Visions of the Lord - Personal and Prophetic

Visions of the Lord – Personal and Prophetic

Deliver us From EvilWe discuss Visions of the Lord, specifically Personal and Prophetic types in the header page of this section simply called Visions. If you’ve read that page, you’ll notice in this account given to us by Victoria Bennett, that the visions of the Lord given are both prophetic and personal. If you would like to check out Victoria’s testimony, you can find it under our Testimony section entitled Deliver us From Evil.

As you should with any dream or vision that you may hear or read about, it’s a good practice to examine what’s being said, and to search the scriptures to see whether or not it falls in place with it’s narrative. Never be too quick to jump on or off the bandwagon, but take it to the Lord and see what he’s got to say about it. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, we should be doing that to all things, not just visions from the Lord. These days that we’re in, nothing is as it seems.

So keep an open mind as with all things that are in this section, and have a read about what the Lord is saying to Victoria!

Personal Vision

I have followed the Lord, Yeshua, or Jesus Christ since 1977 when I received the Holy Spirit. I have seen many visions but I selected one of the most profound to share here, as follows:Wall in Israel

We were living in Florida, my home State, when I had a night vision. These are more vivid than normal dreams and detailed. Yeshua/Jesus came to me in the vision and told me I was going to Israel. He showed me Jerusalem with a huge hand in the sky. I realized this was the hand of God over Israel. It was reaching at first, then it changed to a claw like position and then the hand was flat and relaxed over Israel.

I asked the Lord what the relaxed hand of God meant. I understood the first two to be God reaching to Israel, and the second, his anger. Then he made known that the last hand meant a time of peace. He told me this was the time i was to go there. And then he showed me two symbols of stars. One was the Star of David, the other an eight pointed star made with two squares interlocked.

You will not be this star, he told me, pointing at the Star of David. But this one, and he indicated the eight pointed star.

Then he went on to tell me that I would be married in Israel. I protested at first, that I only wanted him and I could not love a man again. But he said, “You will love this man and you will be married.” But Why? I asked. The answer was “For my purposes”

Then I asked how would I get this money, as it would be more than we can afford for the tickets. I would not leave my brother and sisters behind. He answered that I would meet a man and he would draw the eight pointed star and hand to me. By this I will know him. And this man will pay all our tickets to Israel. But to beware because it was given to Satan to test me. “Do not let him overcome you in this!” Then he disappeared and I woke up.

I did not know what the eight pointed star meant. So I told my brothers and sister’s in the Lord; and we all searched for the symbolic meaning. When we finally found it, we learned it was an ancient Christian symbol and it’s meaning was: “Divine guidance and favor of God.” We were amazed.

Around six months later we left Florida and moved to Vermont. we had a trailer on a mountainside which a childhood friend of my brother had given us rent free. I was living there with my brother and his wife and another couple who were also believers. My brother’s friend, Harold, was an atheist and shocked to hear the gospel. He had seen his friend had been miraculously healed and become a believer. We shared the truth of Christ with him and he became a regular visitor and he became a believer. We all rejoiced in the Lord and he was baptized..

One afternoon he was visiting and just sitting and drawing when he drew something and asked me what it was. He said, “A star of David has six points doesn’t it? Why did I draw this?” And he handed me a picture of the eight pointed star!

He was surprised when I jumped up and showed it to everyone else and we began praising God! We knew without a doubt that Harold was the man that the Lord Yeshua had spoken of!

Prophetic Vision

It was in the winter and we were confined to a 3 bedroom unit with a small caravan on the property, which we used for prayer and solitude. I was there one afternoon and praying and reading the Scriptures.

Suddenly, a being who was completely made of light appeared beside me! The light was so brilliant- it had colored rays protruding from it. I knew at once this ‘man’ was an angel!

Vision of FloridaHe held up a scroll with 4 lines written on it in another language. He told me . “Read this!” I replied that I could not read it because it was written in another language. He pointed at me and said, “Now read it.” I looked back at the scroll and the first line changed into English before my eyes. It said, “It is coming soon,” Then the second line also changed to English and I read it. “From across the water” then the third line did the same. “Fire, Death and destruction” and the forth line: “Such as no man has ever seen!”

Astonished, I looked at him and he said to me to tell others what I had been shown. Then he held up his arm and pointed to the window, and said,”Behold!” I looked out of the window and I saw a huge mushroom cloud rising up over the mountain range! I gasped and looked back at the Angel, but he was not there! I looked back at the window but the cloud was also gone!

I ran down to the house and told everyone else. We all prayed fervently that we would be delivered before this terrifying vision came to pass. Then we had no idea how soon the “Soon” in the message would be.

Within the next six months, Harold was forced to sell the property we were living on. He told us if he sold it before the taxes or his ex-wife got it, that he would pay all our ways to Israel!

I put a “for Sale” sign at the end of the drive by the road and we prayed that the Lord do it! it sold within a couple of months and Harold paid our tickets to Israel.

But I ran into a road block. While my brother and sister in law became Israelis, It was discovered that I was adopted. And because of this, they did not give me citizenship. I was afraid I would be rejected and sent back to the US.

In the meantime we took over a campground for a Moshav and rebuilt it. I was the Manager. There was an Arab guard there, Arif. He ran off Arab thugs from Abu Gosh, a nearby Arab Israeli Village. They had asked us for “protection” money and threatened us. But when we rang the Police, we were told, “This is Israel!” and they hung up on us! He told us he could see our hearts and were on our side.

prophetic-marriageThen I had a dream and the Lord told me about Arif. “This is your husband, I told you about” I was shocked to know this!

