What is the Power of Prayer

What is the Power of Prayer?

What is the power of prayer? Not a bad question to ask, right? We should all understand that there is a power in prayer, but what is that power?

The quick answer: The Lord fulfilling his end of his own promises.

I’ll bet you weren’t expecting that! Read along to see why this is the answer though dry, is packed with supernatural truth.

Not in One AccordNo Accord

The problem is, if you took a survey from 100 Christians they’d all give you different answers. That’s not to say they’d be wrong answers, but different.

When asked about what the power of prayer might be, some of them may say:

  • Faith
  • Building a relationship with the Lord
  • The Holy Ghost
  • The words being used
  • Obedience of doing it
  • The conviction of the heart
  • Mercy of the Lord

This is a list that can go on and on, and all are incorporated into prayer. As I said, there are many different answers people can give. Though rooted in prayer and relevant, these are not accurately answering where the power comes from.

As Christians, how could we consistently answer such a question? If the question were worded differently, and were asked: “What is prayer?” we’d all have similar answers.

What is Prayer?

A one on one line of communication with God the Father, right? Or at least a form of that answer, meaning the same thing.

We covered this in detail on a page that discussed the differences between prayer and supplication. To make quick work of it, prayers are personal, supplication is directed elsewhere (family, friends, the brethren, others in general).

What is the Power of it?

The Lord fulfilling his end of his own promises. Nothing spooky or mystical.

The Lord himself is the power, and the way we tap into it through prayer, is to know what he’s promised. A difficult thing when you don’t know his Written Word.

This is something that most people don’t seem to think about concerning their prayer life. I’m not talking about relational prayers, “Hi Lord, me again, how’s everything going?”

I’m talking about prayers that require an answer or an action to take place. Something that calls for the Lord to move his hand.

Our prayers must be properly aligned with the Word of God, the will of God, and done so in Jesus name (as in- through his service as well as literally using his name).

Why are my Prayers not Answered?

Promises of the Lord hinge on Action

There are many things that the Lord promises to do, but the majority are as a reaction.

Ever pray for all kinds of things for a long period of time, and not see any results? This could be happening, because you are praying for a result based on something you need to initiate.

We just finished up on the devotionals into the book of Proverbs. If we learned anything through that enormous study, is that the Lord takes little, and returns much: Do this, and I’ll reward you with that.Get your prayers answered

I’ve found personally, that the unfruitful prayers are as such, because I’m either praying for things outside of his will, or are ignorant to what I should be doing to initiate the process.

The Lord said, “Give, and it shall be given unto you.” Yet many of us just pray for the “given unto” part.

He also said, “He that diligently seeks good gets favor.” Yet we pray for favor without diligently seeking good.

Many promises of the Lord are like a door. We open it through obedience, pass through it by prayer, and the reward of the promise is on the other side of it.

We can yell and scream all day long for that door to open, but it won’t. We need to reach out, grab and twist the handle, then give it a shove. In other words, we need to be doing something!

Whatever that “something” is, is what we’d need to search out through his Word. The power of our prayer greatly relies on whether or not we’re paying attention to the Lord’s contractual agreements.

Praying Against the Will of God

Praying against the will of God

Just because something seems good in our eyes, doesn’t make it God’s will. Again, without having a firm grip on his written Word, we’ll not know whether or not we’re praying things that he’d be willing to back.

Some people might ask what the purpose of prayer is, after never having their prayers answered in any meaningful way. Well, if you’re praying for things that the Lord never agreed to in the first place, your answers are just going to fall in line with chance.

Isn’t that how a lot of folks see prayer? Sometimes God will, sometimes he won’t. 50/50 odds, just as if you never prayed for it in the first place. Trouble comes when you pray for something against the will of the Lord, and without his involvement, you get what you’ve prayed for!

If he isn’t answering you, it is because it is against his will for you. That being the case, it will be harmful to you or those around you should you by chance or by other spiritual involvement, obtain what you’ve wrongfully prayed for.

And once that trouble comes, guess who gets the blame? The one who never signed up for it in the first place- the Lord. So often he is blamed for things that he’s never done, saying things he’s never said, and wanting things he’s never willed.

Powerful Prayers that Work

Get in the Word and find out what his will is. Find out the kinds of things that he’ll take part in, what he’s willing to do, even why he’d do it. Then see if what your praying for is in alignment with him.

Powerful prayers that work don’t work because we’re so good at praying. They work because the Lord pays attention.

As Born Again Believers, we have the spirit of the Living God within us, leading us into all truth through the scriptures, and connecting us to the Lord God himself! We don’t have to cry out to the wind in order for the Father to hear our prayers, he’s right there!

