting – End Times News”

  1. When you owe foreign governments money for not doing what you promised them. Stopping the Trump Train. For we all know foreign governments fear and respect the Donald Trump Presidency . The guilty to this crime will run afraid as you see and work and pay the devil for their lives. These governments will collect on the debt this is a very bad situation to get into. God surely caught the wisdom of the democrats in their own craftiness. We should lock up the guilty parties for their own safety. Amen! I have nothing against the Democrats just corruption. Amen!

    • Hi there Paul,
      I feel a similar way that you do. You should go and check out the post I referred to in the article about the Mark Taylor prophecy about a Donald Trump presidency. The prophecy was released in a book in 2011! And thus far, out of several things prophesied, everything has been happening exactly in the order it was given. Incredible accuracy, which is the only reason I feel it holds water, or any modern day prophecy for that matter.

      I agree though, Democrat of Republican… If there are laws being broken, they should have to deal with it just as we all have to. I’m currently under the belief that there isn’t much daylight between the two parties, with the exception that if someone were to stand tall and strong about what is right (as it relates to a Biblical definition of right) they for the past 30 years or so have come from the Republican side of the aisle.

      But despite what many politicians say, the rubber meets the road when it comes to where we’re at right now as a country, to see what the values are of it’s decision makers. And at least in the past decade or more, it hasn’t been too impressive. Again, from a Biblical perspective. So I believe that the Lord took someone from outside the norm in order to flush out the norm.

      Luke 8: King James Bible
      17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

      Thanks for your comment & God bless you!

    • Hi there Marie,
      Amen, The Lord is always in control, even when all we can see with our limited view is chaos. There’s no way, that anyone can pull one over on the Creator of the universe, and he who has already established the future from the beginning. It just won’t ever happen. lol
      Thank you for your comment, and also thanks for checking out the site. God bless you in Jesus mighty name!!

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