Then I discovered the eight pointed star in mosaics in the Damascus Gate. The symbol was used by the Israeli Arabs. Then Arif also became a believer and was baptized. We fell in love and were married and had two children in Jerusalem. My husband gave our children Arab names. When I learned the meaning of their names in English I was amazed! The names meant “Hand” and “Sky”! I immediately related to the hand I had seen in the sky in the vision.

We were blessed and I opened a shop in Jerusalem and we built a house on my husband’s land. We lived there 7 years and left during the Gulf war following direction from the Lord. The Lord spoke to me saying I will return to Israel and lie down here. And that I will be among the first to rise up.

We spent twenty years on a small island in the N. Pacific called Rota. My husband died after 28 years of marriage and I returned to Israel in 2014. The Lord is Faithful and true. His works are marvelous and his words and guidance never fail! I know that the times that are coming will bring all I was shown.

I do not believe, nor have I seen any coming pre-tribulation rapture. Yeshua did not teach this, but said we must pray always to be accounted worthy to escape these things coming on the earth and stand before him, having done all, to stand. He said his coming would be right after tribulation Matt 24. I urge all to be prepared, to pray always to escape and draw near the Lord Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Follow his guidance always. Do not be caught unaware! God bless you all.

A Few Words

First I would like to thank Victoria for these visions for us to chew on and take a look at! One thing that came to mind since I’ve started including these visions to this section, is the fact that the Lord works a little differently with everyone. Should it be a surprise to us that we serve a creative Creator?

Something else that I would like to point out. This as well as many other prophetic visions and/or dreams are confronted with a similar issue from people who are either envious, super skeptical, or don’t recognize the closeness that is available to the Father through Christ Jesus. A confrontation of sorts that are coming from believers, not the world (as criticisms from the world are to be expected), and that criticism is,’Why you, who don’t have a large outlet or voice to tell the entire earth about what’s coming?’

There are a few different answers for that question. First would be that you asked and the Lord answered. Too easy to swallow? Well too bad, it happens. Second would be because the Lord felt like it. Yes he has that right. Third would be because of the willingness of heart to serve.

Look at Abraham, the Lord (I believe Jesus) showed up with a few angels one day and came for dinner! Told Abraham that he was going to wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah. Now, doesn’t that sound like an apocalyptic situation? Well, as apocalyptic as one could get without actually being a part of the literal apocalypse.

Aside from his nephew, what did it have to do with Abraham? Nothing at all, he was in no danger. So why did the Lord do it? Because he wanted to fill his FRIEND in on what he was going to do. If we can’t deal with the fact that we serve a personal God that deals with everyone on a personal level, maybe our hearts have been hardened to an extent that he can’t use us in whatever way he had originally intended?

God TalksJust a thought. The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and his Word, message, and ways will not change. But for us to box in the Father, usually means your faith will only go so far as the walls of that box. Well, I guess I’m anticipating sever different responses to these supernatural pages, so I just wanted to include this to encourage people to understand that the Lord works in ways that we’ve not even touched on yet throughout all of history.

He is an endless source of creativity, and flaunts it whenever he wants. Just because I receive a word from the Lord in one way, doesn’t mean that’s all there is, and there’s something wrong with everyone else who receives a word from the Father differently. So please give that some thought, perhaps look into the different prophets or visions given to us in the Word, and see how they differ as far as delivery goes.


Again, I would like to thank Victoria Bennett for allowing me to post this message and for giving us a peek into her walk with the Lord! Also, please see the Supernatural page for details about how YOU can share your dreams, visions, words of knowledge, or prophecies that the Lord may have blessed you with. I’m going to start up a Dreams section and a Word of Knowledge section soon, so if the Lord as contacted you via a Vision, Dream, or an out of the blue Word of Knowledge, and wish to share it for all to see, please head to the Supernatural page for instructions about how to do so.

Visions of the Lord - Personal and PropheticI hope that this page has been a blessing to you! If it has in any way, please invite someone over to this page to give it a read! Share with your piers using the share button below to share via the social media of your choice, or click the plus sign to the right hand side of your screen. Also, you can bookmark this site or subscribe to the RSS feed to get the next page directly to your inbox so you don’t miss up and coming topics that will be covered on this site.

Thanks for sharing and reading: Visions of the Lord – Personal and Prophetic by Victoria Bennett!


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  1. Powerful vision. For surely The Lord chooses whom He chooses and has mercy on whoever He pleases. Yes we must pray constantly that we are counted worthy to escape all that is coming upon the earth.

  2. Wow what a life. Packed it in here though no doubt!. Powerful reading. Had my heart thumping at times⚡️. We all have our own personal individual relationship with Him yet the same in many ways. I’m constantly stunned and amazed by him. May we all make it out of here safely with Yeshua/Jesus amen
    These are surely the last days. This generation this society has become as close to hellish as I wish to be and its all predicted as written. The book is alive and well.
    Look what China just pulled this day the 8th and then an earth quake. God help us all Amen…

  3. That was a lot of information to process but I got it. The mushroom cloud was obviously a nuke. That is very terrifying. The vision about the hand over Israel was very profound. All these visions are very profound.

    • Hi there James,
      I agree. These are very thought provoking and when it comes to visions of the future pointing to end time events, it’s best we take them seriously and better still prayerfully. Thank you for the comment and may the Lord bless you in Jesus name!

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