He can hear you! That isn’t the issue.

Power of prayer is unleashed when we are praying in accordance to God’s Will, in alignment with God’s Word, and in the name of God’s Son. May all else be praise, worship, supplication, praying in the Spirit, conversational prayer, or however else you choose to keep in prayer continually.Pray according to the Word

But when you want or need something done, the power source of our prayers is the Lord himself. How well we know him, his Word, and ourselves, will greatly determine the outcome of these prayers.

Click here to pray a prayer that will benefit all the Saints– (including YOU!)

These are the things that have led me to understand that the Lord fulfilling his end of his own promises, is the most accurate answer to the question, “What is the Power of Prayer?”

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4 thoughts on “What is the Power of Prayer?”

  1. Hi Brian!
    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth on this since the Lord seems to have been working on me in this area. I tend to cling to Luke 11 and John 16, where Jesus gives us license to ask our Father for our requests. Yet, in Matthew , it says He will give us good things and in Luke, He says He will give us the Holy Spirit. In another place, (sorry, i can’t find it right now) Jesus qualifies the requests so that our Father I glorified. Anyway, we need to accept the answer we’re given and understand that our thoughts are not His thoughts and that He sees the end before the beginning and that He is for us, not against us. His answer is ultimately for our best benefit and for His glory. We also need to heed Psalm 106:15

    And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul.

    I’ve had leanness of soul. Life is too short not to trust God for what is best for us.

    On the other hand we are reminded to be persistent as the widow with the unfair judge, and the pest neighbor asking for bread at midnight.

    Just some thoughts as I’m waiting and learning. Thanks for being part of that journey!

    • Hi Ann!
      It’s good to hear from you, it’s been a while!

      Sorry it’s taken me this long to respond back to you, but I’ve been suffering eye issues that are just beginning to clear up. To make a long story short, my eyeball got into an argument with a branch and lost.

      Amen to all you’ve said in your comment.
      Sometimes I’ve wondered why we’re supposed to be so persistent in prayer. He already knows what we have need of, you’d think once would be enough, right?

      Then I begin to realize, that all things that the Lord does, and wants us to do is in one way or the other for our benefit. There must be unseen reasons why we need to persist in prayer rather than shoot one off requests and know it’ll get done.

      I think it has to do with keeping our requests fresh in mind and heart, so that we know when the prayer gets answered, and who to thank for it. I also think it’s to build our faith, and work out a level of patience that won’t come otherwise. I’m sure there are many other reasons that could answer the questions that may arise when talking about the widow and the unjust Judge, but these are on the forefront of my mind right now.

      Also, this is something to keep in mind, if your prayers are in agreement and in alignment with the Word of God, then you should take heart when the Lord tarries with his answers. I know that I’ve prayed and waited on the Lord for long enough over different things, that I’ve wound up assessing the prayer. Is it something that agrees with the Word of God, or is it something that I want to fit into the Word?

      The answer to this question has altered many prayers of mine. As you’ve said, his thoughts are not our thoughts. Sometimes we want the Lord to be aligned with something, rather than figuring out whether or not he is. I know I’m guilty of having done this in the past.

      It blessed my heart to see your comment, thank you and may the Lord bless you mightily in Jesus precious name!

  2. I think you meant for this to be here George. LOL

    Thanks Brian…yep, a lot here. There really are a lot of individuals who bemoan having prayers not answered. But, as you have pointed out, the prayer has to be in alignment with His will…and His will is found in His word. No secret there. The book of Psalms is a fine example of someone praying to the Lord for answers. There are other examples through out His word, but Psalms hits home for me. That’s why I play the audio Psalms/Proverbs cd on my sound system, each and every night. Some thing else that you touched on, is tithing. When we cheerfully give, He is able and willing to pour out blessings for us. I’m not part of that “name it claim it” crowd…that’s playing the Lord like a cosmic slot machine. But giving to His ministries will bring blessings on His people. To wrap all of this up, you are correct…it is His power to answer prayers. Open HIs word, read, and get in touch with Him…pretty simple. Thanks Brian…stay strong Brother.

    • Hi Brother,
      Thank you or the comment, and I appreciate your confirmation!

      Many of the things that I wrote in this post, are things that I wish people would have told me a long time ago. I’m with you on the name it claim it doctrine. Unless of course what they’re naming and claiming is according to the Word and Will of the Lord. Those few occurrences might be what caused for people to think that it works at our own whim, when by chance it’s been aligned with the will of the lord?
      God bless you George and thanks again!

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